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Prosecutor-General's Office Started Liquidation of "Werewolves in White Coats"

Prosecutor-General's Office Started Liquidation of "Werewolves in White Coats"

Prosecutor-General's Office of the Russian Federation demands to release from a post of the rector of the Moscow Medical Academy named after I.M.Setschenow Michael Paltsev in connection with inefficient use by this establishment of medical equipment delivered to the academy within the limits of realization of the national project "Health", official representative of the department Marina Gridneva informed RIA Novosti on Wednesday.

"According to investigation, as a result of inefficient use of the medical equipment delivered to the academy within the limits of the priority national project "Health" 22 million roubles of budgetary funds were wasted irrationally, federal property was also misallocated", - Gridneva said. As she said, organs of inquiry of Investigative Committee at the Public Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation and Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia brought criminal cases under clauses of the criminal code of Russian Federation "negligence" and "arbitrariness".

Inspection was carried out by Prosecutor-General's Office of Russia together with Ministry of Public Health, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Emergency Situations and a number of other departments.

Besides, Prosecutor-General's Office of the Russian Federation put a question before the head of Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation Tatyana Golikova about dismissing of the rector of academy Michael Paltsev from the post. By Gridneva's words, Golikova brought submission about elimination of infringements of budgetary and tax legislations.

From editorial board: Сonscious discredit and destruction of the most important elements of the state taking place is being carried out by the state itself. Certainly, the army which is being simply liquidated is on-the-spot. But on the second place, of course, are public health services and education. After liquidation of these three components it will be possible to talk about the Russian state only with a prefix "sub-". Because only sub-state is incapable to provide citizens with external defence, education and health protection.

Professor Paltsev can be everything - "doctor-wrecker", abstruse maniac, "werewolf in white coat" and so on. But he will remain the doctor of very high qualification even in prison - it couldn't simply disappear.

Whether professors of medicine can commit crimes? Certainly, they can. But what is it professor is being accused of by Prosecutor-General's Office?

It turns out "in inefficient use by this establishment of the medical equipment" - "this establishment" - Medical Academy named after Setschenow, legendary "the first honey". It turns out they can't work with work with high technique... Though who are the judges? Whether there are in the staff of Prosecutor-General's Office experts capable to estimate efficiency or inefficiency of usage of iatrotechnics by one of the best medical centres of the country?

Usually since those times when public prosecutor appeared in Russia, such things were solved by a song. Someone considered himself better and more qualified then the former chief and scribbled a paper - supposedly they are not able, they do not know, they steal more than they should.

Actually, "doctors' case" began from the song - they cured leaders wrongly.

Otherwise - whence? Besides the sum which is incriminated to the rector of "the first honey" in the form of "negligence" and "arbitrariness" is insignificant enough on a scale of the establishment subordinated to him - at the rate about 700 thousand dollars. Yesterday Abramovich gambled away a boat with the cost 500 thousand dollars but nobody for some reason judges him either for negligence, or for arbitrariness, or inefficient use of floating craft... They should also accuse Paltsev in irrational usage of bandage. Recently ingenious Shumakov accused solidly - of trade of organs, though he escaped responsibility, he died.

Well, it's clear in general - negative attitude is being formed in society to "werewolves in white coats". So that it would be easier then to liquidate the rests of public health services - there are no own medicine in remote areas, they are happy to have "doctors without borders" - to make injections, to give out condoms.

Аnatoly Baranov

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