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The Kremlin Gets Us Involved in Shit

The Kremlin Gets Us Involved in Shit
Кalashnikov Maxim 02.03.2014

Support of Yanukovych is a full defeat of the Kremlin in Ukraine. Treachery of both - the Crimea and all Southeast. Why does it happen?

So, tomorrow Yanukovych gives press conference in Rostov. Masks are dumped. The Kremlin decided to support "own fellow": feudal lord. Hated and despised now even in Donbass and Novorossiya for coward and thievish nature "Titanic”. The Kremlin completely went crazy. Putting its stake on him, the Kremlin betrays rebellious citizens of Novorossiya and Little Russia in the Crimea, Odessa, Donbass. It plays to the advantage of neo-Banderovites of Maidan. It gets us involved in shit. Full idiots sit in the Kremlin…


Now participants of the events on Maidan can joyfully exclaim: "Here you see, we were right. Criminal fascists supported by kleptocratic mode of the Kremlin revolt in the Crimea. The Kremlin rescues Yanukovych's corruption and criminal mode, its "class colleague". We told you at once: bandits revolted there and cunning autocrats push fraternal peoples to fight to rescue corruption modes. The criminal big fish rescues his colleague, that’s all …"

In the same way and the West, it seems, dances with happiness: silly Putin walked smack in Yanukovych! Now it is really possible to represent participants of the Russian protest in Odessa and to the Crimea as the full freaks rescuing клептократов.

The Kremlin, if you understand, what you are doing? That you spoiled at once everything, though news about events in the Crimea (Novorossiya) and Donbass had been inspiring the Russians for several days?


What idiot one should be to support beaten, won-back Yanukovych! Until recently he supported Eurointegration, robed Ukraine, created crisis of Maidan-2 in the silliest way (the idiot didn't declare referendum on the question of association with the EU). He is tongue-tied and coward blockhead hesitating to use force and got into a mess which reminds civil war. Typically Post-Soviet mobster-moron who managed to make people sick even in Donbass and Novorossiya as his greedy rack treated all like dirt, it was everywhere "watching" financial streams.

Probably, the Kremlin lost the last remains of brains. Its owners appeared to be so silly that they have not enough brains to move Yanukovych silently away having created new leaders at his place who will be already from among the Russian anti-Banderovites-insurgents of Donbass and Novorossiya. Instead of secret creating of the Russian government both for the Crimea, for all Novorossiya and for Donbass. Instead of silent brining there organizers of fighting groups and to import weapon there. So that (as it was more than once done in the XX century by the Americans, the Russians or the Germans) to make full impression that all events is purely internal affair of this or that country. The same way general Franco and the bishop Tiso, Pinochet, Agostinho Neto, leaders of Nicaragua in 1979, governors of countries of the Eastern Europe after World War II, etc were created.

Rescue of own, Donetsk brother is going on instead. If you understand that nobody will pour blood for Yanukovych, rescuing assets of his gang? If you understand that only one press conference of Yanukovych made senseless fight of people of Donbass and Novorossiya against movement of Banderovites? Unless you are going to demoralize them and give new energy to Maidan?


The Kremlin, you, with your fucking Sochi has already lost Ukraine once, you will lose it again. Why? What’s the source of your dense stupidity? Why do you persistently clung to shitted himself Yanukovych? The matter is that you got frightened of the Russian (the Little Russian, Novorossiysk) revolts in the Southeast. You got frightened because new leaders of the Russian movement in Novorossiya (the Crimea id its part) and Donbass will involve the Russian patriots from the Russian Federation into resistance, will create the new Russian state (Donetsk and Novorossiysk republic) and then will set new agenda in the Russian Federation. That is, they will later come to it and will replace the power already in the Kremlin.

You, Kremlin asses feel it well. Therefore you act like this betraying the Russians in the Southeast of the former USSR.

I only warn: having played at giveaway, having betrayed our brothers and having handed victory over to neo-Banderovites and the West, you, the Kremlin, signs itself the death sentence. Because all will see that the owner of the Kremlin is almost Yanukovych's clone. Same. It means that there will be Russian Maidan (let it be with local differences). Distemper will strike the Russian Federation then as well. Lukashenko's power will fall automatically …

You be damned, rats!

I speak to all: hard times came. Prepare for civil war. As kleptocracy went crazy and destroys itself…

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