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Day of Remembrance of Victims of Capitalist Exploitation

Day of Remembrance of Victims of Capitalist Exploitation
Vlad Rivlin 15.05.2013

Number of victims of barbarous exploitation of the workers of Rana Plaza in Bangladesh rose one thousand. Most likely, it’s not final figure. On its scales this tragedy is associated by me with destruction of twin towers in New York.

However illumination of the tragedy on Rana Plaza in mass media can’t be compared to attention which leading information agencies and governments of different countries has given and still give to the death of New York twin towers.

There were and will be no annual mourning ceremonies devoted to the worker who died lost in Bangladesh carried out at the international level as it occurs in relation to the tragedy of September, 11.

I was thinking of it when I saw article of Konstantin Zinkovsky "Made in Bangladesh or Roots of Grassroots Racism" published on Forum.Msk:

"Made in Bangladesh" - this inscription can be seen on many things: trousers, blouses, skirts, jackets presented in popular clothing stores. Probably, a body of the seamstress who has sewed your trousers, is now under Rana Plaza blockages in the suburb of Dhaka.

Number of victims of the tragedy is 1 006 people at present. Not all blockages are cleared away. What about public opinion? Let's recollect similar situation - on September, 11, 2001. Collapse of shopping center in New York carried away lives of 2 977 people. Heads of governments of all countries of the world condoled, mass media spoke only about that event. War to so-called “international terrorism" was declared then. Let's not go into criminal stories and to argue about the one who is behind this act of terrorism on September, 11: Islamists or the American intelligence services. The essence is that destruction of "twin towers", death of 3 000 Americans caused shock all over the world.

One could be sure: the tragedy in Bangladesh will be forgotten in a month. Why? After all you wear trousers sewed by people crushed and buried alive? Because Bangladesh - the Third World country, besides one of the poorest countries. In public consciousness of the countries with European culture to which Russia also belongs - inhabitants of Third World countries are not people in the full meaning of this word.

Nobody will enter armies into Bangladesh, nobody will help 163 654 860 inhabitants of this country who occupy semi-slavish position. Hunting for "terrorists" started after September, 11 all round the world, unless corporations extorting surplus value from poor inhabitants of Bangladesh are not murderers? Real terror is when inhabitants of the country with population more than Russia starve, have no medical care and education, when they on pain of starvation are compelled to work in inhuman conditions. Economic terror.

Why not to declare war to the real international terrorists - multinational corporations? To capitalists of all countries? After all people all over the world die for the sake of their profits: some - from hunger, some - from cold, other - from terrifying working conditions? Wellbeing of the western countries and partially of Russia is constructed on bones of the workers of Asia, Africa and South America".

Almost million volumes are published and thousands, if not tens thousands kilometers of documentary and art cinema about atrocities of Bolsheviks are shot in the West and in Russia.

Since 1991 we have in Russia "Day of Remembrance of Victims of Political Repressions". Certainly we are talking about Stalin’s repressions.

While in my opinion we should enter the International Day of Remembrance of Victims of Capitalist Exploitation long ago. Thousands people die annually on mines and plants first of all of the countries of so-called "Third World". All their fault is that they are poor and therefore are compelled to work in inhuman conditions to earn for living and to enrich their owners even more.

Millions people in different countries have become and are becoming disabled in the world of capitalist exploitation, they don't live till old age or die ahead of time on harmful productions because of accidents, because of bestial working conditions. It was so and it is so.

It occurs as long as system of capitalist exploitation exists. If millions Indians and Bengalese tortured or starved by hunger by the British colonialists, the Indians of North America, modern civilian slaves of the capital and its victims don't deserve to be remembered the same way it’s done in relation to the victims of September, 11?

Let the day of death of the workers at Rana Plaza factory in Bangladesh become the International Day of Remembrance of Victims of Capitalist Exploitation.


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