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If Military Demonstrations of the USA for Pyongyang Are Meant for Beijing and Moscow?

If Military Demonstrations of the USA for Pyongyang Are Meant for Beijing and Moscow?

The USA placed rocket destroyer "Fitzgerald" with computerized surface-to-air missile system of tracking and targeting "Aegis" near to the coasts of South Korea. Representative of Pentagon reported that floating radar of X-range urged to trace start-up of rockets there is thrown.

Earlier Pyongyang declared that it withdraws from the agreement about truce with South Korea and the USA signed in 1953 and comes back to "state of war", ITAR-TASS reminds. The leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea Kim Jong-un gave the order on drawing nuclear attack on the American bases in South Korea, on Hawaii, Guam and in Japan in case of provocations.

On Monday, April, 1 the press secretary of the White House Jay Carney declared that the USA don't see changes in actions of the North Korean forces despite strengthening of warlike statements of Pyongyang. "Despite rigid rhetoric which we hear from Pyongyang, we don't see changes of condition of armed forces of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea such as large-scale mobilization and dislocation of forces," — he specified.


From editorial board: All forgot somehow that the Democratic People's Republic of Korea made warlike statements not from mischief, but in reply to actions of the USA and South Korea, namely – in answer to joint trainings where they honed tactics of action of strategic bombers of the USA on this battlefield.

We perfectly well understand that military power of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea doesn't allow it neither today, nor in the near future to be serious threat for the USA. While the USA showing discontent with development of military industrial complex of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea have vast experience of drawing preventive strikes from the air. Allies of the USA in this region are army of South Korea which doesn’t concede to the one of North Korea on a number of equipment, Japan which despite direct constitutional ban has "self-defense forces" formed on the basis of general conscription which means that nobody speaks about "recruit slavery". Plus armies of Taiwan, Philippines as well as constant ally Australia located in the same region. There is in the region powerful American fleet equipped with nuclear weapon better, than the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

So, all this military vehicle works over blows of strategic bombers in close proximity to borders of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea which doesn't have reliable allies – neither the People's Republic of China, nor the Russian Federation or Vietnam won't start "protecting" Kim’s mode, they will only make statements and demonstrations. Pyongyang perfectly well realizes that country image is such that if Washington will go on direct aggression, its destiny will be the same as of Iraq or Libya and it will pass to everybody’s delight.

Aegis system near the coast of North Korea is for today the same challenge for the Democratic People's Republic of Korea as trainings of strategic aircraft of the USA. Position radar station AN/SPY-1A, B or D with four flat phased antenna with 5 MWt capacity carrying out functions of all-round looking radar is the basic element of system. It is capable to carry out automatic search, detection, tracking of 250 — 300 targets and directing up to 18 drefense missiles to the most menacing. Decision about damaging of the target menacing to the ship can be made automatically. Today Aegis system is capable to down rockets with range capability up to 3500 km, since 2014 they suppose to increase ability to down rockets with range capability up to 5500 km. That is rockets of North Korea by definition don't pose any threat to the territory of the USA, with high degree of probability they will be intercepted in case of attack of objects of allies of the USA in the region.

By the way, the same concerns possible start-ups of rockets from nuclear submarines of the Russian Federation or the People's Republic of China. For today 107 fighting ships are equipped with Aegis system that is obviously too much for the North Korean military threat.

Actually, the only way of protection for North Korean mode for today is to look inadequate and capable of irrational decisions, to declare readiness to die, but to cause the greatest possible damage to the opponent stopping at nothing. Risk to face desperate resistance is the only thing that keeps the USA from repetition of the Iraqi version in North Korea.

However there is also factor of South Korea, following the results of the next conflict it already declared that it would take measures paying no attention to reaction of the world community. It can be regarded only as intention of Seoul to get own strategic nuclear forces that at the present level of technological development can be carried out quickly.

It is clear that for the USA the question with the Democratic People's Republic of Korea isn't critical – in much bigger degree they are interested in strategic control of China and (to a lesser degree) of Russia. Russia curtails its military presence in the region despite own bellicose statements. China doesn't make statements, but it increases military power and declares claims for integration of Taiwan, the ally of the USA. Military defeat of the mode in North Korea with the help of Seoul would be for the USA very convenient way to increase domination in the region and to show at the same time to Beijing very probable prospects of the power solution of the Taiwan problem. The USA can go even on creation of the new center of force in the region represented by South Korea, Japan and, probably, Taiwan which became nuclear powers lately. Similar military-political block can set not only tasks of unification of the Korean peninsula under control of Seoul or return of territorial losses of Japan suffered as a result of World War II, but also return of “lawful” Kuomintang government to power in China - why not? It’s quite real in historical prospect as a form of permanent pressure upon the People's Republic of China.

At such juncture Russia has nothing to do – having reducing military power it will have to take side of one of the parties that is unprofitable to such extend that it will lead to further destruction of economy and military industrial complex. While refusal to take one of the sides will make the Russian Federation opponent for both - opponents can become allies for a while to divide its inheritance as Stalin and Hitler made in due time to settle disturbing both "Polish question".

Anatoly Baranov, editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk

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