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Awaiting for Stalin

Awaiting for Stalin
Fedoseev Ilya 30.08.2006

Once upon a time ransacking spaces of the Network, I came across a quatrain signed «А. Lunin».

Here You are:

And may be we should call for Stalin?

What else the country has to hope?

The twentieth century left us in ruins,

And twenty first is writhing in the fire!

The Only Hope

The author of verses, unconditionally, is a talented person. In four short lines (actually even in the first two) he managed not only to formulate the political program but also to express ideology of a significant part of our fellow citizens.

However, a talented person – is not necessarily clever. In our case it is, alas, not so. «What does to hope our country for? ». Well, certainly, we have nothing to hope for - only that someone will come who is kind, strong and clever - and will solve all our problems at once. It is absolutely not important whether there’s any base for such a hope. Credo quia absurdum est - so to speak.

«To call for Stalin?». By the way, Stalin has been already called not so long ago - at the end of the ninetieth years. Authorities the "call" heard - and, having heeded, sent us Putin. Well, people accepted him with gratitude.

It is possible, certainly, to call him once again - the owners of the country for sure have quite enough similar guys.

What Does It Mean to Be the Jew

Nevertheless, where is it in our people from… By the way, what kind of people they are? Hardly there is any sense to talk about Russian people - I am in general not sure that in our time it exists. More likely that we - "Russians" – are the largest fragment of the Soviet people. I do not know whether we have stopped being "soviets" - but, anyway, we haven’t managed to become something different.

So, why this people dreams of Stalin? It looks like that during the last fifteen years we became similar to Jews after the conquest of Jerusalem and the destruction of Temple of Solomon. We had country - we lost it. We had something to trust in – the belief was destroyed. We had our own rules, own customs, own lifestyle - now the strangers openly mock at them and also at us when we try to keep them. And in the same way, as well as the Jews, we wait for the appearence of Messiah. A hero, godselected tsar who will banish aggressors, will restore the state, will build up a temple and will subdue to us neighboring tribes.

And til that time we should wait and suffer submissively. When it will be necessary, Messiah will come.

Different Upbringing

There are only one ti-i-ny difference between our peoples. A basis of the Jewish ideology (at least in those days when the legend appeared) was Judaism. As you know, it proclaims omnipotence of the god - and simultaneously a smallness and negligibility of a man.

Open the Old Testament - the proof of it can be found literally in each second line. Perhaps, this idea is the most obviously expressed in Book of Job: say, I have created the world, I have created you - and consequently I have the right to do with you everything that I’ll want. And you – just sit and don’t blather … do not grumble!

But we, soviets, apparently have different upbringing. We were taught (it’s another question – as far as well we were taught) that a man’s free, that he himself could determine his destiny, that he’s - at least potentially - almighty. No god was placed above us. Humility didn’t enter a number of the Soviet virtues.

We Have to Do Everything by Ourselves

Therefore the Jews in their expectation of Messiah - are tragic but lofty. While we - are ridiculous. We have forgotten what we have been taught; we hope for what cannot be. And all these - instead of being engaged in constructing destiny of the country.

Stalin, sirs - comrades, can be treated differently. But neither he, nor Lenin was “called”. There were bolsheviks who suggested people to change their destiny - and there were the masses that followed bolsheviks (certainly, there were also such who didn’t follow them at all).

Coming to power of Lenin and Stalin – is only a by-product of these events, the essence – is not in it. It’s possible, certainly, to wait for Stalin - the leader – Messiah. However, in this case only two variants of succession of events are possible. One - as had the Jews with Messiah. Another one – like we have with Putin.

We, by the way, have quite deserved Putin. People which only waits for the arrival of the savior and doesn’t wish to rescue itself – is not worthy of anything else.

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