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Where Does Party in Power Push the Country

Where Does Party in Power Push the Country
Oleg Sultanov, Oleg Trempoltsev 25.03.2007

On a background of application of three Russian parties about mass falsifications on polling stations (and it is already proved to be true in Dagestan) vigorous words of chairman of "Edinay Russia", chairman of the State Duma Boris Gryzlov about full victory of the party sounded reassuring. According to the main edinoross, he and his colleagues "had serious rehearsal of elections to the State Duma in December, 2007. The target to receive 45 % of voices was worked out during these elections: we have received 46% on average. This plank we are going to reach in December, 2007..." People chose authority while for its main party it was just a rehearsal? Well, quite unique position, especially if to consider that Gryzlov generously uses for his doubtful victorious speeches sport terminology ("the plank", etc). Besides Boris Vjacheslavovich emphasized, that results of March elections were the results of practical activity of "Ed. Russia".

It's not exactly clear to us, for example, what he meant; activity on falsification on polling stations (according to the version of three other parties) or - people sincerely voted for "Edinaya Russia" for its real deeds? We, certainly, adhere to the versions about real deeds on which we wish to reflect together with readers. In fact the Russian people love so much "Edinaya Russia" exactly for concrete actions, voting for it, beloved, on all great and small elections.

Results of activity of this party are grandiose; even the president of V. Putin recognizes it: "I am not going to make a pitch for someone but if there was no mutual understanding on key questions of development between "Edinaya Russia" and the government, there would be no such results ... ". So, we shall try to analyze what results are meant by the president and his obedient protégés heading chambers of Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation?

It is possible to begin, probably, with a masterpiece of lawmaking of 2001 - the new Land Code which deprived all inhabitants of village of the property right to their houses and backyards which they received during Soviet times. For the repeated registration of the property right (under the Land Code of 2001) without which it is impossible to sell, present a house, yard or earth in cooperative society, it is necessary to pay up to 20 thousand roubles. It, certainly, influence the thickness of a pocket of each inhabitant of village. As soon as this pocket is quite thin, it hurts a lot.

To take such effective result of "reforms" as, for example, improvement of pension coverage. Accrued pension composes of three components - base, insurance and accumulative. The system is complex and is not clear to the majority of the population but the result is stunning! It allows the majority taking the deserved rest to receive pension which size is almost twice less, than it could be if accrued under the former law. Inspires!

The pockets of the Russians were essentially lightened by the law on obligatory insurance of an autocivil liability (ОSAGO). It contradicts common sense and Euroreport directing the victim into the insurance company of the originator of road accident and dooming him on long circulation from the appraiser into assurance company, from the company - into car-care center and again to the appraiser. But the Duma passed the law with pleasure allowing insurers to pay to the victim in road accident about 40 % of the received insurance sums and to leave 60 % to themselves as a profit. But not so many years ago - in 2004 - about 4 billion roubles were paid off to the victims while 35 billion were left in the insurance companies.

The law "About Reservation of Deposits" adopted in 2003, appointment by the management of the country of "government of professionals" under direction of M. Fradkov and ill-starred federal law #122 as well as the decree of the president "About Reform of Management" practically increased quantity of officials in one and a half time strongly "cheered" voters up.

And what "kind" words of people accompanied acceptance by edinoross' Duma of "Forestry Code" which introduction allowed to give 1,2 billion hectares of the Russian woods in rent for 49 years to those who would pay more. Now cut down areas grow with a bush, become boggy, the state loses $ 8 billion of annual income. While at more skilful organization to processing of forest products in Russia it could make $ 120 billion.

In duration of the recent two years, without any cataclysms and force-majeur circumstances the prices for motor fuel have grown almost twice. It was ridiculous and shameful to look at a telepicture when the head of the state terribly "interrogated" ministers: "Why do the prices grow?!" And they, having bended their heads, wrote down something in notebooks, promising to make it clear; even younger schoolboys can explain how the prices for EVERYTHING depend on the prices for gasoline. While our heads of fuel business unintelligibly mutter about growth (or decrease) of world prices for oil...

Since March, 2005 the new Housing Code which precise realization can deprive more than a half of urban population of the Russian Federation of the right for own habitation came into effect. Our houses become not our fortresses but simple product in the market of the real estate. Getting deeper and deeper into our pockets, the "reformers" supported by "Edinaya Russia" and the president become impudent. There is an impression that society owing to a new rate of the government enters NEW TIME of TROUBLES.

"Edinaya Russia" with its unscrupulousness, obedience, mechanical punching of antisocial laws leads business to final disintegration of the Russian Federation. The problems solved today by this party are far from the program proclaimed by it in 2003 at unifying congress with "Fatherland ... ".

Having understood that the trust of voters to "Edinaya Russia" promptly falls, this party actively carries out reforms of the selective legislation; elections on one-mandatory districts which somehow provided contacts with the voters are cancelled. Lower threshold of attendance of voters is cancelled. From our point of view there is only one, constitutional way out which could let us stop liberal - "reformers" in their march, to save our Fatherland from the Time of Troubles and ruin. It's necessary to destruct monolithic unity in the State Duma the majority of deputies where like lambs vote for antinational, lobbed under dictate of IMF laws.  

Less than in a year the country will choose new structure of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, the president of the state. Already now all of us should think over what can occur if current tendencies of social - economic and political "development" of Russia will be kept. All projects of "Edinaya Russia" are - evident illustration of how, why and by virtue of what reasons useful undertaking can appear not only inefficient for a society but also can lead to its social degradation. Beautiful cover of empty appeals to people and self-applause of "Edinaya Russia" don't interfere with separation of people living in our country.

On the contrary, real actions of this party in power promote separation of the Russian society into isolated groups of people. Its slogans about justice and humanization of life of modern Russians taken regardless to the way how and by what means their realization should be put into practice do not give the basis to speak about the REAL importance of "social" mega - projects" put forward by "Edinaya Russia". What to the hell projects - "We support the president! In everything"?! Similar "world outlook orientations", as a rule, lead to crisis processes - at best. At the worst - to dictatorship...
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