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Is Everything All Right with the Supreme Commander-in-Chief?

Is Everything All Right with the Supreme Commander-in-Chief?
Kalashnikov Maksim 22.02.2007

More and more progressing schizophrenia is growing in Putin’s policy. What do we deal with: with madness or with gallery-hit?

Cunning political scientists and analysts always search for solutions of dizzy Putin’s somersaults. Recently he makes mutually exclusive actions. His mode goes on inconsistent steps.

What is it? Simply schizophrenia (dual personality), heavy mental disease? Or artful operation to cover mode’s actions in another's interests?

Conundrum in Munichand Policymaker from "Lenmebeltorg"

Examples of schizophrenia are breeding day by day. On the one hand, Putin sends to Davos his "nearest boyar" Medvedev where he makes avid liberally-westernized speeches. Liberal to the extend that it reminds the beginning of the 90th years. On the other hand, assistant of the chapter of presidential Administration and main political "puppeteer" Surkov in his writings speaks about necessity "to follow the West" and "not to come off it". Thirdly, Putin goes to Munichand makes a speech in spirit of new cold war balancing on the verge of full breach with the West.

Well, war than war. It is possible to argue still whether Putin was sincere in Munich, whether he really goes into opposition. But accruing animosities of the West to the Russian Federation, expansion of NATO more reminding expansion of forces before a sudden attack - is an actual fact. As well as voices therefrom, louder demanding "internationalizations" of fuel-raw sources of the RF. It means, that there will be cold war. In fact Moscowhas already declared readiness to go on very aggressive step: withdrawal from the treaty on prohibition of rocket of medium- and short-range missile.  

It would seem, it is necessary to be mobilized in the moment, to accelerate non-raw, innovative development, to appoint the highest professionals with precise vision of Military forces in the future as the chapter of Ministry of Defence. And what happens? Another contradiction is observed. Putin pushes away from the Russian Federationthe major ally - Belarus. And appoint former seller of the furniture and tax collector as the chapter of Ministry of Defence (on the threshold of new arms race!)!

Biography of New Minister of Defense Anatoly Serdukov:

In 1984 has graduated from Leningrad Institute of Soviet Trade on speciality "economist", in 2001 - the St.-PetersburgStateUniversityon speciality "lawyer". 1984 – 1985 – was in the army. 1984 - 1993 - the assistant of a manager of shop section N 3 "Lenmebeltorg"; the deputy director on commercial work in "Lenmebeltorg". 1993 - 2000 - the deputy director, marketing director, the general director of joint-stock company "Furniture-Market". 2000 – 2001 – deputy director in the inspection of the Ministry of the RF on Taxes and Dues on regional level working with major taxpayers in Saint-Petersburg. From June, 2001 – deputy director of administration of the Ministry on Taxes and Dues in Saint-Petersburg. From November, 2003 – a member of the government, manager of administration of the Ministry on Taxes and Dues in Saint-Petersburg. From March, 2004 – deputy Minister of the RF on Taxes and Dues, started appointment ad interim of the Minister of the RF. FromJuly, 2004 – chiefmanageroftheFederalTaxService.

And this person will form Russian army of the future? Or a secret smithy on manufacture of strategists and militarians-futurologists have been working all these years in "Lenmebeltorg"? Putin turned all his martial speech in Munichinto a real farce by this only assignment.

It seems sometimes that all solution of inexplicable contradictions of Putin’s policy is - in elementary mental illness. His consciousness is simply doubled, a person is simply lives in imaginary world. Well, simply the mind of the one who raised from a dunghill to the top of authority didn’t endure the pass. It happens. Once, in 1985-1991, the authority in the country was given to a person with obvious schizophrenia. He made mutually exclusive acts, pronounced opposite by implication speeches. However, it had a bad end for the country.

Nevertheless the matter here, obviously, is not in psyche of VVP.

Strategic Clownery

I often hear opinion: Putin, say, in the beginning of his boarding (2000) was restricted by the whole set of binds. Gradually all these years he was tearing off one string after another. Now became he is free and has shown his real character. Now he is about to make the Russian Federationinnovative giant and a new great power.

But somehow real affairs do not match this explanation. VVP made himself free painfully late – exactly to the end of the second presidential term. More probable looks other underlying reason of present top schizophrenia.

Putin’s mode consists of people with one only passion: to fill personal pockets as soon as it is possible. And the mode is engaged in doing so. And all these speeches about patriotism, innovative development and opposition with the West is – a kind of screen. Actually nothing is being done in these directions. The main dream of Putin’s followers is - to grab the more they can and to go on rest abroad. To get fish in lakeof Geneva. And to enter into a circle of the Western elite. For this purpose it is necessary to serve truly to the senior brother - to misters from Washington.

And misters from Washington need to solve their problems as soon as possible: to justify militarization of the USA, unprecedented growth of military expenses, to accelerate expansion of the third area ABOUT in the Europe, to return Europeans who got out of hand in the dead water of the American policy. For this purpose the project "Aggressive Putin" has been begun. The USAneed “threat from the East". Show "Russian bear has woken up". And Putin provided this clownery. While assignment of a new, "furniture" chief of Ministry of Defence shows that there is nothing behind Putin’s aggression. Some circles in the USAsimply decided to use the RF as an external factor of management of the world, as a bogey. 

Why this PR-project is being played out? It looks like the criminal revolution acquires world-wide scope. Not only managing Russian establishment likes to turn power into money but also to the American one.

The ones who are in America need to the end of presidential term of Bush-junior to be in time to receive great military orders for corporations with which associates of the president of the USA are closely connected. The greater are military expenses – the higher are their personal incomes, the more expensive are belonging to them share holdings. For this reason they need justification in the form of Russian bogey. I do not exclude an opportunity that Putinship will withdraw the treaty on prohibition of medium- and short-range missiles, will picturesquely announce creation of a new medium-range missile but in reality there will be no growth of military power of the Russian Federation. Everything will end in propaganda-shoddy gabbling. Actually Americadoesn’t need really serious opponent, does it?  

Such strategic clownery we have. Obviously, for its playing out the main actors are promised quiet life. After they having bantered the Russian natives with the saved up capitals will go to the West. To get small fish in a lakeof Geneva. Or will stay here - and will continue "to saw" and "to plane".

Show goes on, sirs! No schizophrenia in the heads of Russian "leaders". Only one, clear and strict aim reigns there: personal enrichment - above all. What one will go to for the sake of it?
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