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Whether Violence of Lev Ponomarev Can Become the Reason of Resignation of Vladimir Putin?

Whether Violence of Lev Ponomarev Can Become the Reason of Resignation of Vladimir Putin?

As RIA "News" informs referring to the representative of Information Administration of Moscow Municipal Department of Internal Affairs, Lev Ponomarev was attacked near Svobodny Prospect, 11 approximately at 10.20 p.m. of Moscow time. "Two unknown persons attacked rights advocate from behind and struck him several times. The victim was taken to the hospital 36", - the interlocutor of the agency said.


The president of the USA Barrack Оbama on April, 1 during the first meeting in a threshold of summit G20 discussed with the president of Russia Dmitry Medvedev a question on the attack on the leader of the movement "For Human Rights", one of heads of National Assembly Lev Ponomarev. Representative of the human rights activist organization "Human Rights Watch" told about it to the correspondent of Kapsarov.Ru.


Meanwhile on April, 1 criminal action was brought ex post of attack on Ponomarev. ITAR-TASS informs referring to Information and Public Relations Administration of the capital Municipal Department of Internal Affairs. "Now all measures are taken for search and detention of malefactors", - they emphasized in the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs. Criminal action is brought in connection with the part 2 of 116 clauses of Criminal Code "Massacre".

From editorial board: First of all it is necessary to sympathize with the victim. The more so Lev Ponomarev is that right advocates who doesn't make distinctions in political orientation of those whom he undertakes to protect.


Now - about consequences. It's abundantly clear that Obama's interest verbalized during the meeting with Меdvedev is not casual. It's clear that incident with Ponomarev is a marker of general trouble with human rights in Russia and the fact that the main infringer of these rights is authority - is also practically a commonplace.


Now - about consequences. Abundantly clearly, that interest Обамы, вербализованный during a meeting with Медведевым, could not be casual. Clearly, that incident with Пономаревым is a marker of the general(common) trouble with human rights in Russia, and that the main infringer of these rights is the authority - too practically a platitude.


Very concrete example: less than a month ago Lev Ponomarev with the colleagues carried out an action in the Independent press centre (that one near the entrance of which Markelov and Baburov were killed). As it frequently happens now at oppositional meetings somewhere in the middle some swells rushed into the hall and started throwing eggs into the present, then went away - there are specially tamed by the Kremlin structures like "Young Guards", Pumola and others, not only willingly taken for such rather dirty affairs but even not hiding their being the participants of them.


However the lady sitting on registration of scientific and promotion centre said that young people very brought there by solid person judging from his appearance obviously "from the heads". It misled her - well, if young people were with solid person, then it's ok...


When the eggs were thrown, the present among whom there were rather strong people rushed to catch hooligans. Some of them were grasped directly in the room, two rest were followed by one of the capital reporters, who caught up one of them and began to take photos. At that moment "Mercedes" appeared, two strong persons left it, showed certificates of FSB, beat the reporter (!), then took the wards into the car and disappeared.

I'll repeat - it happened less than a month ago, FSB "gave itself away" here directly.

Whether there are bases to assume that it's the authority that stands for absolutely ridiculous attack on Ponomarev, not someone by way of personal initiative? One shouldn't be a Salomon to draw necessary parallels.


The question is - what could Obama say to Medvedev concerning the attack on Ponomarev? Perhaps that personnel decisions have been got ripen long time ago in Russia - for example, dismissal from authority of one odious prime minister and his team which is more and more often is associated with terrorist methods of influence on society?

Аnatoly Baranov

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