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Strategy of National Security up to 2020 Is Confirmed in Russia - It Won't Be Necessary Further

Strategy of National Security up to 2020 Is Confirmed in Russia - It Won't Be Necessary Further

The president of Russia confirmed by the decree Strategy of National Safety of Russia till 2020. Strategy is confirmed "with a view of consolidation of efforts of federal enforcement authorities, public authorities of subjects of Federation, organizations and citizens of Russia in sphere of maintenance of national safety".

Originally it was expected that strategy would be issued in the end of March of the current year at the session of the Russian Security Council. Medvedev declared about it at the expanded session of the collegium of Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation on March, 17th. However because of the discussion in Security Council (or, as they say, because of a meeting with Obama) the document promulgation was postponed.

Meanwhile in the text of the Strategy confirmed nowadays by Medvedev, in particular, is noticed that Russia will aspire to forming of equal in rights and high-grade strategic partnership with the United States of America on the basis of conterminous interests and taking into account key influence of the Russian-American relations on the condition of international situation as a whole. Achievement of new arrangements in the sphere of disarmament and control over arms, strengthening of measures of trust as well as solving of questions of non-distribution of weapons of mass destruction, escalating of antiterrorist cooperation, settlement of regional conflicts will remain priorities.

According to the Strategy, "probable relapses of unilateral power approaches in the international relations, contradictions between the basic participants of world politics, threat of distribution of weapons of mass destruction and its being got into the hands of terrorists as well as betterment of forms of illegal activity in cybernetic and biological areas, in the sphere of high technologies will render negative influence on maintenance of national interests of the Russian Federation".

According to the document, global information antagonism will amplify, threats to stability of industrial and world developing countries, to their social and economic development and democratic institutes will increase. Nationalist moods, xenophobia, separatism and violent extremism, including under the slogans of religious radicalism willacquire further development. World demographic situation and problems of the environment, threats connected with uncontrollable and illegal migration, drug-dealing and human trafficking, other forms of transnational organized crime will sharpen. Spreading of epidemics caused by new viruses unknown earlier is probable. Deficiency of fresh water will become more notable.

It's stated in the strategy that attention of world policy to long-term prospect will be concentrated on possession of sources of power resources, including in the Near East, on a shelf of Barents Sea and in other areas of Arctic regions, in the basin of Caspian Sea and in the Central Asia. In the intermediate term situation in Iraq and Afghanistan, conflicts in the Near and Middle East, in a number of countries of Southern Asia and Africa, on the Korean Peninsula will still render negative influence on international situation.

It's stated in the document also that critical condition of physical safety of dangerous materials and objects, especially in the countries with astable internal political situation and also distribution of conventional armaments not supervised by the states can lead to aggravation of the existing and to appearance of new regional and interstate conflicts.

In conditions of competitive struggle for resources solving of arising problems with application of military force is not excluded - existing balance of forces near to the borders of the Russian Federation and borders of its allies can be broken.

According to the Strategy, risk of increase in number of the states - owners of the nuclear weapon will increase. Possibilities of maintenance of global and regional stability will essentially be narrowed after placing in Europe of elements of global system of antimissile defense of the United States of America - is underlined in the document.

For protection of its national interests Russia, remaining within the limits of international law, will carry out rational and pragmatic foreign policy excluding costly confrontation such as new race of arms, is marked in the Strategy.

It's said that Russia would increase interaction in such multilateral formats as "G8", "Group of Twenty", RIC (Russia, India and China), BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) and also use possibilities of other informal international institutes.

Unacceptability for Russia of plans of military infrastructure advancement of the alliance to its borders and attempts of giving to it global functions which are running counter to norms of international law is called the defining factor in relations with North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

From editorial board: It is necessary to notice that in connection with acceptance of the decree of the president number 537 former Strategy of National Safety accepted in 1997 and corrected already at Putin in 2000 become invalid. It's already a kind of tendency, new president - new strategy of national safety.


Whether it won't be "a little too much"? Whether the concept of national safety of the country in connection with change of the first person considerably varies?


We wrote and write a lot about condition of armed forces, first of all strategic ones, about condition of defensive industry and external threats - it is possible to make conclusions. They are unfavourable. In the field of military building and strengthening of military-industrial potential of the country no problem put for last 20 years was adequately solved. Condition of both strategic forces and industrial and scientific complex called to support and develop these forces do not correspond to the scales of problems and threats which have not become smaller but even have grown.

No matter how they kecked in the Kremlin, Russia lost nuclear parity with the USA and for today the balance of nuclear forces is kept only by two factors: smaller, than we would have, unacceptability of destructions at probable opponent and its unavailability for political reasons to launching of the first strike. In case of launching by the USA the first nuclear strike on key objects of Strategic nuclear forces of the Russian Federation our possibilities to launching blow of punishment will be insignificant.

Possibility of achievement of balance on conventional armaments is lost once and for all.

Appearance of new members of "nuclear club", at that with obviously lowered sensitivity to counterstroke, till now has no adequate estimation in the field of measures and actions from outside the Russian Federation. Escalated long ago issues of appropriation of nuclear weapon is not considered by non-governmental organizations at all.

Measures on NATO advancement to the borders of the Russian Federation hasn't been taken into account at all and the logical conclusion that there are no such measures in arsenal of Security Council of the Russian Federation follows.

Security Council of the Russian Federation understands the threat of economic and social decomposition of the territory of the Russian Federation, it's been estimated adequately but there are no measures on counteraction. There is no doctrine of development of uniform economic space of the Russian Federation, there are only general words behind which there's nothing.

Offensive elements in Strategy of National Safety of the Russian Federation are absent at all.

Well and the most important thing - who will realize all these good wishes? Nobody - as in last two strategies?

But situation is a little bit more intense, it's already too difficult to do nothing. Who will defend the country and what will he use? For today no modern arms are being produced in the Russian Federation serially under army orders. What should the country rely on in case of scale threat to national safety? On "a cudgel of national war"? But it's impossible to win wars of 21st century using cudgels.

Besides for "a cudgel of national war" corresponding fighting spirit is necessary and what could it be in the army which is being reduced "on live"?

For illustration, as they used to say earlier, of "moral and political condition" of the army we will result very interesting promo placed in Live Journal of the colonel, military journalist Victor Baranets where the whole squadron under command of the commanders sings cursing "front song" without hesitating, before videocamera... .

It's clear to me, for example, what fighting spirit there's in the army. This army doesn't care a button at any national safety...

Аnatoly Baranov 

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