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Gas for Ukraine and Razvozzhaev’s Arrest – Change Following the Law in Own Hands?

Gas for Ukraine and Razvozzhaev’s Arrest – Change Following the Law in Own Hands?

During visit to Moscow on October, 22 president of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych will discuss a number of questions including gas theme, the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Konstantin Grishchenko told to Interfax.

“The themes of the talks in Moscow will be wide enough. First of all, it is our cooperation in the trade-economic sphere, probably, the question on gas theme will be also raised,” – he told on the briefing after negotiations with the head of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov on Friday.

Besides, according to the minister, the sides will discuss the question of mutual projects, negotiations here are carried out at the highest level.

“We have prepared two agreements ready for signing,” – K. Grishchenko said.

Thus, K. Grishchenko added, all main questions of mutual cooperation will be discussed during the visit.


From editorial board: It is simply impossible to believe that the question of arrest of the Russian citizen Leonid Razvozzhaev by some anonymous employees of power structures in the territory of Ukraine, in Kiev will not be discussed among the most important issues of bilateral cooperation. Arrest, judging by the statements of the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs, was not discussed with the bodies of Internal Affairs of independent Ukraine and appeared complete surprise to them.

The matter is that Razvozzhaev entered the territory of Ukraine legally and the search was declared by the Russian Investigative Committee later, when he was legally in the territory of neighboring state (by the way, having no agreement of readmission with the Russian Federation) and intended to apply to Ukraine to provide him with status of political immigrant, he even managed to write an application and to register it. Actually Razvozzhaev was arrested in front of the building of United Nations High Commissioner in Kiev, at the exit.

What do we have? It turns out to be the act of state terrorism.

Though situation is even more interesting for today: Basmanny district court of Moscow on Sunday sanctioned arrest of the activist of the "Left Front" Leonid Razvozzhaev - a member of opposition will spend next 2 months in prison. The procedure of choosing of a preventive measure passed in the closed mode – it was the will of the inwuest.

- I was arrested in Kiev and tortured me for two days after arrest! - Leonid Razvozzhaev told.

That is, in diplomatic language, Russia publicly pissed the shoes of the Ukrainian President taking advantage of the fact that Ukraine depends on the goodwill of the Kremlin. At that they did it in the most "convenient" moment, a week before elections to the Supreme Rada. In other time it really could have been possible not to notice something - well, the shoes are wet a bit, sometimes it happens... While be sure there will be a lot of wishing to indicate the cause before elections, as well as to tell how they smell.

I sincerely pity the President Yanukovych who really needs these agreement with Russia, but he can’t "not to notice" Razvozzhaev’s casus. Although, in general all look very European - when Germany needed Kazakhstan vanadium and rare-earth metals, Chancellor Merkel easily "didn’t notice" blood of several dozens of workers executed on the eve dripping from Nazarbayev’s hands. He even let one of the hands slip below her waist...

In the end, after elections (which will, apparently, pass in Ukraine already under the Russian scenario) it will be possible to pass the amendment in the Constitution saying something like "the authorities of the countries supplying gas to Ukraine can do whatever they like in the territory of Ukraine".

While the shoes are getting dry...

Anatoly Baranov, editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk

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