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World Day of Social Justice Passed by

World Day of Social Justice Passed by
Grechaninov Vladimir 21.02.2013


You will laugh, but yesterday there was... no, I can't say it, let me drink some water..., there was World Day of Social Justice which passed absolutely unnoticed in our country. I am serious!

No, I didn’t imagine it, it’s UN fault. I will even quote: "Social justice — is not simply ethical imperative (!), it’s a basis of the national stability and global wellbeing. Equal opportunities, solidarity and respect of human rights, bla bla bla... Secretary General of the UN Ban Ki-moon". Cool! Especially about imperative and bases of the national stability, well it’s written simply about us. Something even reminds historical picture of the artist Vasily Surikov "Menshikov in Beryozov".

Do you know what for this day is necessary in general? Now I will tell - it has to promote "poverty eradication, providing people with full employment and decent work, achievement of equality of men and women, as well as establishment of social welfare and social justice for all..." Enough, nothing more, otherwise I am afraid I will drop poor man's tear.

There is involuntary wish in such significant day to recollect again and again those cases when the native state treated you especially fairly. For example, gangster voucher privatization which divided all on poor and rich, millionaires billionaires appeared out of not remarkable Komsomol young men and other examples of social justice in especially large sizes.

Though all this is general, there’s also Schindler's list. I recollect first of all the fairest in the world Tverskoy court and the story with the company “Moscow-Tour” which at the beginning of the 90s deceived me and didn’t pay to me money for shot for it (and shown on TV) programs. Clear thing I filed a lawsuit and even won that claim, then such things happened. But the owner of the company Shvedov (former Komsomol leader of "Intourist") didn’t pay to me and other debtors, he quickly liquidated old company and opened - "Moscow Tour on Pushkinskaya". The fairest in the world Tverskoy court quickly made the decision that Shvedov - the owner of the new company is not that Shvedov who was the owner of old company, say, he is not even namesake and shouldn't pay the debts of the first. The Moscow City Court this worthy of Solomon decision clear thing accepted.

I tell it to you only because that remarkable, I would say, gold scheme was used to cheat hundred and hundred thousands citizens in the most different spheres. One such story from construction sphere I was told just yesterday.

Here I will note that the concept of social justice forged ahead, it was developing steadily and was getting improved. Everything’s clear with aforesaid Shvedov, on religious procession he usually followed Luzhkov with a candle going the third or the fourth, it turns out he belonged to elite. However, it’s quite troublesome to find out the current status for judges each time and therefore a new judicial trend appeared - if the chief is the respondent, the claimant is surely the fool, because it’s impossible to win against any chief even in the St. George's day, to execute the decision - even less possible.

I myself faced such sovereign justice tens times, more that Lenin library is written about it. So, if someone suddenly will decide to write history of the latest justice, there will be separate chapter about Russia with the name "You won't believe". For an example, once my acquaintance was slandered by one city newspaper and consideration of the claim looked better than in some joke. Judge: Who is the owner of the respondent newspaper? Claimant: Government of Moscow. Judge: Everything is clear, the claim is rejected. Finita la comedia I would say.


Don't think that I treat native judicial system which for some reason is called justice somehow specially. No, I am convinced that other institutions made their feasible contribution into this business - both police and prosecutor's office, the State Duma and all - all - all. Just to think how much work our descendants will need to rake these Augean stables – it simply turns the stomach!

Just take the story that the European Union allegedly doesn't want to cancel short-term tourist visas for the Russian citizens which our Ministry of Foreign Affairs tells us with stupid persistence. So, the European Union is ready to do it long ago, while the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as it appeared, worries not about us, but exclusively about citizens of certain category A and some other nomenclature who have real estates and money in EU. Therefore the Ministry of Foreign Affairs demands that citizens with blue passports (there are 150 thousand of them) have the right not only to have visa-free regime, but possibility of termless (!) stay in the European Union. There will be no visa-free agreements without it.

Fantastic story, huh?! Blue little men with official passports (it means that the state, i.e. me and you pay either for the passport and visas) are not ethical imperative, it’s such special social justice on preliminary arrangement with special cynicism.

What could be wished to citizens on such light holiday? Well, it will be great following the Japanese tradition to write our most sincere wishes to the native state on pieces of paper, to make flotilla of ships of them and to let it go across the Moskva River to the Kremlin, perhaps, someone will read them. Though the river is covered by ice and in addition they will say that it’s ideological diversion on the money of damned State Department.

There’s hope that the heads of the native state will have enough mind not to congratulate us persistently on this day, it’s not our holiday. Though they could do that.

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