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Putin Can Become the First Man on the Moon

Putin Can Become the First Man on the Moon

The state program of the Russian Federation "Space activity of Russia for 2013 - 2020" provides development of technologies of interplanetary flights and planetary activity of a person. In particular, creation of the “perspective piloted transport system capable to provide flights of a person to the Moon" is planned, - spoken in the document placed on a site of Roskosmos.

Space missile system Angara-A5 has to be created, objects to be modernized and effective operation of the spaceports Plesetsk and Baikonur to be provided as a result of implementation of the state program. Angara should be created by 2015 and by 2018 – the second turn of objects of the new Russian spaceport "Vostochny".

Orbital group of spacecrafts also has to be developed in eight years in the following quantity: 95 space vehicles in 2015, 113 - in 2020 including developed Russian segment of the International space station as a part of six modules - in 2015, seven modules in 2018.

Space-rocket industry has to be modernized and technical equipment will be increased from present 20 to 60% by 2020.


From editorial board: It reminded popular quotation from “Nasha Russia": "I am hanging an arse from some reason, Dimon!"

"Angara" was presented in salon Le Bourget at the end of the last century as already ready system. Though the first start of the Launch Vehicle "Angara" was planned from Plesetsk spaceport only for 2005. Then it was repeatedly postponed: for 2011, for 2012 and now already for 2013. At the moment it is the eighth transfer of the first start. What will be changed in 8 years? Instead of not constructed "Angara-1,2,3,4,5" they won't construct some "Angara-10"?

Prospects of spaceport Vostochny by 2015-18 are the more so feeble. They started building of spaceport Svobodny in the Amur region in 1992. They tried their best and at last they had it. Five starts of rockets took place here for all time of existence of the spaceport. The last — on April, 25, 2006. Spaceport doesn't function since 2007. Number of the personnel and population of Svobodny-18 — made about 5 thousand people. They abandon it so that to put the first stone of the new spaceport "Vostochny" in the same Amur region, near Uglegorsk in 40 kilometers from Svobodny in 2010.

If somebody can explain this logic? Except explanation that after carving up of means the destiny of the spaceport Vostochny will accurately repeat the destiny of Svobodny.

As to orbital group, according to official reports in 2007 it made already 100 satellites, though military made a half from them. What does Gosprogramm mean, if it says that it would be achievement to have 95 vehicles by 2015 in orbit? If it means that the number of military satellites will be increased twice? Or that orbital group suffered huge losses in fight with unknown enemy these years?

The last in the list is certainly the Lunar program.

In due time the Soviet Union failed to create in time heavy missile for the lunar program and having officially recognized defeat in lunar race stopped works in that direction. Though later, already within frameworks of the program on start of reusable space shuttle they created heavy-duty rocket Energy, but works over it were stopped after the first, by the way, successful start of "Buran” in automatic mode, the USA repeated it only 20 years later. Nothing’s left from these programs today except several old men who are annually meet in Tushino to celebrate the next date - successful start which became the date of closing of the project.

So, that they plan to create absolutely from green field system capable to deliver person to the Moon for 7 eyars?

Well, then I know a name of this person who, quite possibly, has chance to step into surface of the satellite of the Earth first - after all Y.I.Mukhin in his books convincingly proved that the Americans weren’t on the Moon. So the name of the first person on the Moon - Putin! Only he, according to Voinovich's prophetical novel "Moscow-2042", is capable to make this feat for mankind.

He has been preparing to it all his life – he taught cranes to make a flock and archeologists to get amphoras from the bottom - two pieces at once, he navigated the fighter and mowed corn on combine, dived into kefir on Sabantuy and caught a trout in Siberia with prince-homosexual. Who else can be compared to him? Who is better prepared for the first step of the person on the Moon? Space emptiness is habitual to him – he was preparing for the walk on the Moon when he carried out inauguration in deserted Moscow. He has to fly alone. Even, maybe, without space suit, in one easy kimono with colors of the Russian flag. Or with Nikita Mikhalkov who will fix his feat on video camera – certainly of domestic production.

Otherwise they won’t be in time in 7 years. Even with video camera.

Anatoly Baranov, editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk

PS. If Putin doesn't manage to return, he will become the first person who not only reached the Moon, but also remained there for continuous residence.

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