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Capital Authorities Coordinated Provocation Route for January, 19

Capital Authorities Coordinated Provocation Route for January, 19

Authorities of the capital coordinated with civil activists carrying out of the procession on January, 19th in the center of Moscow in memory of the lawyer Stanislav Markelov and the journalist Anastasia Baburova who were killed in 2009. The head of the department of regional security of the City Hall Alexey Mayorov reported to "Interfax" about it. According to him, some questions still remain but they can be solved routinely. Procession is authorized to proceed from Tverskaya Street to Nikitskye Vorota.

Organizers of the action in their turn insisted on carrying out of procession from Novopushkinsky Public Garden to metro station "Kropotkinskaya" and said that the offer of the city hall doesn't suit them.


Provocation against anti-fascists is planned for the fourth anniversary of murder of Markelov and Baburova in Moscow

City Hall of Moscow finally refused to anti-fashists and human rights activists in normal carrying out of procession in memory of the tragically happened in 2009 with Stanislav Markelov and Anastasia Baburova.

The group of activists in due time notified authorities of the capital about their intention to carry out processions on January, 19 on the fourth anniversary of murder on Prechistenka, they were planning processions numbering two thousand people going from Novopushkinskaya Square on boulevards to the metro station Kropotkinskaya. It was planned that after completion of the action its participants will reach place of murder which is near subway and lay flowers.

However, representatives of the City Hall offered own variant - procession numbering only three hundred people with a route only to Nikitskye Vorota.

According to the participant of negotiations with representatives of the City Hall Lev Ponomarev:

"it is obvious that as in situation with Bolotnaya Square on May, 6 authorities prepared provocation which will have to come to the end with collision with police as many participants of the procession will go to Prechistenka to lay flowers in groups and police will apprehend it as unauthorized demonstration, will start detentions and, taking into account age and temperament of many participants of the action, it is possible with high probability to expect collisions which will let the authorities to speak about new mass riots. It is necessary to remind that three years ago - in 2010, collisions with OMON took place near metro station Chistye Prudy during the meeting in the memory to Markelov and Baburova because of the fact that militia infringed earlier reached agreements".

Authorities refused to meet with organizers.


From editorial board: In principle, we are talking about mockery here. Though not about senseless mockery, about thought out mockery of the power over citizens who aren't pleasant to this power (however, feelings are mutual). Formally it’s simply mourning procession, not political demonstration. Why is it impossible to pass to the place of murder to lay flowers, why is it necessary to finish procession one kilometer to it?

Thus they could stop funeral procession far from a cemetery? Unless saying that’s all, comrades, you should go away, the dead man will be buried somehow without you?

Whether in Putin’s Russia dissatisfied with power shouldn’t have piece of land?

Today’s Russia is supervised by animals rare in their vindictiveness and monstrosity... Today authorities don’t need any civil peace – they need clear and final victory. Over whom? Clear thing - over people. Up to full moral and even physical destruction of the dissatisfied.


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