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Mayor of Makhachkala Appeared “Enemy of People”

Mayor of Makhachkala Appeared “Enemy of People”

The mayor of Makhachkala Said Amirov is detained on suspicion in organization of murder of the employee of Investigation Committee of Russia. The detention of the mayor resembled large army operation up to participation of heavy armored machinery and helicopter in it, though Amirov who was at his workplace didn't show any resistance.

"Criminal case in relation to the mayor of Makhachkala Said Dzhaparovich Amirov upon organization by him of the murder of the acting head of Investigative department of Investigation Committee of Russia in Sovetsky district of the city of Makhachkala in December, 2011 Arsen Gadzhibekov was brought on May, 31st, — the official representative of Investigation Committee of the Russian Federation Vladimir Markin reported. According to him, more than 10 accomplices were detained together with the mayor. Investigators check detained persons on participation in other crimes.

The leader of Makhachkala gangster group detained on Friday gave confessionary statements and told to security officers about participation of the mayor of Makhachkala Said Amirov in criminal activity, a source in law enforcement agencies of the region reported to news agency RIA Novosti on Saturday.

Amirov's detention will affect situation in the Caucasus, the chairman of Islamic committee of Russia Heydar Dzhemal considers.

"It is one of the most influential figures in the Russian territory closely connected with the international circles, with high echelons of establishment. He is supported both by Brussels and the White House and Israel. This is one of the most influential persons. He has powerful lobby in power structures. Amirov's arrest is the same that to pull out a key spindle which supports very difficult weaving," - he told.

- Something’s wrong here, - the editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk Anatoly Baranov considers. - On Friday some fighter gives confessional statements and on Saturday they detain "one of the most influential figures". What if slander? If interrogation methods were no so lawful? These questions appear at once and almost always, they demand time. May be statements of the captured fighter weren't surprise? Then it turns out that the authorities were for long time reconciled with the fact that the capital of Dagestan was headed by person who was closely connected with gangster underground, moreover he probably headed that underground playing very important role in it. Then what federal authority is it that allows people closely connected with crime occupy key administrative posts for years and decades? There is unpleasant feeling that there are the majority of such people in the power. While there’s war, war against such power in Dagestan. If the power allows its armed enemies to occupy key posts for decades, it means that either full degenerates sit in the Kremlin, or the power is so corrupted that it is possible to buy even the right to be the armed enemy of this power. It seems that soon Putin will lost even a toilet bowl with a two-headed eagle from under his ass, or will exchange him for the dump truck with hashish. While he will continue insisting on sentences on "Bolotnaya" case and to think over Khodorkovsky's case. However, recently he sounded one clever idea - about creation of the state corporation engaged in development of Central Asia. Long ago I told that it’s impossible to settle the Asian problem from Moscow, it is necessary to develop economy of the former republics, otherwise they all would come to Russia. Though what Putin’s corporations mean? Tomorrow they will appoint next thief to direct such corporation as it was with the Olympic Games in Sochi. The budget of the Russian Federation will replenish budgets of bands instead of supporting economy of Central Asia, alternative authorities will be formed. Exactly as in the North Caucasus. It’s system which was created by Putin. Impractical.

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