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How England Prepares Provocation against Russia in Syria Using Ukraine

How England Prepares Provocation against Russia in Syria Using Ukraine

Source: Alexander Popov

Mail box of the British private military corporation Britam Defense which provides military interests of such firms as British Petrolium and HALLIBURTON was hacked one of these days. It became clear that clever British mercenaries decided to use citizens of Ukraine having dressed them up like the Russians and suddenly exposed them with chemical weapon in hands in the territory of Syria. How do you like it?


All secret becomes obvious sooner or later. We know perfectly well how our “partners” from so-called “civilized” countries solve their geopolitical interests. No one can find chemical weapon in Iraq till now.

Lack of sharpness and imagination leads to that the British private military corporations by request of powerful forces decided "to find" ancient chemical weapon from the USSR which allegedly the Russian military men should have delivered to Syria but absolutely "casually" got dished. Though before all known media holdings directed their camera glasses, something which disavowing "civilized" bandits happenned…

Yesterday hacker under nickname JAsIrX uploaede links to archives with hacked mail of company Britam Defense:


The big review of a compromising evidence was made by the blogger of ntv:


Therefore I will pay your attention to the chosen moments of its post.

Ukrainian mercenaries:

Вчера хакер под ником JAsIrX выложил ссылки на архивы со взломанной почтой компании Britam Defense:


Big review of managing info was made by blogger ntv:


Therefore I will draw your attention to some moments of his post.

The Ukrainian Contractors:


Contractors against «bloody mode».

Clients of the company Britam Defence:


As you can see, contracts cost million dollars. It’s not $23.000 which Navalny and M. Gaidar earned after whole quarter of work for the State Department in 2007, these are quite serious "fellows".

Here you are letter with smart plan how to set up Russia and to discredit it before cameras of "world mass media":


I agree with ntv about different obviously faked video with ostensibly Russia women fighting on the side of Al-Qaida for the American money:

It sticks contract and masked woman betrayed Russian language.

It’s possible to check info by yourself having uploaded archives:

Shortly speaking — these are executioners and bandits who make all dirty work instead of official army divisions of "civilized" countries.

Facts stated in hacked mail of Britam Defense deserve international scandal.

So-called "world community" once again showed its real face. Worthy pupils of Doctor Goebbels. Not for nothing the most part of personnel structure of SS enigmatically ran to live in the Western countries, having avoided the Nuremberg Trials.

P.S. For your convenience - all archive in one file:


I would like to listen to position of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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