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Меdvedev Appealed Dead Civil Society to Struggle against Corruption

Меdvedev Appealed Dead Civil Society to Struggle against Corruption

Corruption in Russia should become not simply illegal but indecent and it should be promoted by society, the president of Russia Dmitry Medvedev said in video blog on the Kremlin site.


"One more thing, maybe, the most difficult: we should create motivation to legal, juridically correct behaviour. By means of statutory acts, by means of mass media, as a result of work of institutes of civil society. Corruption should be not simply illegal. It should become indecent. This is, maybe, the most difficult", - the president said.

He noticed that meanwhile there's no in Russia practice of application of anticorruption legislation. As he said, participation of civil society in solving of the given problem is necessary condition of struggle and success in this struggle.

"We should be engaged in selection of simply normal, decent people who enter institutes, high schools not because subsequently they want to take bribes on public service but who are motivated to serve the state. Only thus it is possible to create in our society anticorruption standard of behaviour", - the president said.

He named imperfection of political institutes and nonprofessionalism of the Russian bureaucrats on the one hand, and on the other - ignorance and unwillingness to know laws from the part of population one of the reasons of high degree of corruption in Russia.


From editorial board: Well, already many times we wrote that corruption is not a defect of the Russian state system, it's a way of its existence. If something stays on the way of corruption, this "something" will be liquidated as a hindrance to existing constitutional order. Thus, for example, Medvedev said that he intended to struggle with corruption "by means of mass media, as a result of work of institutes of civil society".

These are obsequious wiping pieces of paper into which the Russian newspapers turned - whether they will struggle with corruption? Yee... Where will PR-services of newspapers go? Will liquidate themselves with shame?

Civil society, of course, is a strong means from corruption, only there's no civil society in Russia. Svanidze - is the main legal expert in Russia, the most important who is responsible for a free press is editor-in-chief of "Moscow Komsomolets" Gusev. One should appoint Ksjusha Sobchak responsible for morals and everything "will be ok" with civil society.

Civil society in Russia was methodically destroyed by the state because earlier there was some civil society in our country. The mode has been conducting Cold War against civil society in the country from 1993 and, in general, it has already won. Election of the successor Medvedev as the president Medvedev was, as a matter of fact, last act of the cold civil war.

There is, of course, National Assembly, Left Front, NBP, "Solidarity", RKRP-RPK and so on... But it's already not opposition party - it's already internal emigration. Country returned to dissident behaviour, kitchen opposition.

What is corruption in such country in which there is no civil society?

Corruption is a natural reaction of the normal person to state alienation, to power alienation. I will repeat is a reaction NORMAL - the norm after all not is absolute health, and only average size. And so, for the abnormal Russian state corruption - norm. This natural behaviour for a society. Being in unnatural position.

Corruption is a natural reaction of the normal person to state alienation, to power alienation. I will repeat it's reaction of NORMAL - the norm after all is not an absolute health, only average size. So, for the abnormal Russian state corruption - norm. It's natural behaviour for society. Being in unnatural position.

For this reason corruption in the country - total. There are no inspectors of traffic police who "do not bribe". There are no ministers whose standard of living does not correspond to the one of the millionaire. More than that if Nikolay II could say that he's the only person who didn't take bribes, the native of the corruption environment of "gangster Petersburg" cannot tell about himself the same. Thus crystal columns in the apartment, golded toilet bowl in the plane, watch-ear rings as inevitable attributes of especially corrupted environment, which is possible to leave only having skinned himself. But Dmitry Anatolevich for the time doesn't resemble sacred Varfolomey. He is more alike former chairman of board of "Gazprom", he combined that post successfully with the post of vice-president.

As to some naive-children's statement that it's necessary to get only good ones into the institutes, though after all present corrupted persons appeared from remarkable students, fine experts, heroic military men. Such is environment. To be more precise - living conditions and conditions of survival. Only those who "take" survive, other do not survive. One shouldn't hope for something different at present system of board

It's clear, Dmitry Anatolevich is a clever and knowing a lot, he, of course, also does not hope. But it is necessary to tell words...

Only fundamental change in society life, socioeconomic structure change can destroy both corruption and other birthmarks of this mode. You are frightened by a word "revolution"? Correctly, it also should frighten. But without this word - other word - "corruption" - will be eternal brand on a forehead at each official.

Аnatoly Baranov

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