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Dotty Rotation of Misappropriators of Public Funds in Sochi Appeared Not Very Correct

Dotty Rotation of Misappropriators of Public Funds in Sochi Appeared Not Very Correct

Source: NEWSru.com

Mass media found out that Vladimir Putin, having made indicative roast in Sochi for failure to meet terms of building of the Olympic objects and overexpenditure, dismissed wrong Bilalov. Object "Mountain Roundabout" inspected by the president is erected by the company called “Krasnaya Polyana” and Mahomed Bilalov acts as minority shareholder. However the president dismissed his older brother Ahmed, “Dozhd” reported on it on Thursday evening.

"Vedomosty" specify that Mahomed Bilalov was control shareholder of "Krasnaya Polyana" which builds complex “Mountain Roundabout” (mountain media village, mountain-skiing complex and "Hill City" are also included into it except ill-fated ski-jumping complex) till June, 2012, but all officials called Ahmed the real owner of the company.

Let’s remind that Ahmed Bilalov is removed at once from two posts - the vice-president of the Russian Olympic Committee and the chairman of board of directors of the company “Resorts of the North Caucasus”. The press shares various details - the review was prepared by "Zagolovki".

As a source in the company and Feodor Shcherbakov - the press secretary of the Bilalovs’ family - told to "Dozhd", Ahmed was responsible for dialogue with the power, while Mahomed - for business projects and their development. Dismissal of Ahmed, not Mahomed is explained by this fact. The source familiar with brothers also told that resignation is political question, its initiator - Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak. Not casually news about resignation was sounded by him, not by Putin press secretary Dmitry Peskov.

"Kommersant" doesn't doubt that guilty of problems in Sochi was found before inspection. The president visited ski-jumping complex - the only object from large sport constructions in mountain and in coastal cluster of Sochi where there is real slippage - first. However, it refers not to sport objects (ski-ramps are open since spring, 2012), but to infrastructure around them, in particular to spectator tribunes.

Since May of last year Sberbank of Russia became responsible for ski-ramps. Meanwhile, in spite of the fact that it’s been responsible for this object for nearly a year, all questions are still addressed to Mr. Bilalov, is noted in other article of "Kommersant".

What is interesting: being the prime minister, Vladimir Putin thanked Mahomed Bilalov "for active participation in the program of test actions on the Olympic objects in Sochi". Corresponding letter signed by Putin appeared at the disposal of RBC daily.

As for Ahmed Bilalov, he is a person from Dmitry Medvedev's team – it’s confirmed to the edition by at once several sources in the Kremlin administration and government office. "Shortly before Medvedev's moving to the White House Bilalov even expected to occupy post of the minister of tourism,” - one governmental official recollected. – No such ministry was created, but Bilalov's weight among officials was considered quite good".

Unlike senior brother, Mahomed Bilalov will continue work. He, by the way, was present at the meeting with the president in Sochi, but couldn't stand up for Ahmed, besides the protocol didn’t suppose it, "Dozhd" says. TV channel says that discontent of the Deputy Prime Minister Kozak supervising the Olympic Games unofficial reason of resignation. Ski-ramps were handed over in time, competitions were already held there. In 2012 Kozak tried to impose construction of the road and engineering constructions which will protect ski-ramps to brothers. Price tag - 5 billion rubles, that’s the reason of rise in cost sheet which didn’t satisfy Putin.

As the source in “Krasnaya Polyana” explained, Olympstroy had to be engaged in the construction, but it didn't have money by the time. Kozak decided to entrust the matter to business. When the Bilalovs refused, “Krasnaya Polyana” was nationalized. Now Mahomed Bilalov still has 40% of shares, Sberbank owns control stock.

Putin's public roast: "good performance" and "sacrifice"

Observers also analyze public roast which Vladimir Putin made. Officials call it good performance in the spirit of well-known "give me back a pen" and "to send for the doctor", Forbes writes. In the first case in front of television cameras Putin forced the owner of "BaselCement" Oleg Deripaska to sign the contract in Pikalyovo, in the second he criticized sick owner of the company “Mechel” Igor Zyuzin (to be more exact offered "to send for the doctor").

According to one of the interlocutors of Forbes, the staff of government office was called for emergency preparation of documents about situation in Sochi in the night of February, 6. Information about course of construction, cost and credit limits on three objects – ski-jumping complex (investor - "Krasnaya Polyana"), the sled and bobsleigh route (investor - NPO “Mostovik”) and the ski and biathlon complex “Laura” (investor - "Gazprom") - was requested. Already in the morning some employees of "Resorts of the North Caucasus" learned about problems which the administration had and wrote letters of resignation. Putin's anger fell upon Bilalov in the evening of the same day.

Known blogger Alexey Navalny told "Moscow Komsomoletz" that all what happened - "Putin's natural reaction to the broad public indignation connected with those fabulous sums which were spent for building of the Olympic objects in Sochi".

"Cost sheet in the face of all country grew from 250 billions to 1,5 trillion rubles. Our Winter Olympic Games finally appeared to be more expensive, than any other summer one, even last year's which took place in such big city as London. Therefore Putin had nothing else to do, than to make such "sacrifice"”, - he argues.

"Putin chose the most distant from himself - the vice-president of the Olympic committee, actually government official Bilalov, the person who was appointed by Medvedev, - Navalny specifies. - He worked according to classical scheme - at first he organized public flogging in front of television cameras of the state channels and dismissed next day".

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