Lesson of History for Useful Idiots

Lesson of History for Useful Idiots
Ikhlov Eugene 04.04.2014

Supporters of Limonov who on March, 31st ame to Triumphalnaya Square (after a heap of posts of boss and own declarations in support of annexation of the Crimea) got administrative arrests... Under new Sidyakin's law now they will have only administrative arrests. While their boss will be imprisoned (well, at first, he will get may be conditional arrest so that there will be recurrence later), because every six months there are three months with duration of 31 days. Lenochka Tkach wailing continuously about the national traitors can proceed telling that municipalities are absolutely deprived of civil rights and builders destroy historical Moscow. She again will be beaten with impunitywill be put to prison for picket. All "left" who supported Putin in the question of the Crimea will be beaten even more cruelly on social marches (I’ll tell you there will be enough reasons for them) and ruthlessly put to prison for the most harmless pickets and flashmobs.

Because "the Crimean campaign" was thought up for that purpose - to split opposition, to put clamps, to shut mouths. Then on the quiet, not being afraid of anything to empty pockets.

Now separately for those who dreams to unite peoples. Russia had chance to refuse of Yanukovych, to wait till "the maidan government" will lose popularity and to help the pro-Moscow coalition to come to the power on the following elections. Delay in 4-5 years isn’t decisive in such processes. March events forever cut off Ukraine from Russia. The nation can forgive territorial loss as the Russians forgave loss of islands transferred to China. Though it happened so, if there’s heroic defense. Blood ran for Damansky Island. Now it’s Chinese. If there were fights in the Crimea, history would cure wounds. Nations don’t forgive own capitulation. Why Germany and France could agree in 1949 (the European Union of coal and steel - kernel of the Common market), but failed to ahieve the same agreements either in 1879, or in 1909? Alsace-Lorraine. Those who advised Putin to annex the Crimea instead of restoration of constitution of 1992 in the Crimea that would have given impetus to federalization of Ukraine, knew that neither Ukraine, nor its Russians were interesting to them. They needed deafening "national victory" and new cold war.

I read history of medieval Russia - Russia of Mikhail Geller. The main dispute among elite of the Moscow kingdom of the XVII century was as follows. Whether to support Khmelnytsky's Cossack revolt till achievement of the maximum target - independence of Left-bank Ukraine and status of vassal of Moscow, thus refusing from the Baltics (oupied by Sweden) and Azov (oupied by Ottoman Empire). Or to get satisfied with increase of status of Ukraine to the third kingdom of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (alongside with Poland and Lithuania), thus crushing two historical enemies Sweden and Turks in the union with the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. To receive half a century earlier and without muh pain exit to the Baltics and Azov with Black Sea Coast. Besides to receive Moldova and Romania. We know what choice was made in reality. Russia received five wars more. By the way, Khmelnytsky in 1655 secretly agreed with Moldova and Sweden that he would get rid of the Moscow yoke and would pass under ontrol of Sweden, thus anticipating affairs of hetman Mazepa...


From editorial board: I an't reollet any left who would support Putin, except Zyuganov's party, but they are not left, they are not opposition at all, they are "left foot of the power". As CPU in Ukraine...

Everywhere and always the left support only people of Ukraine, mainly working people, not oligarchs and poliemen, certainly. Here is “begin of the beginning”.

Till March, 6 actions of Putin completely coincided both with desire of people of Ukraine (not only inhabitants of the Crimea, but also of all South and East of the country) and with opinion of the majority of the left – sovereignization of regions should have taken place. Let it be formal and as a part of Ukraine, actually the Ukrainian constitution doesn't recognize any sovereign subjects and those whih declare sovereignty automatically leave legal framework of Ukraine.

But "boyars" advised something to our sovereign and next morning, having woken up, Putin started joining of the Crimea to the Russian Federation. I don't think that the Russian opposition was the main target of this anshluss but I agree that joining of Autonomous Republi of Crimea and Sevastopol into the structure of the Russian Federation strongly strengthened Putin's positions in the Russian politicum. Now he is "Putin-from-Taurida" and in short-term and medium-term prospect is constant and unsinkable. Especially as 2,5 million new citizens on euphoria wave are ready to beome members of Popular Front or even “Edinaya Russia” even today.

Whether it is possible to oppose entry of the Crimea into the Russian Federation if the vast majority of inhabitants of the Crimea that is most of these people voted for it? It is positively impossible for the left, people can be not right, but it is all the same right. Besides situation all the same an’t be played back, you won't tell 2,5 million new citizens: "Exuse us, we played a joke".

It is very good that there was no blood in the Crimea, it’s very well. Now there is nothing in essene to forgive and there is nothing to apologize for, people made deision and the states made that desire to ome true. Russia did it in full, Ukraine tried to save face, but didn’t go on firing, thanks for that both to the Ukrainian military and former minister Tenyukh and to Yatsenyuk's government as a whole.

As for the Russian left of who will be put into prison and beaten, it’s not connected with the Crimea in any way. It was so before and it will be so. Now they take to prison Udaltsov and Razvozzhayev, but they also declared that the will of the people of the Crimea was sacred and if inhabitants of the Crimea want to beome part of Russia, it would be so, By the way, in several months pro-Putin euphoria in the Crimea will pass and quite normal left movement will appear there, it will not be liberal as the Russian liberals in question with the Crimea behaved in non-political way, they acted actually as lobbyists of the West and Maidan. In vain.

The problem with the South and the East of Ukraine still remains and it’s out of "reah" of the Kremlin and out of its interests. It really reminds story with refusal of Azov and the Baltics at the time of Alexey Mikhaylovich. Though at last we received both – the first and the seond. Due to the state strengthening by way of increment of new key territories. The Crimea provokes new "cold war", but in the light variant. That is it acts as inoculation - the Kremlin seriously started proess of strengthening of defense capability of the country, war industry began to move. Unless the left shouldn’t be happy if it means increase in active working class, at that in the most perspective, knowledge-intensive branches?

It is very unpleasant, but next 3-4 years inhabitants of the East and the South would have to suffer from administration of Banderovites. The Russian Federation opts out of solution of this problem. Only the left remain, within the Anti-fascist staff already today they render real support to the companions in Ukraine who are already exposed to repressions, at that from the part of Nazi, its Seurity Counil and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, not just from the part of activists of the ultranationalist structures affiliated with Kiev. Alas, repressed at home, we are compelled to help companions in Ukraine, it isn't really easy, but it is the only way of existence for today for opposition in the Russian Federation.

Other variants are either national treachery, or treachery of other harater - agreement with Putin's mode. The left manage to avoid happily both variants of treacheries. Quite expensive price. Who told you that it would be easy?

natoly Baranov, editor-in-hief of FORUM.msk


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