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National Separatism Wins Not Only in Latvia

National Separatism Wins Not Only in Latvia

Mister Putin presses "Left Front" with enthusiasm, all atheistic and socialist movements, not being averse to get advertized on a cult of Victory over fascism clapping hands once a year to great veterans on parade. However, frankly anti-Russian parties and movements openly focused on the west, glorifying traitor Vlasov, collaboration, Nazism and fascism aren't exposed to any persecutions from the Russian authorities "for some reason".

One of such parties - National and Democratic Alliance, friends of "Visu Latvijai!" and organizers of anti-victorious propaganda action "Vlasovsky Ribbon" - the action which openly glorifies collaboration and war crimes of traitors of the Homeland. It becomes clear at once how party members of United Russia respect Great Victory and veterans of the Great Patriotic War, if such characters haven’t been imprisoned yet, freely walk along the streets and throw mud at the most worthy pages of our history.

On photo - one of the activists of "national democrats" against portrait of general-traitor Andrey Vlasov.


From editorial board: Existence of similar minority in every society is not a reason for panic. Though as the national democracy (hello to Surkov and his "souvenir democracy") is a trend in all republics of the former USSR in general – it’s a reason to think it over. The democracy isn't denied by these minorities not as ideal or methodology but as principle of organization of society - they trust it as value of the mighty of this world, as their collective name. For example, Yeltsin and all Post-Soviet latifundists, princelings on the cut off USSR card is as though democracy. What’s then?

Then - defeatist recognition of new borders and consciousness of self only in them with all their bossy structure. Here you are the roots of nationalism. National democrats of Navalny already have own dictionary: they equally hate "Sralin" (it’s their word, you will recognize them by it, as well as democratic schizos by "infernal GULAG"), socialists and tolerasts. Certainly the word "sovok" – is the word from their slang. They accepted counterrevolution of 1991, privatization and E.Gaydar honor as sacred. Capitalism constructed here (or there, it’s not the main thing) suits them, they live well at the mode of bourgeoisies selling social property abroad wholesale and retail, exporting unprecedented before goods and services to Russia.

They are almost ready-made fascists as for them recognition of privileges of territorial elite - all this partocracy became bourgeois (which they seemingly expose in mass media) - is a matter of time. It’s easy to understand whom they worship as sacred and have on the banners from the history of the USSR, seeing who was opponent of Bolshevism and proletarian internationalism, opponent of introduction in the USSR. Either Bandera, or Vlasov, or Sultan-Girej or some other national liberator... These are "crutches" which flying to abyss of the historical past of the nation grab, unity forces – forces of the Soviet unity, Left Front is among – resist to them... Though it’s really under the blow of the national separatists of Putin and others and it’s not casual.


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