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Break Point in the Civil War in Syria?

Break Point in the Civil War in Syria?
Таtyana Volkova 30.07.2013

Last week the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staffs of the USA general Martin Dempsey declared that military intervention into Syria would cost billion dollars a day to his country. I always said that the USA weren't going to interfere, but now they should make some decision hastily.

On Sunday morning the jet artillery of the Syrian army began massive preparation of storm of "the revolution capital" – the city of Homs, historical center of Islamic brotherhood. The crew of fighters “Al-Farouk” making city garrison didn't accept battle, they loaded arms into crossovers, into pickup trucks of air defense, into other "machine-gun carriers" and retired from the city which was entered by tanks of governmental army and groups of the Lebanese militia "Hezbollah" with portraits of the president Bashar Assad meeting no resistance.

Homs has no such strategic value as Al-Qusair released from fighters three months ago, however Sunday’s victory of Shiite coalition has big psychological value. On the other hand, Homs opens road to Aleppo and developing success governmental armies have already begun artillery preparation to storm of Aleppo early in the morning on Monday.

Strange messages about large-scale attack of allegedly Syrian fighting helicopters against positions of militia belonging to the party of the Syrian Kurds "Democratic Union" developed in Turkey along the Syrian border arrive in parallel. Unlike Turkish the Syrian Kurds don't demand independence, they demand only participation in management of the region of their compact accommodation, their militia repeatedly entered fights against "Free Syrian Army" and in June their delegation visited Russia with the purpose of establishment of relations between the Syrian Kurds and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, parties remained satisfied with the results of the meeting. Nevertheless, recently in the world network one can find a set of discussions reminding planting of thought if the Turks will begin forcing Syrian helicopters down if the last attack positions of the Syrian Kurds in Turkey.

I believe that despite usual disagreements the Syrian Kurds as well as Christians and other minorities are Assad's natural allies as of the leader of Alawite community - one more minority in mainly Sunni Syria. None of witnesses of attack managed to name brands of helicopters participating in the attack in the morning, however all sources emphasize that dense forces of the Turkish air defense in the region, including batteries “Patriot” didn't make any attempts to resist to invasion from the adjacent Syrian territory as it was declared. Press hints at allegedly existing confidential arrangement between Assad and Erdogan. I wouldn't be surprised if it became clear that it was operation of the Turkish Air Force directed on strengthening of internal intensity in Syria.

Anyway, despite possible provocations the latest events on the fronts of civil war in Syria testify of undoubted success of the government of Bashar Assad and supporting him coalition consisting of Iran, Russia, the Iraq Shiites and Lebanese Hezbollah. Liberation of Aleppo from fighters will transfer war to a stage of counter-terrorist operation and will open possibility of return of the Russian flotilla to the country. Fighters are getting already prepared for such succession of events and considerable part of them went to Egypt through Jordan where they organize political, propaganda and staff structures.

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