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Cool Result. "United Russia" Wins Everywhere

Cool Result. "United Russia" Wins Everywhere
Baranov Anatoly 16.10.2012

Become repulsive to all governor Denin won in elections in Bryansk, entire “United Russia” in the Far East, in Moscow region - in Khimki, Sergiev Posad and everywhere - the same “United Russia”. With very convincing results: Khimki nearly 48 percent, Sergiev Posad 74 percent in general. In the city where one mayor was killed, the other was compelled to leave the post.

Only one question appears - why at such indisputable, such public love all information about falsifications and violations of electoral laws is connected with "United Russia"? Why there is no stuffing for "Yabloko" or "Communists of Russia", after all superfluous voices wouldn't be too many for them, while the party in power could have quite remained with the result few percent lower? If a habit to say lies and steal manifests itself?

Campaign headquarter of the candidate from the power in Khimki is called in the day of elections on the fact that there’s Shakhov's propaganda poster hanging on bulletin boards in each yard. The answer of the candidate: "It’s not mine!" Those were enemies who the day before printed somewhere (probably, in Georgia) those posters with Shakhov’s image and stuck them artfully to 700 bulletin boards. What artful enemies! Was it done to cause disgust of voters by means of a portrait of the town governor loved by them?

I am curious who hanged the portraits causing disgust of voters on billboards along the roads? Also enemies? Or Shakhov's portrait on billboard causes sympathy, while the same portrait on the poster in the yard - on the contrary - disgust?

Moreover in the middle of the night on the eve of elections enemies using answering machine called citizens and invited them to come to elections. Thus they lowered voter participation to 27 percent. As a whole participation in Moscow region was 19 percent though nobody called inhabitants of Pushkino or Elektrogorsk.

By number of complaints of the observers – Khimki is the champion: more than 800 addresses with fixing of violations of elections. Nevertheless:

"Just fine elections, pure, transparent. I give them the highest mark", - the head of the Moscow regional election committee Irek Vildanov told.

It interesting to hear the head of electoral commission of Uzbekistan, by the way, they also had "pure and transparent" elections there. Such "pseudo-observers" would get the term minimum for slander – recollect just that announcement that electoral registers weren't provided. Or that ballot paper processing systems constantly broke. Though everybody even now could check – lists are present and ballot paper processing systems work... What happened yesterday – let bygones be bygones... Now everything’s at its place and here you are fingerprints!

Perhaps data of opinion polls, exit polls and results of elections which almost completely coincided for the first time could speak in favor of purity and transparency. There’s such an impression that they were prepared under a carbon paper. Well, however, arithmetic short-sold and they had not only to add, but also to deduct - for example, for some reason recognition of oppositional candidates fell twice... during election campaign. Unless we should pay attention to such of a trifle? To catch at figures?

Judging by results of these elections, “United Russia" now will be winning everywhere in general, no matter how citizens vote - or even if they don’t vote in general. However, in such circumstances the power electing itself doesn’t ought anything to the voters - citizens will feel absence of these obligations in the near future, it is possible to say, already now. At least coming across housing and public utilities fees and travel costs, in general in everything: dot building and traffic jams, street crime and inaccessibility of normal medicine.

Nobody asks guest workers, if they like social conditions or no? If you don’t like them - suitcase, station, kishlak. Well, all provincial Russia becomes "kishlak", to be more exact - social ghetto. What elections could be carried out in ghetto?

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