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Conspiracy against Mankind under the Guise of Swine Flu?

Conspiracy against Mankind under the Guise of Swine Flu?
Semen Sladkov 12.05.2009

On May, 3 magazine "Spiegel" (Germany) placed big article under the heading «Whether There Was Conspiracy?»

Here you are the main thing: "As to the swine flu there is conspiracy theory based on incident which took place in February of the current year. Then pharmaucetical concern Baxter delivered tests of medicines intentionally infected with bird's virus Н5N1 to the laboratories all over the Europe. Some supporters of conspiracy theory consider it sufficient for the assumption that it was an attempt to begin meaningly organized pandemic. For this purpose ostensibly this virus was meaningly mixed in influenza virus medicines that would lead to diseases worldwide. Concern Baxter asserts that it happened by mistake."

Hereafter: "Earnings from increased demand for medicines. Supporters of conspiracy think that producers of medicines are behind of swine flu. Really, health services everywhere order new parties of medicines to cure flu. They recollect that in 1976 the American government began mass flu HINI immunization but it was stopped because of the side effect of medicine though a quarter of the population had already received them. Some supporters of conspiracy consider that the main target of swine flu was to kill Obama who was on a visit in Mexico (info about his visit appeared beforehand). There he met on April, 16th the Mexican archeologist Phillip Solis who died in a week with flu symptoms. Though it was officially informed that the cause of death of Solis was different and the White House asserts that Obama had no opportunity to become infected, supporters of conspiracy theory do not trust it."

Starting from here I don't need either experts, specialists. As well as conjectures. There is a criminal busted - Company Baxter! What else do you need? The motive is literally afloat: fabulous incomes from sale of the medicine in the course of future pandemic.

Taking into account that it's one of the core (if not the only) producer of flu remedies, it would receive if not everything, then the lion's share of incomes. Irrespective of quality of the future medicine because existing bird flu remedies do not cure swine flu. Then it is obvious that swine virus is also created by the same company to explain somehow appearance of pandemic. As to the fact that it "appeared " in Mexico, not in the USA, the American CIA will quickly seek out the guilty one, while they didn't pay much attention to it in Mexico first. Who are accomplices?

First of all, management of WHO which at such insignificant death rate declared the 5th level of danger. At the same time they give expected disease incident - two billion people! So that remedies were bought out up...

There was an attempt to overestimate a number of suffered! Recollect the first messages about 100-200 died, then the number was reduced in 10 times!

Secondly, one ambiguity: in February infected medicine was delivered to 13 countries but only Czechia reacted. What about the others? Whether they don't have entrance control? For medicines? It couldn't be so! Or they were frightened by the name of world famous company? Or they were well paid?

Thirdly how they managed to hush up such attempt to ruin mankind? It would be possible to hush up Nuremberg case...

Fourthly, Minister of Health of Germany officially declared that Germany was ready to that epidemic! It referred to a considerable quantity of remedy from bird flu in warehouses. Which do not cure swine flu... Whether it didn't studied at university?

At last, it removes suspicions from CIA and from the American government. One.

Two - attempts to connect cow flu with financial crisis become unreasonable: even if attention of the public will be distracted from financial crisis - it's a side effect.

While we struggle for peace on a planet...

From editorial board: In the given concrete case it is already possible to say "Well, we talked about it!" We said that something's wrong with this "swine" epidemic. Even judging from the number of the diseased, it's not pandemic - well, flu... People die from flu, sometimes. There is statistics. But to inflate world sensation... It's not that we are very clever - simply we studied in the Soviet period, in the Soviet high schools when there was real education. Honorable doctors and not some zurabovs and golikovas were Ministers of Health. Well and so on...


It would be especially interesting to look at the report of the special commission created by Putin under supervision of the first vice-premier - at absence of even the diseased ones.


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