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The Kremlin Carries out Special Covering Operation for Liquidation of the Russian Economy

The Kremlin Carries out Special Covering Operation for Liquidation of the Russian Economy

The government of Russia spent not less than 10 million dollars for services of the American PR-agencies during two and a half year, magazine "New Times" writes today. According to the edition, the Russian government resorted to services of the American PR managers during preparation of summit G8 in Petersburg in 2006.
Vice-president of the United States Dick Cheney acted with sharp criticism accused the Russian authorities in turning from a democratic way shortly before its beginning. Then the Kremlin signed the contract for two million dollars with influential American PR - company Ketchum to improve image of Russia during forthcoming summit. As the edition writes, the customer remained satisfied and cooperation proceeded.


According to the American centre PR Watch, it was Ketchum which achieved that Vladimir Putin was named by magazine Time in 2007 a person of the year.


Naturally, it's difficult to understand what really occurs with national economy, with political processes in it under such "smoke screen". Actually state machinery using means of the state budget is engaged in purposeful misinformation, special services (which role in modern state administration of the Russian Federation is difficult to exaggerate) being special trained. Only special services are trained to be engaged in it during war time and in relation to the opponent. While here special action on misinformation is being spread against own population, as it is already told, on its money, moreover with attraction of foreign media resources. That is if earlier, at the time of the USSR, it was possible to switch on some "voice" by radio and to listen to alternative (let it be even not quite objective) point of view, today you take a risk to get paid by "Kremlin" PR on BBC, "Freedom" or even in magazine Time.
The more valuable are our own objective researches and reviews made out of "information tentacles" of the mode.


Melting Thriftbox of Russia

In 2009 the government will spend for a budgeted deficit covering about 3 billion roubles from saved up reserves, including reserve fund and fund of national well-being. Prime minister of Russia Vladimir Putin declared about it during conversation with miners in Novokuznetsk.

Putin reminded that they managed to save up about 8 billion roubles in the period of high price for oil, therefore, according to prime minister, today Russia is in more favourable position in comparison with other countries which have to resolve for help to international financial institutions. At the same time prime minister underlined that the government does not intend to reduce volume of social obligations notwithstanding any crisis phenomena.
Falling asleep in the Lord - economic system of Russia has consumption as its target. Till the time we will not pass to new target-making, all "ways out from crisis" will remain wanderings in labyrinth and can lead only to one point - to Minotaur. It is interesting, whether it will proceed for long, till budget money will not come to an end? From what lines of the budget will this money be taken? After all it is known that if it adds somewhere, then somewhere it will decrease.

Earlier though just for show "sitters of Okhotny Ryad" - our "dear" deputies voted for budget. There were "auctions" between fractions and separate deputy groups. There was an active lobbying of budget money. While now Putin by his own decision can direct such huge money. One should be able to earn money, not only wasting them smartly! During crisis time - it's a vital necessity. I have an impression that the government runs "ahead of a steam locomotive" with wastes of budget means. At that it is not co-ordinated with anybody.

Here you are an example of Russian Railways as the closest branch to the government. Russia depends on price for oil more than ever. Even schoolboys know components of price for dollar in Russia. The lower price for oil is, the higher is the price for dollar. Stayless dollar is being printed every day. What is interesting - at collapse of both external and internal markets in America, dollar grows in Russia. It can't be justified by anything, simple gamble of banks in the currency market and shadow advertising of the American currency. Actually Central Bank accurately let know that rouble exchange rate to dual currency basket would not exceed 41.

Speculators at last understood it and started speculating on rouble. So, what action on collapse of rouble we are talking about, if the United States make everything to collapse euro and think whether to devaluate dollar or to print more, which is for the States similar to death in the economic meaning.


At the same time, speaking about dollar, it is necessary to recognize that it's very much steady currency, the steadiest one. Airborne fleet with rockets "Tomahawk" is a guarantee of its steadiness. Very few people understand what is put into state bonds of the USA - it's all the same as to loan to a street gang with baseball bats. I do not know, may be they give loans so that they won't come themselves? Though on the other hand the situation is similar to the one when barin dies. Servants cry at it, their feelings are absolutely sincere, in fact if suddenly cadaver will die (the top of evolution...). So, the death of this chewing monster will mean that at least billion maid remain without work, only a "jack" is that feeding, dressing barin and supplying him with resources, we enable him to produce weapon on released capacities. It just what was done last years in our country.

I do not want to be pessimist but if rouble will not hold up and dollar will pass a mark of 55-60 roubles, I am afraid, something irreparable can happen. Inflationary pressure will force to reconsider relations between regional leaders and the Kremlin.


Russia, unfortunately, does not have economy in modern meaning of this word. It still has money, while instead of economy - oil and gas pipe. Who prevented us from creation of own manufactures? It is time to start building petroleum-refining industry, to depend on the price for oil less. It's clear for a long time that it's necessary to sell not oil but products from it - gasoline, kerosene, solar oil, oils, chemical products. While we continue to build oil pipelines abroad, sell raw materials.

Import of essential commodities (food stuffs, medicines and so forth) reached figure which disgraces the country. In January of the last year it fell up to 35 percent. That was a chance for domestic manufacturer to compete but he simply didn't exist. Is it possible to imagine what will happen, if dollar will continue to grow? It will lead again to food-coupons and famine passing into revolt, or full decomposition of Russia on economically detached areas.


To collapse dollar is necessary to develop national economy. PR has nothing to do with it. Unfortunately, economy of our country is noncompetitive. It was one more time stressed by crisis. It seems to me that corrupted states which are represented by practically all post-Soviet countries are simply doomed to recession. Russia is among them. Present crisis also has another underlying reason, for example, in the majority it's also crisis of managing directors. It means that many regional leaders are unable to manage - owing to absence of natural desire to put things in order, absence of due decency, probably, absence of patriotism and the most important thing - absence of professionalism of anti-recessionary management.

Dmitry Saveljev,

Political scientist, director of Institute of Effective Management «System»,


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