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Berezovsky Is Alive! His Case with Secret Material Exists Somewhere

Berezovsky Is Alive! His Case with Secret Material Exists Somewhere

Known journalist, the author of the program “Moment Istiny” Andrey Karaulov doesn't exclude that businessman Boris Berezovsky whose death was declared at the end of March is alive. According to the journalist, several circumstances of funeral of the disgraced oligarch specify it. "Berezovsky's funeral was strange: smiles, miniskirts, mother who "is happy with how it all happened". It is quite possible that Berezovsky is alive and healthy," — Karaulov declared to edition “Arguments and Facts”.

The journalist pays attention to that fact that "dead Berezovsky (allegedly dead) was seen (allegedly seen) by only two persons — the security guard and Galina, the former wife. None of English pathologists took the courage to declare that they worked with Berezovsky's corpse".

According to the journalist, if the businessman is really alive, he, most likely, "is non-public" according to the "Witness Protection Program”. Official document about death fact given out by police of London is formed within this program. After that all criminal cases connected with Berezovsky are closed in Russia in connection with the death of the suspect.

"Berezovsky, if he is alive, automatically got new nationality — Great Britain. Plus, the main thing, plastic surgery. Then, having received tourist visa, Berezovsky can legally — under new name, but legally! — arrive to Russia," — Andrey Karaulov drew a conclusion.

"Even if someone at home gets suspicion that he, Berezovsky, is alive, it’s only private opinion: there is official document that Boris Berezovsky is dead and his grave can be shown to all wishing," — the journalist noted.


From editorial board: In fact Berezovsky died somehow not in Berezovsky's style – he died silently, having hung in a bathroom. No dying torments, no posthumous exposures. Well, Berezovsky couldn’t die and not to leave a case with such materials which should protect his rest and safety better than all security guards!

While now we know that there’s no Berezovsky and no such case! Certainly, relatives could tuck it away, they could have sold it expensively to interested persons, but Berezovsky undoubtedly knew the price of people who surrounded him. Surely he foresaw it. He couldn't but foresaw.

It could be possible that exactly existence of that case became the reason of his disappearance – they in Great Britain aren't interested that someone exposed their partners in Russia. Certificate on death plus new passport and new appearance is an option of "iron mask" of our hi-tech era.

Though the case exists – it’s like planet Pluton, it’s calculated from the trajectory of other planets. Now someone in far London keeps it in hands, while someone in Moscow shrivels as from a touch of fingers of the stranger... he rushes about, leaves his wife, leaves "United Russia", leaves his accomplices into a muzzle of "fight against corruption". Still not enough, someone’s fingers are all around...


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