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Antiglobalists will inspect Russia

Источник: Global Exchange
Global Exchange has decided to postpone indefinitely Reality Tours to Russia. This first-ever destination for Global Exchange will take a close look at the largest country of the former Soviet Union, Russia, and the momentous changes it has undergone since the beginning of the breakup of the giant in the late 1980s. We will examine the radical changes this Cold War superpower has enjoyed, and endured - both the positive and the negative - over the last 15 years.

The June tour will cover European, Western Russia and the mega cities of Moscow, Leningrad/St. Petersburg and environs, including an ancient town and a modern rural area. The August travel seminar will take in the little known (to tourists) but fascinating Eastern, Asian Russia of the Pacific Rim. We will tour an area south of Siberia, but a part of the country that is rich in natural resources and ancient Indigenous cultures.

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