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March Will Pass Where They Will Be Told

March Will Pass Where They Will Be Told

Coordination Council offered Moscow Mayor’s Office compromise variant of a route of "March against Rascals", activists agree to process from Trubnaya Square along the Boulevard Ring to metro station Kropotkinskaya. Officials offered such route during negotiations on December, 15th. Then negotiations failed and the action wasn't coordinated as a result.

"March against Rascals" is planned to be carried out on January, 13th. It is devoted to the law which forbids the Americans to adopt children from Russia and to the requirement of dissolution of the State Duma.

The news are not very interesting and important, simply there are no other serious events. What’s, generally, difference what route Moscow Mayor’s office will allow? It’s already not demonstration of force, but demonstration of weakness and humility. It seems to be much more honest to do as Limonov who year after year brings a handful of faithful people to the square – it’s demonstration of weakness and rebelliousness at once which could give force. While what force we are talking about headed by Ksyusha Sobchak and Dima Bykov?

Certainly, it’s unpleasant to recognize defeat, but Putin is the president and the State Duma exists not the first year and isn’t going to leave - unless someone thinks that someone will seriously consider requirement of dissolution of the Duma today? It was necessary earlier... While earlier they made tacks, maneuvered - refused protest increase at the expense of regions, were afraid to enter social and the more so class requirements into the protest so that not to wake the proletariat sleeping up to now. What will happen, if tomorrow Mayor’s office refuses to coordinate actions in general? Nothing. Demonstration of paddywagons in the downtown.

The subject of the action also looks pitiful – earlier we talked about revolution and now they talk about bad law about orphans. Earlier we talked about dissolution of the Duma because of the stolen elections, now they demand it because "wrong" Duma adopted "wrong" law. Why? It’s "wrong" to do everything askew, it’s such role.

What role does protest movement and its CC have? To legitimize thieves' Duma having public opinion? Say, look, we have democracy, discontented protest, police disperses them as in Paris. Here you are Depardieu called Russia "the country of great democracy".

People on forum already ask why in reply to "Magnitsky Act" not to cancel transit of freights of NATO to Afghanistan through the territory of the Russian Federation and not to close base in Ulyanovsk? It would be really serious blow to America. While orphans - whether Obama cares for these orphans?...

Unpleasant feeling of playing giveaway appears.

Putin is really the best friend and younger partner of Washington. Whether this periodic "rising from knees" and "growl of a louse" is also not giveaway chess, much more necessary to Washington, than simple loyalty and humility of the Kremlin? All last week America struggled with itself rescuing itself from "fiscal break" - America can't live without crisis and its heroic overcoming, the magic of power is losing then. America needs external enemy, at that such enemy which actually will never press nuclear button, which has already sold own stocks of uranium weapon to America long ago - but it still should have the button.

We often expose fake initiatives of our Ministry of Defence and military industrial complex. But in fact they should be like they are - artificial. Let's imagine 25 thousand tanks on the Western border - horror! Meanwhile we are going to cut our T-64 and in exchange Deputy Prime Minister Rogozin carries on negotiations about 900 pcs of armor Iveco cars – it’s clear that they are not for war with external enemy, these comfortable cars are for retaliatory operations. All our military power turned into grotty PR, not for nothing PR manager and diplomat is appointed the head of military industrial complex. He is on his place. Submarines without rockets, the fighter of the fifth generation without engine and arms, fleet without aircraft carriers, army without ammunition, the General Staff without investigation, Strategic nuclear forces without SPRN and warheads. The Minister of Defence occupied with the style of uniforms. PR instead of army.

Therefore America has a strangle on purses and purses have strangle take own orphans hostages.

What’s the role of our all-democratic opposition in this drama theater? Same as Anpilov's grandmothers had at time of late Yeltsin - go there-here, making effect of civil society at its full suppression. Here you are, look, we have different animals!

All talk about support of our opposition by America and some Georgians. Where is it, this support? What’s the reason America would support opposition to its best partner Putin that it was easier to him to show off before America? While we can clearly see support of Alfa Bank and the National Reserve Bank. After all all perfectly well understand that neither the first, not the second gives a kopeck without signal from the Kremlin.

There’s such a feeling that some route for January, 13th will be coordinated. What for? If authorities need it, if it’s possible not to coordinate it as it does in relation to Limonov. The answer is one – it’s necessary to the authorities. That the action pass, that people shout. That without meetings - Navalny, Yashin, Sobchak, Lazareva with Schatz... well, Udaltsov at last. That’s enough. Till next march according to the requirements.

Anatoly Baranov, editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk

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