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Hikmet Would Have Returned to Such Turkey…

Hikmet Would Have Returned to Such Turkey…

Total number of detainees during antigovernmental demonstrations in Turkey exceeded 1700 people. As Agence France-Presse reports, it was declared by the Turkish Minister of Internal Affairs Muammer Gyuler. He added that the majority of detainees were released after questioning and check of the identity. According to data which Gyuler submitted to the journalists, during last days in 67 cities across all Turkey passed in total 235 protest demonstrations.

Editor of Forum.msk Dmitry Cherny makes comments:

- Liberal and considering itself progressive public in our country should feel sadly, but it’s necessary to recognize that Turkey - is more Europe, than the Russian Federation. If to consider that the reason for the protest seized all large cities was trifling, one should be amazed in general - some dot building, but what united resistance! By the way, the Russian and European left also have things which could be supported there - after all they want to destroy our Frunze and Voroshilov together with Ataturk on a central square of Istanbul. If the power in the Russian Federation doesn’t consider itself the successor of Kolchak and Denikin, it would have directed a note long ago. It’s international scandal. After all we don’t touch monuments to Nazis conquerors.

Now it is clear the origin of so extensive PR support of soap opera "Magnificent Century" – it’s approximately the same as our “Admiral” financed by the Putin state. It’s more than the movie, it’s attempt to impose nostalgia for strengthening of a mode on new, feudal and monarchic basis. Yesterday I wrote a lot about it. The most reactionary, regressive moods ripen against technical progress in combination with economic crisis in certain official layers not only in Russia, all of them need empire and privileges and for the sake of it they will demolish any monuments. Restoration is a basic and dialectic process. Ataturk would saber today’s obscurantist "successors” as Chapayev - but alas... Masses which have been brought up in secular traditions are compelled to support him, Orhan Pamuk who has recently visited Moscow writes a lot about it.

Recently Stambul appeared before the world peculiar Commune of Paris where the Kurds fraternize with the Turks, prostitutes bandage wounds of the communists and adherents of Kemal’s ideas fraternize with policemen taking the side of the revolts. Barricades don't recede. The great poet futurist Nazym Hikmet sentenced to death by reactionaries dreamed of such Turkey in his poems, therefore he lived most of his life in the USSR and died here. Here you are - reactionaries recede before revolutionaries. If one can imagine such things in our raw material empire? It’s significant here that no matter how cruel the orders of the power are (and today they applied tear gas everywhere), the police refuses to become animals and supports the revolts for whom ideals of the republic are more important, than glamourous Islamism-imperialism which is persistently getting through upward. Not for nothing high command which supports ideas of Kemal is getting into prison by tens. Having headed for economic reforms and external investments, the power got confused in palace intrigues as Osman pasha from "Magnificent Century" warming hearts of bureaucrats and "parasites of progress".

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