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Оbama "Won’t Notice" Putin at the Summit in September

Оbama "Won’t Notice" Putin at the Summit in September

The USA doubted expediency of the meeting of Barack Obama with Vladimir Putin in September because of the decision of Russia to grant temporary shelter to Edward Snowden. Agence France Presse informs about it. In September, 2013 the American president has to arrive to Russia to the summit of "G20", however he planned to hold separate meeting with Putin. Besides, the meeting of Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Ministers of Defense of two countries is planned for August in “two plus two" format - the destiny of these negotiations also "hung in mid-air".

As a whole the White House expressed "deep disappointment" in connection with the decision of Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation to grant shelter to Snowden, but thus it hopes for continuation of negotiations on this subject. The press secretary of the White House Jay Carney declared that Snowden is "not an exposer, he is the criminal" accused at once under several articles. Carney added that he can't make comments on Obama's plans concerning September negotiations with Putin.

- Carney, of course, it is far not Onishchenko, - the editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk Anatoly Baranov thinks. – The last would have already told that Obama eats hamburgers that influences his health to such extend that Rospotrebnadzor forbids to import Obama to the territory of the Russian Federation in any kind. Besides the meeting could have been carried out without ties that Onishchenko also doesn’t like - they in shorts would dress up... If to be a little bit more serious, America in every possible way shows the Kremlin who in the master in the house. While it only hints softly. Though it is clear that they are capable to do other things. What can Putin and Co do? Well, yes, they are capable "to punish and pardon their kholops”, it isn't discussed. What about those who don't belong to kholops? They don’t know what to do with Snowden – he behaves as free person, while should have been licking their boots. The more so they don’t know what to do with Obama. Perhaps to lynch a couple of Blacks instead of Caucasians? Or to close McDonald for sanitary reasons? I have more creative decision - to take away the Peter the Great Statue made by Tsereteli from Columbus's statue and to close America! To close and end with it. There is no America, there’s no Obama and there’s no one we can extradite Snowden to.

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