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Chronicle of the Postponed Suicide

Chronicle of the Postponed Suicide
N. Savinih 11.11.2006

Sirs, whether you see behind conversations about national idea, civil society and elections in 2008 approaching catastrophe? In fact we are talking already not about social justice and other but simply about a survival of the country in the face of fatal threats.

First, external aggression. For the southeast giant our Far East and Siberia is - not a tidbit but a question of a bright future. Or its absence.

Have you seen TV-chronicle of daily preparation of army of the probable opponent? Its officers do not carry "cock-like" peak-caps, militarians there are - absolutely serious people. And they are deeply reasonable; in 6-8 years they are going to conduct military exercises in East and Western Siberia. One shouldn’t hope for a nuclear "restraint"; they know there that Moscow will not want to substitute itself under retaliation. It will hand over east Russian territories without fighting - as 15 years ago it handed over our hero towns Odessa and Sevastopol.

" … the granite stone is by the Russian blood washed". It will be possible to defend using own usual forces and NATO is not an ally to us. So than how we are going to repel invasion of well-armed 10-million troops? With caps?

The trouble does not come alone; secondly, power system and city housing and communal services. They looked to the beginning of the 90th already rather bad and now - after 15 years of full neglect? Everything has decayed there …

In fact the house stands for a quite long time even when nobody cares about it. But then it starts to fall on heads, - and no props any more rescue. We got used to consider water, warmth and electricity in houses almost a gift of nature - "with a wave of a wand". A heavy mistake which will cost us a lot.

If it is really necessary to remind, that here is not Northern Italy but solar Russia??? The life of cities 4-5 months in a year completely depends on power system; that is the way they were constructed – for many decades. And in the near future every of each has a risk to turn into blockade Leningrad…

Backwardness of the rural housing stock will turn to be then huge advantage: oven heating, banya, a toilet on the open air. Whereas city ghettoes are doomed; in fact they only say - housing and communal services, while on practice it is a question of maintenance of life of cities in a severe climate. The condition of housing and communal services is - a question of national safety, it can be solved at a local level! To heat with "small stoves" panel "хрущобы"?

Because of disintegration of electrosupply you lose not only favourite TV-channels, but also a waterpipe. And I am sorry, water drains; let’s imagine for a moment - Ryazan or Ekaterinburg in frozen streams of drainage …

You have to live, sirs - you and your children. The Federal authorities see how hopeless the situation is. Therefore they try to withdraw from responsibility for housing and communal services which they have already led to a preceding infarction condition. They know that they will not manage it – besides there are no means; let on places get out by themselves - from beggarly budgets.

It’s understandable – there are no means; they are not enough for the authority. Then whence huge fortunes on a background of unceasing falling economy? Therefrom certainly; instead of developing of Military Industrial Complex (not speaking about power and city infrastructure) and armed forces, we were proud of the growth of number of domestic billionaires. It will be asked all out - from us, not from them. And a question is not only in financial resources.

Efforts of liberal figures led to the destruction of large branches which gave cars, equipment and devices, metal constructions, pipes and materials necessary for the development of power system and housing and communal services. Where could we take them from - in huge amounts? Shall we buy them from "siemens"?

Have disorganized Military Industrial Complex - and quickly lose forces before terrible challenges of a century. It was done everything so that the country lost economic, strategic, and all other independence. Combine both threats: the probable opponent will strike when the Russian cities (where the overwhelming majority of population lives) will start to die.

… Once great country still does not wish to realize that it made (postponed) collective suicide having allowed adventurers and rascals to take away national property and to exsanguinate the state budget.

The question of life and death - a choice is insignificant. To create immediately the government of national rescue - with dictatorial powers. To declare state of emergency, to lead gratuitous nationalization of the basic sources of export and mobilization of financial resources (including the largest fortunes) - for revival of heavy mechanical engineering, Military Industrial Complex, power and housing and communal services. Otherwise let’s sew white slippers - tens millions pairs.

Sure thing, ostriches will declare that it is not necessary to exaggerate and panic; by they are ostriches. Besides they are well paid - "the fifth column". They discuss the shape of Russia in 25 years whereas the country doesn’t have even 10. They hope disappear in time and probably, some of them will succeed. In fact not out of nothing the federal management increases "stabilization fund" of hundred billions dollars - outside the Russian Federation.

They see perfectly well in the Kremlin what is what and they in advance lay a straw. We were late already yesterday, turnoff of avalanches has begun. Time presses, sirs; we too long clicked the shutter. To panic is really useless but there’s few chances even if to get all completeness of authority tomorrow. If we postpone it till the day after tomorrow - so it is not necessary to sweat …

You hope that perhaps you will escape it? Well, in 3-4 years when the situation becomes irreversible, you will check it on your own skin. In fact one can’t get warmth and energy from Canada – not for love or money. One should answer for the nation-wide madness and overseas won’t help us. If only to organize sacred procession with an icon of orthodox Madonna.

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