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Who Lives in Sochi?

Who Lives in Sochi?

Members of "Edinaya Russia" talk about election win of their candidate Anatoly Pahomov, elections of mayor of Sochi took place on Sunday. Obviously, they have reasons to do it - a saying "if wishes were horses, beggars would ride" is about them. Members of "Edinaya Russia" always know where to live...


As the secretary of presidium of General Council of "Edinaya Russia" Vyacheslav Volodin declared the journalists, "according to our staffs and data from all voting polls where voices have been already counted up", Pahomov gains convincing victory.


"Now we can confidently say that victory was gained in the first round and Sergey Pahomov was supported by townsmen", - Volodin declared.

Former vice-premier of the Russian Federation Boris Nemtsov, the first secretary of Sochi city committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Jury Dzaganija, businessmen Pavel Emeljanenko and Vladimir Truhanovsky and the head of regional branch of LDPR Alexey Kolesnikov participated in elections except Pahomov. Their horses don't have wishes, therefore neither Volodin, nor journalists are interested how many voices they have.

To win elections in the first round is necessary to get more than 50% of voices and there is a basis to think that it costs a lot.

Voter turnout on elections of mayor of Sochi, according to electoral committee on 8.00 p.m, made 38,62% including those who voted ahead of schedule. That is 112,5 thousand people. 10,08% of voters voted ahead of schedule. All in all 288 thousand 586 voters are registered in Sochi.

Here you are hardball question - what was the reason inhabitants of Sochi were in a hurry that every tenth citizen voted ahead of schedule?

Numerous certificates of infringements and frank frauds change nothing - there's no common sense in that all. Authority set a target to win elections in the first round at any cost. In Sochi variant of preference it is called "Stalingrad" - six S. 6 candidates, a peak situation...

If elected on April, 26th mayor stays on the post all five years, the city will accept Winter Olympic Games of 2014 under his management and elections of the new town governor will pass right after Olympic Games of 2014. Other variant neither Putin, nor Medvedev can allow. Olympic Games should take place, what future Sochi mayor could do to be forced to resign ahead of schedule is even impossible to imagine. Future mayor has full indulgence for 5 years.

There are no doubts that 50 percent plus one voice will be farfetched. Political life in Russia, having fallen on municipal level, continues its falling - to the country council. Soon transfixed we would start following the struggle of candidates of federal level in some Podunk town, the only place where free elections are possible...


PS. Anatoly Pahomov won elections and becomes mayor of Sochi. As the chairman of Sochi municipal electoral committee Jury Rykov informed, after processing of almost 80% of bulletins it was found out that the winner got 77% of votes. According to preliminary data, candidate Boris Nemtsov got 13,5% of voices, representative of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Jury Dzaganija - about 7%, other candidates could not get even one percent.


Anatoly Pahomov was born on September, 2nd, 1960 in a village Novoarkhangelskaya of Tikhoretsky region, Krasnodar Territory. Having left school in 1977, worked a year as the tractor operator in state farm "Tihoretsky", then entered Kuban Agricultural Institute (faculty "Agriculture Mechanisation") which has successfully graduated in 1983. PMade a figure at organization of student's building groups on Kuban, was honoured "The Order of Honour Pin".

1981-1991 - years of active Komsomol and party work. A.Pahomov - last first secretary of Krasnodar city committee AULYCL.

1991-1997 - combines business and scientific work,

1997 - 2001 - the head of the department of the consumer market and price policy, vice-mayor of Krasnodar,

2001-2004 - the head of the Territorial administration of Federal Supervision Agency in Sphere of Protection of Consumers and Well-being of a Man in Krasnodar Territory, for successes in work got a citation of the Minister of Economic Development and Trade of the Russian Federation.

2004-2005 - the head of the Department of Complex Development of Resorts and Tourism in administration of Krasnodar Territory.

Since October, 7, 2005 - carrying out duties of the head of city-resort Anapa. From March, 2006 - the head of the municipal district city - resort Anapa.

Acting mayor of Sochi became literally on the eve of elections. Against practical absence of election campaign a person unfamiliar to inhabitants of Sochi got 77 percent of voices. No one doubts...

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