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How We Loose Asia

How We Loose Asia
Baranov Anatoly 12.03.2013

The court rejected requirement of Tajikistan about immediate extradition of Umarali Kuvvatov - the leader of oppositional to the government of Tajikistan "Group-24" - having postponed process to April, 10. Kuvvatov’s lawyer Nikolay Nikolaev reported that "hearings went behind closed doors. The ambassador of Tajikistan in Dubai, the head of Interpol of the country and unknown to me person represented Tajikistan in court. This delegation took part in the open part of hearings. Later they were also not allowed to the closed part of the trial".

Nikolaev also reported that the lawyer employed by embassy of Tajikistan for protection of interests of the government of Tajikistan was also not allowed.

The Tajik party puts more and more new charges against Kuvvatov, the trial is dragged out: "Attempts of rendering pressure upon court are noted from the part of persons representing Tajikistan. We are also informed about secret negotiations of the high-ranking Tajik officials with the Dubai colleagues about Kuvvatov's extradition to Tajikistan".

According to Nikolaev, all charges brought by Tajikistan against Kuvvatov were prepared after his detention in Dubai. Besides, Nikolaev notes, power structures of Tajikistan put moral and physical pressure upon Kuvvatov’s family in Dushanbe.

Umarali Kuvvatov was detained in Dubai at the end of December, 2012 at the request of the Tajik authorities. He arrived to the United Arab Emirates from Moscow to hold, as it became clear now, imaginary negotiations – no one was going to hold negotiations, he was simply arrested directly at the airport.

Now it’s clear that leadership of Tajikistan which came to power 20 years ago literally on the Russian bayonets, as a result of civil war - the most bloody in the former Soviet Union (for 3 years about 150 thousand people were killed, more than one million became refugees – all this in the republic which population totaled 5 million people then) - is going to replace the owner. It is obvious to all, except the Russian management which favourably looks as Russia is forced out from all branches of economy of Tajikistan except drug traffic and slave trade, the place of the Russian Federation is taken now by the American, British and Chinese companies. Border troops of the Russian Federation are also squeezed out from Tajikistan and the most efficient 201st division was reformatted into "military base".

I remind that the president Obama has already planned withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan for 2014 year. If somebody though where he plans to more them? Or someone believes that having lost nearly 10 years on unpopular war, having suffered human and especially material losses, will be satisfied with humanitarian mission and will silently hand over to Talibs everything that was so hardly won - namely control position over the heart of Eurasia which was occupied by Russia for previous 100 years?

The strategic center of Eurasia is Tajikistan, it is possible to supervise a core of the huge continent from here. Neither strategically dependent Kyrgyzstan, nor Uzbekistan which doesn't have natural boundaries and is open for all winds from South, East and North suit for this purpose, only Tajikistan - natural fortress of the Russian Empire, in 1898 Orenburg Cossack army occupied the border across Pyandj, having stopped thus advance of the British task force to the north.

More than 100 years passed, but geopolitics changes slowly. The Persian tsar Cyrus lost his head in these regions, great Greeks of Alexander the Great battled here. All great Euroasian empires at the height of power supervised the region and were forgotten having left it.

Intending to change the owner (future owner of Eurasia) authorities of Tajikistan remove probable threats from the former owner. What can Russia do when its “feeble-minded” management will understand that it was cheated by Tajikistan? The Kremlin will start touching convulsively a pack of possible oppositionists who could be armed and sent to return the lost. Usual tactics. Only wise imperial management always keeps such people around, fat-brained – squanders them.

Now except Umarali Kuvvatov who was arrested in Dubai (obviously at the support of the Americans who feel themselves in the United Arab Emirates at home), the former prim-minister of Tajikistan, the leader of “the northern clan” Abdumalik Abdullodzhonov was arrested on some ridiculous charge in Ukraine which doesn't have with Tajikistan even contracts on readmission. By the way, in due time he has been looking for support of the Kremlin, hasn’t found it and settled in the USA, in California. As well as Kuvvatov he was pulled out to Kiev to hold imaginary negotiations. It is easy to guess that Abdullodzhonov with the American passport (he doesn't have other) could be detained in Borispol only if there will be no hail from Washington. It didn't follow in fact.

Soon prominent oppositionist Bakhtiyer Sattori got severe knife wound in Moscow - certainly, nobody from attacking wasn't found though the last didn’t tried to cover up traces.

As a whole, the puzzle is finished - administration of Tajikistan by means of the Americans removes possible threats, eliminates oppositionists who after treachery of official Dushanbe can rise in defense of the Russian interests.

Though it is quite possible that treachery of interests of Russia has support in the Kremlin structures, it’s even more than possible. Otherwise how could we explain campaign against migrants obviously supported by the Kremlin, the Tajik became embodiment of generalized model of "undesirable migrant"! The Tajiks, it appears, want to enslave Russia, having got to Russia behind mask of yard keepers and diggers.

Unless it’s correct behavior towards people whom is necessary to keep in the orbit of mother country? Or having lost two wars in small Chechnya, the Kremlin believes that huge Central Asia can be kept with use of brute force?

Instead of patient, intelligent policy on preservation of positive image of Russia and the Russians in the republics of the former Soviet Central Asia we make the opposite – we help initially pro-Russian adjusted Tajiks to form negative image of the Russian - cruel and rough slaveholder, exploiter. That is with own hands we make work of army propagandists of the probable opponent...

At last two photos of Umarali Kuvvatov made with internal in 2,5 months:


- in Moscow;


- in Dubai prison (near - lawyer N.Nikolaev).

Obviously, conditions in which Umarali Kuvvatov is kept are so “good” that for 2,5 months 30 year old young man became totally grey...

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