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"United Russia" Tries to Create “United Political Nation”

"United Russia" Tries to Create “United Political Nation”

On Tuesday February, 19 Presidential Council on Inter-Ethnic Relations will discuss a question of development of the Declaration of the National Unity of people of Russia. The offer was made by the deputy of the State Duma from "United Russia" and a member of council Alexey Zhuravlyov. According to him, declaration has to become a social pact and consolidate the concept "Russian nation" and "multinational population". Zhuravlyov is convinced that peoples of Russia have to agree that they make one nation, "Izvestiya" writes.

— Exactly one nation. We have many nationalities, but one nation. One people, — Zhuravlyov explained.

According to him, conceptual framework is important to achieve "true national unity".

— It is necessary to close a question of ethnic separatism and chauvinistic haze in our country once and for all.

Now preamble to the Constitution of Russia register the concept of "multinational people of the Russian Federation". Zhuravlyov wants to fix the following thesis in the Declaration of National Unity of people of Russia: "People of the Russian Federation (political nation of Russia) makes multinational population of the Russian Federation — all citizens of Russia being native speakers of the Russian language, of the cultural, spiritual, moral and ethical, social and state imperatives peculiar to the multinational Russian civilization".

It’s offered to adopt declaration at the referendum on November, 4, 2017, in the anniversary of October Revolution as the answer to the Bolshevist Declaration of the Rights of Peoples of Russia.


From editorial board: Those who listened to the deputies of "United Russia" don’t need to go to circus. Newspaper Izvestiya – a loud-hailer of the Presidential Administration which earlier was called "Izvestiya of the Councils of People's Deputies" is also not worse than "Murzilka" - it appears that anniversary of October Revolution takes place not on November, 7, but on November, 4... I understand, if some "Vedomosty” could mix the dates, but "Izvestiya"... Honour to Gabrelyanov!

It is amusing that on November, 4 (on old style on October, 22) the Union of the Soviet Journalists received inquiry: "I ask to enlist me in the members of Labor Union of the Soviet Journalists. Vladimir Ulyanov (Lenin)". It seems that journalist Ulyanov wouldn’t write such nonsense in "Izvestiya".

Deputy Zhuravlyov is also good fellow, he is up to the mark.

Actually "united community of people - the Soviet people" was fixed in the USSR by the 24th Communist Party Congress of the CPSU in 1971, in 1977 it entered "Brezhnev's" Constitution: "The USSR represents the state unity of the Soviet people, rallies all nations and nationalities for joint construction of communism". A bit more than ten years ago it didn't hold the Armenians and Azerbaijani back from cutting each other with enthusiasm, other members of “united family of people” joined them - in Fergana Valley, in Abkhazia and South Ossetia, in the North Caucasus and Moldova... When today the president Putin suggested to enter visa mode with the states of the Central Asia, not only parliamentary "opposition of his majesty", but also non-parliamentary, "irreconcilable" opposition accepted the corresponding statement. After that thesis about "united German-Russian nation" from the program of NSDAP "United Russia" became more appropriate.

For example, the member of the Union of the Soviet Journalists Lenin wrote: "To destroy every thought of its national character they party gave itself the name not Russian, but all-Russian" (Complete Edition v. 10, p. 267). The successor of the party of Lenin, the deputy from the CPRF Vladimir Bortko introduced in the lower chamber a bill suggesting to change phrase from the Constitution of the Russian Federation: "We — the multinational people" on the phrase "We — the Russian people and peoples adjoined it". Let's say that it’s closer to NSDAP program, than to Lenin understanding of ethnic question: "Only the one who belongs to the German nation, in whose veins there is the German blood can be the citizen of Germany".

While Lenin today is not in honor, he is forgotten not only by “Izvestiya", the CPRF replaces him slowly by more socially close Shtrasser and even Goebbels.

However, responsibility for decision-making is today not on the CPRF or other toadeaters of pseudo-parliamentarism, but on the "party in power". It has opportunity to put the country and the state in any known position for the convenient use.

How Mr. Zhuravlyov sees agreement of the Chechens with the Russians about creation of the united nation? Or of the Kumyks with Lak people and the Ossets with the Ingushs? Besides a great number of the Azerbaijanians and the Armenians lives in the Russian Federation - if he believes that they are ready to merge in uniform ecstasy?

Creation of the uniform political nation in the USSR had clear uniform aim - creation of new society, communistic one, what’s its purpose in the Russian Federation? To be as Holland and Sweden or, if it will be successful, as Canada? After all it is clear that refusal of the nations of own identity, language, culture and replacement of it by certain universal positions demands very strong incentive, very impressive general idea. The idea of communism was such idea (as earlier idea of Christianity or Islam melting states and peoples to uniform empires and caliphates), but party "United Russia" and the state nurtured by it can’t propose anything similar to people. Moreover, national and religious movement often serves as a mask for political and social protest against this unattractive state.

Mr. Zhuravlyov with the comrades suggests to resolve these problems signing piece of paper, isn’t it? If they really plan "to close subject of ethnic separatism and chauvinistic haze in our country forever" using method of drawing up legislative formulas?

If it’s so, it is dangerous to trust management even of a pumping station to these people, not talking about the country on the one sixth part of the land. Though they have assigned management to themselves long ago. The result of this management is visible to everyone – “don’t gather more than two at time” in the central part of the country, guerilla war in the regions. It, probably, also has to be called "united political nation" and "true national unity".

Anatoly Baranov, editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk

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