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Navalny Got the Answer of the People’s Deputy and Patriot: "We Waste Our Own!"

Navalny Got the Answer of the People’s Deputy and Patriot: "We Waste Our Own!"
Baranov Anatoly 30.12.2012

People's deputy, the vice speaker of the State Duma Sergey Zheleznyak gave an answer to the slanderer and foreign agent Alexey Navalny on his page in the social network Facebook, the last earlier published in his diary in network a big post with data on property of the elect and information about places of study of his daughters.

According to the agent and slanderer, Zheleznyak affirming that "it is important that such values as love to own country, patriotism were formed since childhood and were integral part of process of education and formation of citizen" sent three of his four daughters to study abroad — to London and Switzerland.

As Alexey Navalny writes in his slanderous LJ, one of Sergey Zheleznyak's daughters studies at the American school "for elite children" in Switzerland where the cost of study makes 2,4 million rubles. Anastasia Zheleznyak, according to the oppositionist, studies at the London University “Queen Mary”: "Nastya has also graduated from TASIS and was accepted into Queen Mary University of London. Quite good place, studies there (without housing, food, etc.) cost 12 thousand 250 pounds sterling a year (630 thousand rubles). It means that 3 years of studies there cost almost 1,89 million rubles. Without considering previous payment for study in TASIS, certainly". One more daughter of the deputy — Anastasia - also studies in London.

Navalny also pours poison of slander about honestly and lawfully earned property of Zheleznyak: "Judging by his declaration, he is the owner of very beautiful, rare car Chrysler Prowler, — the blogger notes. — The last and most unique cat Chrysler Prowler which was created specially in single copy by request of the public historical organization National Multiple Sclerosis Society, it was sold in the New York branch of world famous auction Christie's for $175 thousand. Very patriotically! His second car — unfortunate Lexus RX 350 bought just for 2,8 million rubles – looks faintly on this background. Also the patriot owns two apartments with total area 437,6 sq.m".

People's deputy Zheleznyak answers proudly and unperturbably the slanderer: "I came to the State Duma from position of the managing director of a large company "News Outdoor". Leaving the company where my work was paid very decently to work in the Duma I received severance pay of several tens millions rubles from which all taxes were paid,” — Zheleznyak wrote in answer to the data that he owns expensive cars and two apartments.

Speaking about his daughters getting education abroad, Zheleznyak noted that: "After termination of secondary school eldest daughters decided to enter those educational institutions which interested them, seeking to get education both here and there taking into account language skills and talents. I don’t see anything bad and unpatriotic in it, they will get education and will come back home, they will be useful to the country in that quality in which they want," — the vice speaker notes.

Correct, rigid answer of the patriot and citizen: "We waste our own"!

People’s slander that we have low social guarantees is groundless. Here you are example of the contrary - valuable expert passing to work to the State Duma receives severance pay in some tens millions rubles so that he doesn’t feel himself hard up receiving modest deputy’s 150 thousand rubles. Where, in what America can you meet such care of the working person?

It is clear, that a person of work and elected representative of people couldn't make up his mind to the thought that the Russian children leave comfortable orphanages to disappear in the foreign land among McDonald's and skyscrapers. So, he was all in cares of orphan children that simply forgot about own daughters! Meanwhile his daughters were enticed and placed into Queen Mary University of London so that later, probably, to take out to pieces.

If someone thought of sufferings of the father separated from daughters?!

Or even worse – father - patriotic sent his daughters with a secret mission to make probable opponent decay, to exhaust it with harassments and to entice its most confidential secrets doing it from within, gradually as Anka Chapmen? While foreign agent Navalny gave out confidential daughters of the people's deputy to enemy investigation. Now they could be asked to be sent back under pretext of "Magnitsky Bill" and the task of the homeland won't be carried out.

One thing is good - courageous patriotic children of our patriotic officials won't be exposed to deadly risk in different Queen Mary University of London carrying out secret missions of our great homeland. They, together with contemporaries, will go to work on the plants and farms, to shops and store-rooms of our national economy where they will certainly bring less benefit, than with diplomas of Oxford and Harvard, but it also will be quite good...

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