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Power Economy. Where Does Crisis Live?

Power Economy. Where Does Crisis Live?
А. Zimbovsky 18.03.2009

That new year is bad which does not begin with a good joke. That was what Minister of Energy thought. "There will be no increase of tariffs!" - he declared.

It was good but right after his performances citizens received receipts from which they learned that payment for gas, heating, electricity was increased approximately time and a half higher.

Thought - provoking information: laws of the Russian Federation don't allow increase in tariffs more than on 15% annually.

In a result activity of the Regional Energy commissions practically was completely paralyzed. All employees since new year up to this day (it's not a hyperbole, just ascertaining of the fact) practically can't work, as they are constantly compelled to carry out phone conversations of the following content:


- What do you do here! Minister said that tariffs would not be put up! And you, why do you put up, whether the government is not the authority?!

- Who did he say to?

- It's stated here in the newspaper!

- He didn't tell it to me! He sent me a paper asking to put up tariffs on 40 percent.

Well, it was about unpleasant things, now about dreadful ones.

Since December, 2008 administration of TPP detains the salary to workers, it does not pay for the work executed on contracts, moreover it does not pay for gas flowing to TPP. The reason is simple - there is no money. There is interesting question - why?


During hard times it is possible not to buy new furniture, it is possible to do without purchase of new wall-paper and even new, well, also old Zhiguli. While heat is being consumed on the same level for making warm in houses, it was consumed, is consumed and will be consumed, no crisis affected it and could not affect. Prices for heating, as it's written above, have been increased on 40%, mass non-payments for municipal services haven't started yet, that's even in view of inflation and all the rest TPP receive enough money. There should be money - but they don't exist.


It is possible to assume that after the cost of all shares, including shares of TPP fell because of crisis, banks found out that mortgage credits taken under these shares are unsecured and demanded their returning. All means go on it. Probably situation is even easier. Everything's ok with TPP, however some Vekselberg, the owner of a significant part of the Russian enterprises - manufacturers of energy, gets money from TPP to rescue some other, ruined in connection with crisis, business. In any case, gas will flow to TPP for some time more free-of-charge and then they will block the gate. Consequences of disappearance of hot water not only from cranes but also from batteries are evident...


So, what do we see? Vital to all population branch promptly goes to pot. At that it's going there not due to absence of the Sacred, Solvent demand Beloved by liberals but because of the strange decisions accepted either by bankers, or owners of TPP, or by both together. What else could be said?


Those from the proKremlin politicians who assert: "Crisis is not in the country - crisis is in heads!" - are completely right. To be more precise they were right, if they did not forget to specify - in whose heads! However, we can easily calculate find out these heads and then apply to them anti-recessionary measures developed by extremely effective anti-recessionary managers rather known in due time as Abel Hans - Louis de Saint-Just and Maximilien Robespierre.


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