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RF Will Be a Loser in Conflict between PRK and the USA in Any Case

RF Will Be a Loser in Conflict between PRK and the USA in Any Case

South Korean intelligence services suspect that the Democratic People's Republic of Korea could have delivered ballistic missile of average range "Musudan” to its eastern coast. It is considered that operational range of this rocket is about 3-4 thousand kilometers.

"Reconnaissance services of the USA and South Korea have data on transfer of rockets of average range to the coast of the Sea of Japan," — one of the sources declared to Renkhap agency.

According to the South Korean experts, the object delivered to the eastern coast by its form reminds ballistic missile "Musudan" for the first time shown by the Democratic People's Republic of Korea during military parade in October, 2010.

It’s unknown now, whether rockets are supplied with military units and whether the Democratic People's Republic of Korea will launch them or it simply demonstration of force from the side of Pyongyang, source in the government of South Korea reported.

The American and South Korean intelligence services continue fixed supervision over possible movements of the object.


From editorial board: So, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea moves on its territory, from west to east (that is 400 kilometers at most) one ballistic missile of average range, it’s not known precisely, whether it’s the rocket or moulage, if it is equipped with fighting blocks or not. It is known that maximum range of the rocket doesn't allow it to reach targets in the territory of the USA.

It is considered a threat.

The USA have 7th fleet in close proximity to the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, 7th fleet consists of 3 nuclear underwater cruisers bearing 25 rockets alike “Tomahawk plus unknown number of rockets of air basing as a part of a fleet. Advanced base of strategic aircraft of the USA is situated not further than 3 thousand kilometers, that is the territory of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea is within reach of cruise missiles of sea basing launched if necessary directly from the base on Guam. It is also known that strategic bombers of the USA which practiced possible blows to the objects of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea took part in trainings of armies of the USA and South Korea which provoked new turn of intensity on the peninsula.

It is considered peacekeeping policy.

It is clear that the Democratic People's Republic of Korea will continue accumulation of quantity of nuclear charges and will continue works on improvement of means of their delivery, it is necessary to understand up to sizes providing guaranteed blow of punishment. Apparently, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea takes advantage of tactics offered in due time by academician Chelomey - creation of a large number of rather cheap rockets capable to overcome every missile defense system in view of large number of start-ups, that is even several percents of not intercepted rockets will cause irreparable damage to the probable opponent.

What quantity of rockets will Pyongyang consider sufficient minding that the USA constantly improves missile defense? It should be very large number in any case.

The USA and especially their allies in the region which in case of war would have to face the first attack could seem preventive strike across North Korea aiming to put thus while little numerical nuclear objects out of action good variant, though there’s risk that 1-2 nuclear charges can all the same blow up. Such decision is quite in the spirit of the USA. While Russia is obviously not ready to such succession of events, as well as China which hasn’t finished rearmament of People’s Liberation Army and has no sufficient strategic forces, air and submarine fleet.

In case the USA don't decide to deal pre-emptive strike, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea will obviously continue nuclear program and in the near future the Russian Federation will find itself near to the country having nuclear arsenal comparable with its own, with unpredictable policy and ballistic missile defense system comparable with the American one. Let’s add army already now conceding to North Korean in number and mobilization reserve conceding to the one of North Korea several times.

It is obvious that race of arms in the region already urges Japan and South Korea to militarization - this process is stimulated by the USA which intends to shift at least part of military expenses on shoulders of allies. We will live to see nuclear bomb belonging to South Korea, while the Japanese nuclear weapon after accident on Fukushima is already perceived by analysts not as hypothesis, but hard fact.

As it is already told, People’s Liberation Army will pass rearmament process in 5-7 years and will by the time posses carrier fleet, the fighter of the fifth generation of own production and military infrastructure allowing to carry out military operations of every intensity in all regions of Asia.

It is easy to understand what country of the region will appear in situation of a loser at any succession of events.


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