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The Most Dangerous Man in Senate Will Become Secretary of State

The Most Dangerous Man in Senate Will Become Secretary of State
Baranov Anatoly 01.02.2013

The candidate of senator-democrat John Forbes Kerri offered by Obama on a post of the state secretary got full approval in the US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations. Voting was unanimous. It is expected that the Senate will in full strength vote for his confirmation on this post later on Tuesday. Kerry will replace Hillary Clinton on the post of Secretary of State who intends to retire in the next few days.

69-year-old Kerry, representing the State of Massachusetts in the Senate, becomes the second Secretary of State who was running for presidency (in 2004). The fact that he lost to Bush Jr. speaks only about all-conquering moronity of the American voter who voted not for the hero, but for the asshole.

Kerry is twice as professional, than his predecessor and other US Secretaries of State for last twenty years.

He was born in the most influential family of Forbes, his father was known diplomat. Having graduated from Yale university he took part as volunteer in the Vietnamese war, was in command of the river boat (he became one of the prototypes for Coppola’s cult movie "Apocalypse Now") where he stayed for 2 terms (1966 — 1970). After the third wound he got demobilize, participated in anti-war movement - he threw his fighting awards to the stairs of the White House including 2 "Purple Hearts". On April, 22, 1971 Kerry became the first Vietnamese veteran who gave evidences before congress about war when the Senate Committee was hearing possible offers on its termination.

To a question of the American elite: Kerry is related to four U.S. Presidents, to the first American poetessy Anna Bradstreet, to the founder of pioneer settlement on the coast of Massachusetts and to the first governor John Winthrop, to various royal and noble families of Europe. Thus John was born in the army hospital where his father, being the pilot tester of the air army corps and the participant of World War II, was under tuberculosis treatment. His mother, nee Forbes, during World War II served as a nurse.

In 1982 he was elected deputy governor of the governor of Massachusetts Michael Dukakis. In 1985 he was elected into the Senate where he is up to now. He was the candidate for president of the USA from Democratic Party on elections of 2004, but he lost presidential election to George Bush Jr. (conceded 35 electoral votes). After death of the senator Edward Kennedy in August, 2009 Kerry became the senior senator from the State of Massachusetts.

Few months after taking the post of the senator Kerry together with the senator Tom Harkin from Iowa went to Nicaragua and met the president of the country Daniel Ortega. Through their mediation Ortega offered the Ceasefire Agreement in exchange of termination of support of contras from the part of the USA.

In April, 1986 Kerry and Christopher Dodd, the senator - democrat from the State of Connecticut, suggested to bring into the program of hearings carried out by the US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations consideration of charges in the address of contras connected with traffic of marihuana and cocaine.

Kerry put Oliver North into prison.

Kerry’s commission was engaged in legal investigation of a case of general Noriega.

According to the majority of analyses of Kerry’s votes, he belongs to the left. Kerry declared that he opposes privatization of the program of social safety, supports the right to abortion for adult women and for minors, supports idea of civil marriage for same-sex couples, opposes death penalty (excepting terrorists), supports the majority of laws on control over the weapon and, generally, supports trade agreements. Kerry supported the North American agreement on free trade and status of the most favorable nation status for China.

In January, 2009 Kerry replaced Joe Biden on a post of the chairman of the US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations.

As the chairman of the national committee on campaigns of Democratic Party Gasan Nemazee declared: "In the sum Kerry made more, than any other senator".

Well, one more nuance - Kerry is the richest senator in the USA, it is difficult to buy him...

Why am I talking about it? Well, I want to draw your attention that until now Russia was lucky enough with the US Secretaries of State and at the same time with own Ministers of Foreign Affairs. Hilary was a silly woman. Lavrov really looks as misfit among Putin’s ministers - he isn't a furniture maker, not the pediatrician, not bookkeeper, but is the diplomat. Against phenomenal fools in the management he looks as a person of simply outstanding abilities.

However against real deterioration of the relations with the USA and that positions of the Russian Federation are objectively weak, the Russian diplomacy should face really outstanding person. Yes, Lavrov is skilled career diplomat, but in fact he is "a paper pusher" (it’s not insult, it’s fact ascertaining). He never had to answer, say, the question of NBC, whether he personally made cruelty in Vietnam. While Kerry answered: "That were all types of cruelties and I want to say yes, I participated in some of them as well as thousands soldiers involved in it. I took part in firing in zones free from fire. I made harassing and interdiction. I used machine guns of 50 calibers which were our equipment and we were authorized to apply, which were our only weapon against people. I took part in search and destruction of enemies, in burning of villages. All this contradicted laws of war and the Geneva conventions and all that was carried out according to the policy which was accepted in writing on the tops of the American government".

It will be difficult to Lavrov to answer such guy as he once answered to Milliband: "Who are you to fuck lecture me?" Kerry can get his ass kicked…

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