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"We Are - Russia" - Michael Delyagin Announced on the Congress of the Russian Communities

"We Are - Russia" - Michael Delyagin Announced on the Congress of the Russian Communities
Anna Ivanova 14.12.2006

Materials about the congress of KRC and its decisions have been already placed on our site and I can dedicate an article to the most prominent of the congress – absolutely sudden speech of Michael Delyagin.

The first part of congress was devoted to technical questions and Rogozin's report. (According to the program Glazyev should act with the report but he didn’t come once again to the "slippery" event - just as to "Other Russia" in summer of this year. However, that time he plead by saying that he, ostensibly, was beaten and this time it was “just" simple illness which caused nevertheless strong fears that "national economist" simply conducted long-term for getting in the list of Mironov’s             socialist-revolutionaries. It is good that in absentia he was accepted only into CC KRC but not to the Presidium).       

After a break Rogozin called Belov but he also was somewhere giving interview. Then he called Andrey Savelyev who also was busy communicating with "colleagues". The third was Michael Delyagin who was sitting directly before a tribune as usually, heroically as Kramnik against «Deep Fritz» in chess was battling with clever phone.       

Delyagin came on a tribune with absolutely crazy expression. It was visible that he intended to continue to relax for another half an hour, if not dozing than peacefully talking to the priest who blessed the congress and at best introducing fine editions into the report under influence of words of Belov and Andrey Savelyev.

Then something absolutely unexpected happened.

Delyagin looked into his papers and literally cursing.        

It was so unexpected that people who were peacefully taken their seats after a break and loudly enough talked about things which were interesting to them, simply stood on a place. It reminded acoustic impact. Then he told that microphone worked badly and nobody heard him - yes, the microphone worked badly but delegates exchanged words with each other so loudly that the noise would muffle even good microphone.

And Delyagin shouted no so that to draw attention to himself - he shouted for practically whole 20 minutes of his performance and nobody dared to remind him about abused regulations.

People became so puzzled by the absolutely unexpected pressure that were simple struck and even did not clap except for reaction to some plain jokes (something like that the thief should sit but not in the government and the gangster to lay but not on a beach).

But he still shouted that "people of the Kremlin nationality" declared Russia war for destruction, that ruling bureaucracy from kindling of social break passed to kindling of international break - on the basis of Russophobia, that a number of unknown Russian corpses after 5 years of Putin’s management grew 5 times and the state turned into into the machinery of recycling of alive people into billion fortunes of the group of the officials.

Michael Delyagin emphasized that the purpose of the ones that gathered – not to open, but to break criminal plans of «Kremlin whores» and patriotic movement becomes an essence and a core, quintessence of struggle for the future prosperity of Russia.

Something dawns in these former officials, there\s something in them: Delyagin did not hesitate at all to shout into faces of the audience things obviously unacceptable for it. It is possible only to guess what members of "Union of Orthodox Standardbearers” felt, for example, listening that the true patriot simply out of his sense of patriotism is a liberal and communist and belonging to Russian should be defined by the culture and not by the blood and that the time passes in Russia will appear not only “Russian Moldavians” but also “Russian Chinese people” at the communication with whom no cultural barrier will be felt. 

Delyagin even theoretically admitted an opportunity of moral regeneration of Putin and his transformation into the responsible head – as it was then noted in a lobby, probably, only so that the subsequent orators snatching on the idea as on a red cloth rejected with anger even possible opportunity.      

"We should be the most offensive, the most active and most vigorous of all political forces of Russia", - Delyagin emphasized having proved it by the fact that in Russia a new, universal fight of the good with a harm began. "There will be no place on the earth to us while we shall not stop a robbery and destruction of Russia, shall not place the state in the service of the country instead of a profit of people of the Kremlin nationality while last Kremlin whore will not move from the glamour cabinet to the Moscow zoo - and even better to Magadan one".        

Then he called for the creation of Russian human rights center and welcomed intention of the Movement Against Illegal Immigration to publish the newspaper "Patrol".

He finished by the requirement that all members of KRC at the introduction should swear in fidelity to Russia and read from the first person a variant of such oath, dangerously balancing on the verge of a parody and pioneer oath - until on last words «if I shall break this sacred oath … let Russia leave me» - his voice suddenly stopped and it became clear that, at least, one person treats his words seriously, on the verge of pasternak’s “total death”.        

Then Делягина has literally washed off a wave of an applause, - and, actually, on it congress could be closed, though on it there were many bright and convincing performances and even discussions. Белов, acted after, with sincere amazement has told, that now only has understood sense of a word "adherents" and half reduces the report as very much much of it Michael Deljagin has already told, and has told literally. (in a lobby, it is necessary to tell, up to the end of congress the version, that Белов with Делягиным wandered,        

Then Delyagin was actually washed out by the walve of applauses – and the congress could be closed on it though there were a lot of prominent and persuasive speeches and even discussions.

Belov acting after with real astonishment said that only now he understood the meaning of the word “associates” and would reduce his report into a half as a lot of things were already said by Michael Delyagin, besides said it literally. (It should be said that in the lobby till the end of congress a version wandered that Belov and Delyagin who were sitting side by side in the first row talking warm-hearted during the whole introduction part and even Rogozin’s report in some mysterious way mixed up texts of their reports).

The representative of Russian community of Adygea told about Adygei ethnography and resolutely rejected all hopes on Putin.

Andrey Savelyev intelligent as usual, Kurjanovich who consoled an audience exposing the fact that actually the number of Chinese and Indian people twice’s less than it\s considered by statistics and by shouting even more loudly than Delyagin patriotic poem (thanks God that only "short variant" but all the same infinitely long), distinctly explained the audience its pettiness, Militarev, the communist Miloserdov and philosopher Krilov were the figures that remembered.        

The main result of the congress - deflation of all hopes on Putin’s state and its perception as absolute, total enemy; crisis in this direction after Rogozin's weighty report was provided, probably, by furious shouting of Delyagin.

One of the Movement Against Illegal Immigration - Tor (for some reason Rogozin revealed one of the main secrets of patriotic movement having named the present name of Tor – it appeared that his real name’s Vladlen Leonidovich Krajlin) defined as a main task of KRC - "compulsion of the state to democratic procedures” – having literally confirmed disputable thesis that the true patriot was inevitably liberal.

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