"Take Away and Divide!" Very Timely Appeal

"Take Away and Divide!" Very Timely Appeal

Actions for revision of results of privatizations organized by the party “Drugaya Russia” with support of some other organizations - first of all of the Joint Communist Party which constituent congress will take place exactly in a month (it is created on the basis of Interregional association of communists) were held on February, 15th in Moscow and St. Petersburg. In Moscow meeting was coordinated by the city hall and passed without excesses, having collected about one thousand people.

According to police, protesters exceeded declared number in 500 people only a little, “head count” of organizers gave, as usually, a little bigger figure.

Ation in Petersburg, unlike Moscow one, wasn't agreed with city administration and ended with detentions. Near the metro station “Mezhdunarodnaya” police detained 24 activists of "Drugaya Russia", at that, as it is specified in the message, they were detained quite rigidly, detainees were beaten by bludgeons, polie sprayed gas in the bus. As a result one of detainees has disjoint arm.

It should be noted that left organizations supported that ation which members of the party "Drugaya Russia" have been preparing diligently and long enough and diligently, not really willingly. Left Front was present, but not all, generally Vasily Kuzmin's group. There were several people from ROT Front, as it is possible to understand, mainly as observers. "Trudovaya Russia" was also present, while "Communists of Russia" were absent. We don’t even mention Zyuganov's: they privatized communism long ago and even fight against privatization, whether they ould now join someone? No all who usually go to meetings from United Communist Party came. Tendency of "Drugaya Russia" to play on two platforms at one - left and patriotic – beame evident. Respectively, for "very left" parties Limonov became "enemy No 1", more than "United Russia".

While supporters of IGPR "Zov" came, there were Andrey Savelyev with several supporters and big banner.

Yes, actually, I spoke about it in short performance, it wasn't really convenient that I was given the floor the first, and I didn't speak a lot, trying to give way to Limonov. I told very simple thing - I repeat it now all the time. Not defeat of a mass protest, but that it managed to shatter general protest movement into very numerous, but badly adjusted to eah other groups became the main success of the power in the last 2 years.

No, I am talking not about notorious Zyuganov’s "unity of the left forces", unity of the left opposition is contraindicated to it, its force is in variety. But it is necessary to unite in these or those occasions, it is necessary purely organizationally. And not only to the left with the left.

The subject of lawless of privatization is one of the subjects which without painful self-conceit is capable to unite many people. Today even not system liberals are ashamed of old “feats” of Chubais and Gaidar, but for, maybe, Navalny who as perspective politician is not accustomed to be ashamed of anything in general. While those who calls themselves patriots and even nationalists, in their majority damn capitalism quite sincerely. We don't speak about the left, the left should treat privatization as the inquisitor treats devilish brood.

What did happen to us, if we go with big caution even already under own slogans?

Well, not fools stay in the Kremlin, just in case they prepared a heap of fictitious structures - left, right, gray and brown and crimson. Though we know all of them for already long! If not known to anyone Sidorov at the head of the organization like "the left front fight for freedom of all mankind" gets permission to hold a meeting, say, on Pushkin Square from the city hall, it is quite possible to suspect something... While supporters of Limonov who eah 31st have "law celebration" in separately taken paddywagon, apparently, don’t suit to be some fictitious organization.

Yes, they decided to concentrate on privatization, let’s say directly, not very original idea. After all it’s correct. It is difficult to assume that supporters of Limonov will unexpectedly establish their primogeniture in relation to the idea disturbing minds even before Marx. Or "fresh" idea will attrat spiteful fasists and will take it away from the left.

Why am I telling it? Well, beause a lot of groups which, seemingly, are engaged only in proving own nonparticipation in various events appeared among our opposition. These are insufficiently left, those are insufficiently patriotic. Being neo-Trotskyite and Russophobe for many year, I will tell you that I am already sick of it

Not only that the Kremlin wants that one million different sects sat eah in own synagogue, it will even like them then, it will even finance them (it already finances). It is the best support to mode - to show that everything is remarkable in Russia, all flowers are in blossom, that all the time groups of two and three protest against something. Everyone against own. It is full freedom and democracy. The mode has already proposed plaes in parliament for dwarfish parties – please, sit, come to round tables and initiative groups, enter Integrated Publi Front or even don't enter at all. Only sit eah in own petty trenh and don’t look into the neighbouring trenh. Baddies are there!

Separate questions to the omrades from organizing ommittee of the United Communist Party – whom do we want to unite? Ourselves? Or we will look around?


The power today is afraid only of Maidan. Though not very muh, as Europe won’t be strongly against atrocities. While their tut-tut are already habitual to us. Maidan in Ukraine is slowly going to its end because the most part of Ukraine believes that this protest is against it. Well, in fat it’s really so. Yanukovych has good Moscow consultants who have perfectly mastered ancient tactics of divida et impera "divide and onquer". At that it’s not big trouble for them to divide Ukraine, while they don’t agree to divide the power.

In Russia division of the protesting part of society happened before Maidan, any of existing political groups categorically isn't capable to deliver ultimatum to the power. It’s even not a pug and an elephant, it’s simply annoying flea. You should scratched, spray a little and there is no problem.

Old and become boring long ago slogan: "Viribus unitis!", appears, not such dull. Not in ideological unity, that is impossible and isn't necessary. But in organizational unity. If opposition continues fight of "pure" with "dirty", this fascinating business will absorb it all without the rest, nothing will remain for "United Russia" and Putin, actually, they try to achieve it.

Now "Drugaya Russia" offers subject which can unite many. About one thousand people came. Acceptable beginning.

Let the one who can, do it better.


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