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YouTube Deleted Shoots of Tortures and Violence in the Georgian Prisons

YouTube Deleted Shoots of Tortures and Violence in the Georgian Prisons

YouTube deleted shoots of tortures and violence in the Georgian prisons. Now it is possible to consider that "nothing happened" and that favourite of the American democracy Saakashvili, having lived through several unpleasant hours, can be again considered decent person.

Google service adheres to principles so far as it concerns the film about Muslims - it is correct adherence to principles. If you do not want - don't watch, but don't demand that others watch or don't watch what seems correct to you.

Here position of cowardly Russian prosecutor's office (it’s courageous only when it is necessary to press defenseless people, hearing the word "Wahhabite" for some reason it pooped the pants) is insulting first of all for the Russian Muslims. Unless Muslims ran crowd with sticks in Russia because of pictures or films? No, on the whole they are cultural and law-abiding persons – the Tatars, for example, compactly live in Moscow and a number of other cities of Russia since 13th century and they never were noticed running with sticks (except for the war with Napoleon when “civilized” Frenchmen suffered from the Moscow Tatars). For what reason then these people were put on the same level with wild Africans?

By the way, the deputy from Presnya Elena Tkach and me will declare a meeting in protection of constitutional right to collect and extend information freely - there are all bases to believe that prosecutor's office harasses YouTube not only because of the film "Innocence of Muslims" - firstly, the film in Russia is recognized extremist, secondly, the law which the prosecutor's office tries to use will come into force only on November, 1 - if it will come into force at all. Apparently, the authorities in the Russian Federation are strongly irritated by the fact that every pupil can record every their lawless action using mobile phone and place on YouTube, for review of millions. It is already new reality and Putin power tries to fight against it using methods of public prosecutor's reaction.

YouTube is not so principled with the Georgian shoots. Firstly, the theme of removal of more terrible videos from world video service isn’t heard in atmosphere of overall howling related to the film about Muslims. It is clear that sufferings of some Georgians for the Americans and Europeans are even farther, than of the Africans. Well, someone thrust a police club into a bum of the other – may be it’s such local custom? Secondly, it is necessary to justify somehow financial injections of the USA into Saakashvili's mode - say, look here, we invested a couple of millions dollars and dictatorship in Tbilisi at once started following the way of democracy and progress. Triumph of monetarism, it turns out that using monetary policy is possible to improve not only economy, but also policy, even culture can be instantly lifted on the unattainable height.

Here you are such fiasco! Tortures and rapes in the Americanized prison where walls are well painted and prisoners wear jeans and T-shirts which are sold on sale somewhere in "Stokmann". It’s a pity..

It is too obvious that there’s no freedom and democracy in Georgia, simply typical liberal dictatorship. The taxpayer in the USA pays also for that bludgeon which is installed into the bum of the live person. It turns out that policemen are those who gained most from such liberal dictatorship, that is natural for such mode. In Russia, by the way, policemen are very happy. It appears that not Abraham Lincoln with constitution in his hand but general Augusto Pinochet. With absolutely free hands.

Аnatoly Baranov

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