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Dagestan Test of the Russian Democracy

Dagestan Test of the Russian Democracy
Kulikov Oleg 21.03.2007

The basic part of events which took place on the previous week was connected with results of regional elections which passed on March, 11th. These elections already received reputation of most scandalous of all which were held in regions for the last years. It's not a wonder: the heat grows before federal elections and "parties in power" consider that in a pursuit of the result which will influence the destiny of influential people for the nearest years all means are good. Elections were accompanied by falsifications, new facts of which become known every day. Mainly, elections was forged in favour of "Edinaya Russia" which popularity in a society as the results of elections showed started to decrease. Even official results of voting for "Edinaya Russia" in a number of regions were worse or little better than what it showed on elections to the Duma in 2003. It means toughening of administrative resource and introduction of every possible amendments in the legislation failed to correct rating of "edinorosses". It is no wonder that, being afraid to lose the status and warm places "edinorosses" had to resort to their weapon - falsification.

The most serious scandal was caused by summarizing elections in Dagestan. The fact that elections in this republic are being forged was known earlier. But this time it was done so rudely and impudently that to name it elections was not simply possible. The Dagestan leaders, obviously, so got used to impunity, to connivance from the federal center that decided that they would get away with punishment. Their interests thus were quite obvious - to achieve the maximal result for "Edinaya Russia" and introduce into the Parliament two other parties which should be supported by representatives from "elite" - "Fair Russia" and APR. The Communist Party of the Russian Federation which did not sell places in its list and did not involve representatives of mafia clans into its numbers appeared to be "undesirable" party. We shall remind that in the beginning of the campaign it was debarred from elections but then communists managed to prove the correctness and the party was restored in the list. New mockery not only on the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, but also on the voters, on institute of elections began during summarizing, when result of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation which started confidently overcoming seven-percentage barrier was marked down to such an extend that it found itself outside the borders of the republican parliament. It's obvious that it was done so that the deputies would become the representatives of the "party in power".

Thus results of elections in Dagestan at a local level simply amaze. In some sites the level of attendance made 99 %, there were sites where "Edinaya Russia" received all 100 % of voices. They refused to give the communists copies of reports of the local commissions and where there was the possibility to get reports obvious discrepancies were revealed. Observers are refused in reception of complaints. In general even in Russia there are not so many cases of similar disgrace. The Communist Party of the Russian Federation has begun struggle for cancellation of results of the elections. Communists went to the law, there was a picketing of the Dagestan representation in Moscow. The legal assignment about falsifications on the last elections in Republic Dagestan was accepted at session of the State Duma. The following assignment was given to the Commission of the State Duma concerning practice of application of the selective legislation of the Russian Federation: to receive an estimation of the above-stated facts and to listen to the report at plenary session of the State Duma about acceptance of concrete measures.

Application of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and other patriotic forces was accepted In connection with Dagestan "elections". In particular it says the following: "we announce about discrepancy of the declared results of voting in Republic with their valid results and we consider elections in territory of Republic Dagestan invalid. We call the Central Electoral Commission of the Russian Federation and also all the political parties which signed the Agreement on the control over elections from March, 9th, 2007, to create the commission on studying results of the elections in Republic of Dagestan. We appeal to everyone who appreciate unity and integrity of Russia to demand the president of the Russian federation to take steps on restoration of democracy in the republic of Dagestsn".

Struggle for Fair Elections Continues

The Communist Party of the Russian Federation will continue struggle for fair elections in Russia. Results of elections, which are in general very good for the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and testifying the presence of reserves, opportunities for improvement of the results, were discussed also at press conference of the party management. In the long term, according to G.Zjuganov, "increased representation of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation in regional parliaments will be used by party both to influence social policy there and to conduct wide explanatory work on places, for propaganda for a change of present ruinous social-economic course of the authority".

Falsifications and manipulations were present also in other regions, not only in Dagestan. As a result, for example, in Moscow region the results of elections were cancelled in nine sites of Balashiha area. The Union of Right Forces which, it looks like, appeared to be not desired partner of "party in power" in a number of regions (the Kremlin also thinks about fostering of the new "liberal" movement in its incubator - a party "Civil Force") came across manipulations at calculation of voices. In Leningrad region, where Union of Right Forces according to preliminary data should pass to the legislative assembly, lacked 29 voices after calculation of the results. In Moscow and Oryol regions the result of the Union appeared to be a little bit below a seven-percentage barrier that also caused doubts. We shall notice, that in Leningrad region "Edinaya Russia" almost ruined the elections and vice-governor N.Pustotin responsible for the elections was compelled to retire. It is difficult to find the right name for the elections in Tuva on one-mandatory districts in capital of the republic Kyzyl. They took place after cancellation of elections in October which were won by representatives of RPZh. In Tuva "Edinaya Russia" tries in every possible way to avoid defeat and let "Fair Russia" get the majority of places. As a result in three out of four districts the victory is won by representatives of the second "party in power" and again the results are invalidated.

V.Zhirinovsky being faithful ally of "Edinaya Russia" decided to win back a theme of falsifications. At session of the State Duma the leader of LDPR loudly shouted about falsifications but about what falsifications? It was found out that voices of LDPR acted, by the way, poorly enough, were ascribed to... "Fair Russia". Though it is perfectly known that "edinorosses" gave "green light" to "zhirinovetses" on elections,considering them as allies. In the same Petersburg it helped LDPR to receive unexpectedly many voices - more than 10 %. In one of his public speeches V.Surkov striking balance of the elections announced that political space is formed meaning that four parties enter it. Eventually, LDPR is still considered by the Kremlin and first of all by "Edinaya Russia" and its protectors as "passing" party and tactical ally.

So, election became one pure scandal which consequences would influence political situation for quite a long time. However, the Kremlin, "party in power" use these elections in their own aims and don't think to refuse the tactics.

If control of the Kremlin Is Effective?

Judging from what occurs in the Central Electoral Commission next elections will become dirtier and scandalous. Despite of forecasts, V.Putin didn't include A.Veshnjakov in a new structure of the Central Electoral Committee, he would soon lose a post of the chapter of the Central Electoral Committee. Actually A.Veshnjakov was punished for own political activity. Being the person completely system and loyal he, however, showed moderation, criticized legislative initiatives of "Edinaya Russia", constrained a bit orgy of "operated democracy" though he also was one of its architects. It allowed to keep positive image of the Central Electoral Committee, to constrain a pressure of falsifiers of all colours. But intrigues presented A.Veshnjakov as almost the enemy of system and "Edinaya Russia" that led to resignation. New structure the Central Electoral Committee will be less professional, more politized and obviously focused on interests of "Edinaya Russia". It looks like they decided in the Kremlin to keep present balance of relations between two "parties in power" and now to brake "Fair Russia" which activity could lead to heating of protest moods and to interfere "edinorosses" with getting the majority in the future State Duma. By the way, A. Veshnjakov get an invitation to enter its rows.

The Kremlin obviously aspires to take under the control situation with two "parties in power", being afraid that hostile clans can shake situation and strengthen original opposition. Sharp mitigation of polemic between "Edinaya" and "Fair" is indicative.. Only yesterday their leaders - B.Gryzlov, O.Morozov, A.Isaev openly said that the party would not support S.Mironov at his promotion as the senator from legislative assembly of St.-Petersburg. But few days passed, a number of meetings between the high-ranking people took place and the tonality changed: now it appears that "Edinaya Russia" is ready to elect S.Mironov the senator from Petersburg. By the way, "edinorosses" failed to receive half of places in legislative assembly in Petersburg that has reduced their arrogance: it is more important to them to keep the post of the speaker of legislative assembly for V.Tjulpanov.

On the eve of federal elections the probability of cleaning of the governor's cabinet from those who has no powerful administrative resource grows. A victim of elections on March, 11th became governor A.Chernogorov who ran from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation to "Edinaya Russia" but ruined election campaign. As it is known, in Stavropol Territory the first place was occupied by "Fair Russia". It is also known that A.Chernogorov remained foreign local "edinorosses". Therefore he was sacrificed very easily. Meanwhile there are rumours about possible resignations of other, very different governors.

Voting in the State Duma also testified toughening of a political mode, there was a reading of bills which strengthen punishment of drivers for infringement of traffic rules. Some of the measures offered have frankly repressive character while authorities do not do anything for improvement of situation with organization of traffic and eradication of corruption in law enforcement bodies. Therefore the Communist Party of the Russian Federation voted against these bills.

Increase of problems in the Russian economy proceeds. This theme was raised by the left opposition in the State Duma during discussion of the governmental report on execution of the budget for 2005. It was spoken about manipulations of forecast parameters, insufficient investments into economy, absence of socially focused budgetary policy, the menacing volume of an external duty, etc.

It is interesting that the president of Russia V.Putin at the time went abroad to appear away from noisy bovvers. Moreover, a leitmotif of his visit to Italy became a religious problematics (though there were solved basically questions of gas business but it remained offscreen). V.Putin paid a visit to Vatican to new Holly Father Benedikt XVI but also paid attention to Orthodoxy: Nikolas's church with relics in city Bari was transferred to ROC. The theme of "an orthodox oil pipeline" Burgas-Alexandroupolis by passing Turkey agreement about which was signed in Athenes was actively spoken about during the week. The president, certainly, thinks to become history, tries to play a role of consolidator of churches (reunion of ROC and foreign church is being prepared). However, the political tension in the meantime grows in the country, reforms beat on people or slip and dissatisfied people having such a policy will be ready soon to deflate persuasive theses of the Kremlin ideologists about inadmissibility of new revolution.

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