Кто владеет информацией,
владеет миром

Our Fortunes/Misfortunes


Today every creeping expert, politicians and journalists greedily discuss results of free will of citizens in 14 regions of Russia.

Tone to this chorus is set by experienced leaders of political parties: sad Gryzlov who looks as if he has just received a strong nip from strong dog; Mironov, who looks like the one who has lost his razor a week ago and wonders in this occasion; Zyuganov with constant optimism as always; using verbiage Zhirinovsky and even super-busy man - Belih. Yavlinsky seems to be already rejected.

Probably, meaning something secret, that is known only to them, they started selflessly like spring blackcocks belling before television cameras. What is characteristic is that all of them unanimously as an echo or as if making carbon paper repeat about their, unprecedented hitherto, wonderful elective successes and improbable results extracted in bloody selective fights. If everyone, battled for national voices exclusively with each other, has unequivocally won, then who the loser is, if only the Chief of CEC has been punished? It looks like, despite of common sense, everybody is in pocket, only Albertovich received a kick in the pants.

And that is all their common sense?! It can be seen at once that our common sense is different from "their" as sunlight from a pale shadow. They obviously are not alike. Yes, probably, to understand such "common sense" is necessary to be totally ill.

I shall result some well-known examples. You can judge for yourself: there was a bloody trouble in Beslan - they cancel elections of governors. Against the will the idea creeps in that they themselves - elective heads of regions - somehow affected insurgents. Strictly following logic - probably, they bribed. Well, during recent days a lot of people got the money and it would be not bad to secrete authority and criminals. Instead of it they dismissed former communist Khodyrev from Nizhni Novgorod, admiral Egorov from Kaliningrad, unfortunate leader of the Communist Party Tihonova from Ivanovo. They dismissed the Hero of the Soviet Union - General Ruslan Aushev. During his presence the republic began to be built and lived at least peaceful life. Now hostage taking, shootings and armed attacks in Ingushetia became norm of life.

Let's recollect who was appointed as the governor by the president firstly - yes, Darkin (in world Sergey Shepelyavij). Let's see further - a gang rules in Penza, Tambov. In Moscow they only set fire. One day houses, another whole factories on a way of elite construction. While Luzhkov's sons (gold may be easily told - school!) will soon control half of the empire. You risk to knock down finding in these reshuffles a drop of common sense.

The president shook finger at America in Munich and at once bit the generals on faces - here you are new minister from among furniture makers! Kiss him. If only these assignments change management to the best and people would feel some relief. Such things of course does not happen. And will never happen. And when both furniture and maids are changed in the house several times but still there is no sense - here you are system crisis already or a corkscrew in aviation way.

The same situation in an elective roundabout. "Edinorossy" have cancelled a level of attendance and the column "against all": now having dragged to a urn one of two, they can shout on all channels that 50 % of voters stand for them, modestly overlooking true figure which obediently have come to urns.

New unshaven and very fair socialist-revolutionaries plainly not understanding meaning of smelling naphthalene nickname which have fallen down them, with joyful enthusiasm now will start building happiness for people on separately taken Stavropolschina. Directly taking an example from Ugo Chaves they will immediately start to carry out their pre-election pledges: they will begin, probably, from nationalization. It will be amusing to look as local bourgeoises, hasty having sold out their actives, in fast marching columns, chasing each other will rush outside the region to neighbouring Krasnodar. The same way as White Guard in the 19th in Stambul.

Well, comrade Zyuganov, having signed the next nonagression pact with authority, can calm down and have a rest for a while before new wearisome fights. He even can start writing next fundamental work "How One Could Live Surrounded by Enemies".

Zhirinovsky, sharp-sighted as a raven soaring above the fight and quickly sufficing what is fallen, will sing next criminal song in pair with matching him Lolita of the "You want but keep silent" type. And if he will again go to people with distribution of bank notes, after an excessive demand flashing on minute and instantly falling down after disappearance of denominations, will hear so painfully familiar and already habitual national scantion "Jude!". I was the witness of such scenes not once and observed with pleasure energetic, in friendly transport fusion of chorus of voices of those who were lucky with the notes and were not so lucky, i.e. who didn't get them at all.

I won't speak about parties of minority. I wish to make them happy at last: about 97 % of personal of stationary structure of psychiatric hospitals voted for edinorossy and liberals. If you do not trust - look reports. Except for some chief doctors. The rests of the conscience soberly looking at the poor budget of institutions of Esculapians prevented them, sworn as in old times to Hippocrates, to put glassy-eyed the bulletin in wide cut.

Common sense speaks that to play by the rules written exclusively with a view of ungirdled minority for enslavement of the majority of citizens of my country hoping to win - is an uttermost nonsense if not to call it indulgence of authority for maintenance of attendance. All the same they will deceive. Here the general "voting" of darlings to my heart and hotly favourite to me original Dagestans at the height of spring when a day feeds a year, contrary to common sense self-denying in the mass order as a collapse coming down from mountains to the ballot-boxes is indicative.

The only place where really reigns pleasure and they rub hands with pleasure is the Kremlin. All as in a film about a holiday of sacred Jorgen when they chose the bride for him. From all challengers won only one "from party in power". We also had no unexpected things. The script operates even at the general reduction of wishing to play ultimately in democracy.

As a matter of fact we for a long time already live in the fascist bourgeois state. Freedom of speech, processions, meetings, movement inside the country, legal protection and many other things are already entirely and completely subordinate to thickness of a purse and a wish of authorities. Suffrages are cut off under the root, retaliatory bodies are strengthened. Shadowing, wiretaps, prosecution and imprisonment of unwanted, political and custom-made murders - became norm of our life. For full, absolute similarity they need only to put into operation gas chambers. However, our towns with the growth of cars and inactivity of authorities are not better than fascist gas chambers.

Technologies of punishment of unwanted are tested and worked out in front of us: from slander in the mass-media - to sentences, to shooting from tank canons in the centre of capital. Choose, as one can say, to your choice.

All this obvious fascistization of the society is covered by toady like rack of creeping before authority workers of the creative trades which fulfill for thirty silversmiths the order of the Kremlin whores leg-pulling of masses. Especially zealous journalists very much remind me mad volunteers concealing from small children unattractive picture when the gangster forces their mother with the cloth. That is all - we have come to an end. On this background of a continuous deceit and falsification of elections (recollect that there is no such crime on which bourgeois has not gone to remain near the through) it's only a little thing from arsenal of readiness of the more to fight for its privileges, for total control over masses.

In such conditions common sense urgently dictates necessity of transition from electoral system carefully picked by bourgeoisie to other more real forms of joint protest actions of simple people coming from self-organizing to universal association. Coming from a trouble to a victory. Bloodless change of authority will become a result of such joint actions.

Moskvichenko Nikolay, co-chairman of All-Russia Political Public Movement "Russia - Common Sense"

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