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"Rebellious Power" of the President

"Rebellious Power" of the President
Oleg Sultanov 21.09.2009

Few days ago Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev published the article "Go Ahead, Russia!" It is well-set and, I even would say, it's written in the forfront of unveiled by author presidential love to the Russians that is why, in my opinion, it absorbs and carries away the reader by certain imperious force of feeling with what is happening now in Russia. Everything in this article is as though penetrated both by feelings of ordinary citizens and moods of a society as a whole, and reformatory thoughts of the first person of the state. The author simply and intelligibly writes about concrete historical circumstances under which all of us should live and work and, leaning on which we plan our tomorrow. It is felt that D.Medvedev, working over the text, was aspired to be extremely frank and authentic. Whether he succeeded?

Alas, no, with historical truthfulness he, in my opinion, slipped up, though as the head of the state lawyer D.Medvedev should see immeasurably more and wider, than we.

However, one thing after another. For example, first of all we will touch upon his thesis that people which yesterday overcame fascism will necessarily cope today and corruption in own state.

It's not the fact, dear Dmitry Anatolevich. Hitlerite hordes were destroyed by the Soviet people - a generality which doesn't exists now. It is possible, of course, to talk wearily that two tyrants clashed in the days of the Great Patriotic War but it is impossible to deny the fact of a great victory of the Soviet people as it fought for its land, for its home-fires. The Russians, Georgians, Azerbaijanians, Kirghiz and representatives of hundreds other nationalities united into the Soviet Union went in one chain to attack enemy. I do not know precisely why - because of fear, love or fidelity - but on the battle-field they died under the red banner with words: "For Stalin, for Fatherland!"

Joseph Stalin certainly was despot and tyrant but he was also symbol of a country symbol fighting for which freedom our people did not spare either aggressors, or own lives. Among them Stalin's elder son - Jacob who was captured on the battle-field and later shot by fascists. Now offsprings of many of our dignitaries, basically, sit on a cushy jobs in raw companies and banks, that is, using modern slang, act as "cutters of green"...

After 1991 Russia is being ruled and headed by bitchy power of proprietary instincts and for two decades it was authority that imparted egoism which literally dried up human hearts to our people. Former communist Yeltsin and his successors among whom You, mister Medvedev, are actually introduced into society slavish devotion to "making" money "instead of" patriotism. People nowadays are motivated by narrowly proprietary motives, passionate interest not in well-being of the country and wise social transformations but in fast enrichment. Examples of prompt turning of simple swindlers into financial "elite" of the state are on hand. And Your power, Mr. president, made everything that these "cream" of society was not punished for their criminal activity on criminal sharing of actives of former USSR.

Recollect at least the decision about inexpediency of promulgation of the inquiry of Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation to check legality of privatisation ... Unless such a decision is not the certificate that in present Russia the Kremlin, all branches of the executive and legislative authorities and criminals united into one stream of actions on own enrichment? So Your iridescent assumption in context "We won Hitler - we will scrag own corruption!", in my opinion, is absolutely fantastic. Or You can result any example how the criminal voluntary and with pleasure, besides by own will hook up his neck?

Then. You ascertain in Your article that "... Democratic institutes have been as a whole formed and stabilised but their quality is rather far from ideal. Civil society is weak, levels of self-organising and self-management are low". I believe that it's only Your version, dear Dmitry Anatolevich. Today there is in Russia no civil society, democratic institutes - even more. Some Russian journalists who naively assumed that they worked in the democratic country felt this sad truth more, than others.

As it is known, this naivety of some of them led to "sudden" death, others - to hospital beds. Do You know why, Mr. president? Yes, because they in their publications used facts to prove representatives of authority that (further I quote a phrase from Your own article "Go Ahead, Russia!") "... to live beyond the means - is immoral, unreasonable and dangerous". It's interesting whom You addressed these words to, whether to our bankers and higher managers of raw companies? But they know it without You. Especially one Young individual (the one from kiddies of high-ranking members of Your command) who for 7 months of work in known to You oil-extracting JSC (control stake belongs to the state) received besides transcendental sizes of "salary" bonus in $10 million and the award - from the president. While You in Your article write that Russia is - social state..., "but one shouldn't forget that it's - ... not special distributor of fallen from the moon blessings". It turns out that someone forgot it? At that, from Your people, that is from officials ...

What will we do, Dmitry Anatolevich, do You have other personnel? You underline in the publication: " ... we do not have "new" judges as there are no "new" public prosecutors, no militiamen, employees of special services, officials, businessmen". You reproach in Your article those who support forced change of political system underlining that there would be no return to "democratic" 90s years - to paralysed state. Unless present level of corruption has not exceeded "Yeltsin's" indicators? In fact You always have at hand so-called closed statistics; look through these pages. It is possible to pay special attention on Your nearest circle. For example, look at the documents stored in safes of Administrative Department of the President of the Russian Federation subordinated to You. There's date (from open press) that, despite all crisis troubles Your management decided to give ministers, Your assistants, heads of divisions of the Kremlin administration up-to-date cars BMW of the seventh series. This whim will cost to the treasury "only" 0,5 billion roubles.

No, we, of course, will not grow poor. Think, now there are only 24 million poor men in the country. Last year there were 18 million. But it's ok, we will cope! Aforementioned BMW are equipped by heating of all seats and video musical systems. For example, minister goes by car to some important state affair, listens, for example, to performance of the president about economy of budgetary funds. He feels warm firstly in his ass - his vital organ, and then the warmth through it gets into the soul. It's a grace of God ... By the way, about God's grace.

In Your frank article, in my opinion, not very modest lines are written by Your hand: "Recently I have defined five strategic vectors of economic modernisation of our country ..." Further You, the lawyer by education, describe such economic God's grace that it's high time to recollect universal scale of the promise given by one of heroes of Ilf and Petrov to provincial chess players. So, what miracle vectors of economic modernisation You have firmly defined?

1. "We will become one of the leading countries on efficiency of production, transportation and use of energy. We will develop and will market new types of fuel".

2. "We will keep and raise to a new qualitative level nuclear technologies".

Further in the same way You draw probable future super-favoured economic pictures in the field of information technology on the earth and in space. Your fifth item contains the following vector: "Russia will occupy advanced positions in manufacture of separate types of medical equipment, supermodern diagnostic aids, medicines for treatment of virus, cardiovascular, oncologic and neurologic diseases". "We will become .... We will be ... We will occupy advanced positions ..."

Whether these are vectors? Generally speaking "vector" means direction. While "we will become" is an assumption, pure and simple version. Many remember well-known Khruschev's assumption that his generation of the Soviet people "will live at communism". It did not become true, we live at capitalism. Certainly, eagerness to have fine future does credit to our president and his rich imagination which is directed on ennoblement of professional essence of members of the government of Russia.

But, really, even after intense meditations in Herbert Wells's style I fail to imagine, how after "reformatory" actions of present "diplomat" of Michael Zurabov in sphere of medicine our country in the foreseeable future can occupy advanced positions in anything even indirectly connected with public health services ... I will repeat, the president wrote fine article which showed that he possesses almost a magic power of fascinating narration about problems exciting in society. But, I think, Dmitry Anatolevich even Your well-set text hardly awoke hot belief of inhabitants of Russia in internal force of our ministers, in nobleness of their civil thoughts.

Article of the president is - event and actually - show of affection to people. While people wish to observe sovereign attention, first of all, in every day practical affairs, everyday actions of officials. For the time, we will be fair, the dreamboat of the Russian state machinery - completely healthy and very rich citizen of Russia, always paying taxes and becoming dead in the day of retirement ... There's no main thing in the article of the president of the Russian Federation - system of real proofs of desire of the first person of the state to oppose domination of corrupted persons in power structures of our country and business based on "division" of finances allocated from the budget of Russia. That is why D.Medvedev's sincerity does not bear overwhelming force of fairly organized state, does not give rise in readers deeply patriotic feelings.

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