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Theorem about Illegitimacy of the Elections

Theorem about Illegitimacy of the Elections
Yury Golovin 28.02.2007

The thought about illegitimacy of elections as a system of formation of authorities in a view of changes of legislation touches a lot of people. All this reminds one theorem which should be proved.  

Let’s see first what is given:

1. Elections into the Duma, only According to Party Lists.

Let's admit that citizens of N wish to support mechanic Vasya as the candidate for deputy. He is not a bad fellow, he carries out his work honesty, that is why they wish to send him to the Duma so that he shut up a leak in our economy. But there is one "but", he doesn’t belong to any party and cannot create his own. Here it is necessary to enter a condition: under the new legislation, the party can be recognized only in case if it has not less than 50 thousand members, two hundred of people in half of regions of the country.

Where could uncle Vasya get so many members for his party?! Plus it is necessary to have money for registration of a party. Where could simple mechanic take so much money from? Let’s imagine that all inhabitants like their mechanic to such an extend that they have entered his party, given money for registration but further an official trap follows according to which a party can not be registered.

2. Party Could Be Liquidated and Shifted Off from the Elections, If It Will Be Recognized “Extremist”.

When the court was busy liquidating NBP, it had been searching for some loopholes and finally carped at the charter, that is to a mere formality. The wiggery dragged on for a long time, authority "liquidated" at last (legally certainly) NBP. Now the present mode to be secure blocks all opportunities to come to power by elections publishing the law «about extremism». What is "extremism"? This concept is rather washy and everyone could fit in. So, mechanic Vasya together with citizens of the town N get nothing. The matter is that mechanic Vasya when pipes in winter are being burst in the Russian way “criticizes” government and the president for their, put it mildly, bad reform of municipal housing economy. So, uncle Vasya is extremist and his party is ultra.    

3. AnItem«AgainstAll» IsCancelled.

Citizens of a town N, the true patriots of their country, with wide civil feelings consider it to be their duty to take part in elections but here you are one tough luck, uncle Vasya with his party is not registered on elections and is actually imprisoned «for the insult of the president’s honour». What to do? To vote «against all»! Plague on them - bourgeois! Tough luck again – such column is not present in the bulletin! It is necessary to choose between an awl and a soap.

4. Level of Attendance Is Cancelled.

Citizens of a town N grated teeth but let things slide having spent all elections drinking and bawling all the night long "Vote or do not vote - you will equally receive … " At the time mechanic Vasya visited prison with a view of preventive maintenance of "struggle against extremism". So, elections took place, officials voted for the party of the officials, businessmen for the party of businessmen, other city dwellers of the city N also spent their time not badly while "the main extremist of city" mechanic Vasya scratched on the walls of a black hole: “I don’t care elections!” having prolonged thus the term of his imprisonment and lost one more tooth. SO, we have four main but far not the only factors which could help to prove illegitimacy of the elections.  


It is possible of course to try to prove using method by contradiction but the only idea that the farce called elections is legitimate causes grins of workers most of whom even voting are assured that "everything’s already settled, everybody’s already chosen in advance". I suggest to interrogate the inhabitants: "Will you go on elections?" I have interrogated all friends (believe I have quite a lot), the majority has answered "No" having motivated it by: "There is nobody to vote for!"

I am sure that if to interrogate all inhabitants of our country the result of interrogation will be similar, that is the majority of citizens wants to see in bulletins absolutely different parties, surnames and in general wish to vote for independent candidates, as for example citizens of a town N hope that local "extremist" uncle Vasya will take his place in the State Duma or may be he will even become the president. But while he is imprisoned for "extremism" though his statements about authority do not differ from national opinion, he only had to monkey into politics and his mot juste said in temper in the address of “loved by everybody” “public” government was recollected.

So, conclusion:The majority of Citizens of Russia do not want to go on elections as they do not see there their candidates! Democracy is proclaimed in Russia- "the authority of the majority", that is authority should be elected by the majority of citizens but for the reason mentioned only the minority take part in the elections. Thus it turns out that the elections are illegitimate. It would be desirable to say: "Elections are illegitimate, which was to be proved!"

But from the point of view of the law everything’s ok, everything’s fair because all these laws are taken by those who are in power and they invent such laws so that to be in power. The one who invent the rules is the winner! Let’s not to play according to their rules and we will win!!!
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