Torh of Vanity and Embezzlement of State Property in Sohi Kindles Fire of Revolution in Russia!

Torh of Vanity and Embezzlement of State Property in Sohi Kindles Fire of Revolution in Russia!
Basanets Pavel 11.02.2014

We, representatives of the multinational people of Russia, were born and live in the beautiful, the richest country in the world. By the right of birth all of us possess equal rights to those riches which nature gave us. To fields, woods, rivers, minerals. To those industrial enterprises which are built by our grandfathers and fathers. We are heritors of the results of peaceful and military work of many generations of our ancestors who gave their lives in the bloody Great Patriotic War that we, their descendants, were owners of the Russian land. They built our Russia and protected it not that rats and hamsters, having appropriated our inheritance, doomed us to poverty and position of derelicts in the richest country in the world.

Today we - primordially living in Russia - temporarily lost our right to use richness of the country, to participate in management, to speak in mass media about the burning issues of the Homeland, we have no opportunity to get organized to live normally, to bring up children, to take part in formation of the future of the country.

Richness of the country is thrown under the bus of Putin’s organized criminal group, mass media belong either to the authorities, or "the fifth column" who by joint efforts try to turn the multinational people of Russia into dumb cattle.

Sane people of the country who haven't lost human dignity, who defend their point of view and rights of people, are turned by policemen and FSB officers into extremists and state criminals. I told in 2006 on Lubyankaya Square: "All of us became extremists thanks to this power! All who love their Homeland and aren't going to kneel before ignorant lieutenant colonel and his henchmen, or to join the turn to the Kremlin TROUGH!"

We, peoples of Russia, are not dumb cattle. There are millions of honest, sane people among us who don't recognize frankly criminal mode which has been finally created with direct participation of the citizen Putin. While we are separated, our purposes and tasks aren't formulated up to the end, but hatred and contempt for the power unites us.

The mode is irresponsible and disgusting, as practically all its representatives as the power welcomes not professionals, but exclusively flexible, loyal to Putin individuals. Having stolen a lot, these individuals, feeling irresponsibility go to the West for permanent residene. There they have ozy nest aquired on "honestly earned means".

Such mode has no future in Russia. Its place is on a dock.

The mode and especially its top are inadequate. Their wasteful expenditure on existence, on creation of "window-dressing" aggravates position of the majority of the population of the country which grows poor and degrades. 50 billion dollars wasted on unnecessary to people of Russia Olympic Games is not only diagnosis, it’s also sentence to all Putin's mode.

People need worthy salaries (as the deputies of the State Duma have - 245 thousand rubles a month, or Sechin - 50 million dollars a year), pensions, modern education and medicine, instead of thieves binge in Sochi. I am sure: torch of vanity and embezzlement of state property in Sochi kindles revolution fire in Russia!

Nobody expects that conscience of Putin or representatives of his organized criminal group will start working withing them and that at last they will take care of the destiny of the country, destiny and future of people of Russia. Putin’s vertical are favourites whose main objective is to plunder here and spend money there. Not for nothing THEIR children have been already evacuated from the country occupied and plundered by them long ago. It doesn't make sense even to call surnames of careful parents. Isn’t it, citizen Putin?

So, people of Russia have no sense to hope for conscience of "elite". It wasn't present and would never appear. Its rudiments got atrophied with the first robbery of own people. Those who felt impunity, either being the assistant to Sobchak, or the member of cooperative “Ozero” never will be able to feel pain and poverty of people, will never become person who isn’t burdened by thirst of profit at any cost.

Unfortunately, we, ordinary citizens of Russia, forgot how to speak for people and on behalf of people. Though I am sure that each citizen is ready to take responsibility for the future of the country, he isn't afraid to be misunderstood, or even mocked. Especially, if it concerns the destiny of the country, fight for the future of our general Homeland.

There is logic of fight. It assumes promotions by opposition of precise reference points, plans in achievement of the main goal – its arrival to the power. Thus the reality of plans of opposition is directly connected with support of these or those points of the program by the majority of the population of the country.

I consider it full nonsense for "opposition" to hope for "elections in Russia". Until the moment when legislation will correspond to the Constitution of Russia. Decent, mentally normal, sane person will never offer a hand to the sharper, he won't play with him with marked cards. Let "oppositionists" and representatives of "the fifth column" whose aim is to get to the trough, not to serve country and people will be engaged in it.

Despite increasing toughening of laws in relation to critical citizens, increase in a number of "extremist" articles, protest in Russia will only accrue. Especially after the Olympic Games. The task of not indifferent citizens of the country of all nationalities is protest coordination, promotion of requirements which will help people to return own country, its riches, to return human dignity, everything that belong to us by the right of birth, everything that was built, for the sake of what our fathers and grandfathers participated in bloody wars. I am sure that there tombs are situated all over Europe not for the sake of abramovichs and vekselbergs …

I let myself to put forward few requirements:

1. Cancellation of the Federal Law "About guarantees to the President of the Russian Federation who stopped being president and members of his family". Liquidation of institute of special subjects. Domination of article of the Constitution about equality of all citizens before the Law.

2. None state official can get salary higher, than the salary of the president. The salary of the official can exceed average salary aross the region no more than twice.

3. Immediate release of all political prisoners, first of all colonel Kvachkov, colonel Habarov, prisoners of the Bolotnaya Square case.

4. Nationalization of subsoil, raw material projects sites.

5. Investigation and punishment of guilty without period of limitation for ases connected with corruption, law enforcement, power excess, privatization (it refers to the officials, judges, staff of intelligence services).

6. Recognition of corruption form of treason of Homeland with confiscation of property of all close relatives.

7. Immediate ratification of Art. 20 of the Convention of the UN against corruption.

8. Introduction into legislation of the norm that none elected authority is legitimate, if there are less than 45% of women in its structure.

I am sure! This list of requirements will be replenished with many other points from not indifferent citizens of Great Russia. Only slaves have slavish indifference to their destiny, future of their country.

While we never were slaves. We won't allow to turn our children and grandchildren into slaves.

Bright future awaits Russia and its people! Though it’s necessary to fight for it.

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