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The Kremlin with the Wings

Dmitry Philipenko 17.04.2007

Political parties existing today are too dependent on the Kremlin and are more likely not restrictors for it but the wings which allow it to reach unattainable altitude.

March elections in regional parliaments passed having shown the population true state of forces in the country. The voters were evidently shown that it is possible to choose only from two parties with surprisingly similar names: "Fair Russia" and "Edinaya Russia". Now these parties represent certain antagonism, say each other mutual recriminations and try to prove to electorate their being oppositional.

However if these parties are really such irreconcilable rivals or it could be just cheap play on the eve of the large-scale election year?

As soon as elections in legislative assemblies of subjects of the Russian Federation passed the head of the party "Fair Russia" and simultaneously the speaker of the upper chamber of parliament S.M.Mironov making public speeches practically on all central telechannels declared that "Edinaya Russia" meaningly prevented lefties to conduct their election campaign. They say, members of SP were even tried to destroy physically in some regions.

In reply to it the head of ЕR and simultaneously the speaker of the lower chamber of parliament B.V. Gryzlov said that "Edinaya Russia" which won elections in St.-Petersburg would not admit S.M.Mironov's election as the senator from northern capital that's it would deprive him the post of the speaker of Council of Federation. However at voting in Legislative Assembly of Saint-Petersburg Mironov's nominee for some reason was accepted practically unanimously.

Apparently, two parties created by V.J.Surkov are oppositional only in words, actually at making important decisions they vote in common as their position is formed not inside the fraction but in the Kremlin cabinets. Mutual criticism is only a scenery which should make people think of revival in policies, appearance of interfraction struggle and competition. Further applications made by Sergey Mironov and Boris Gryzlov prove correctness of this version even more. Pleased by the appointment for the third term S.M.Mironov at once declared that for maintenance of political stability in the state it's necessary to achieve change of the Constitution for letting V.V.Putin to be elected for the third time successively, for the period of seven years.

Representative of ER answered at once that they shared position of the president and were not going to make change into Constitution. Thus they lustily added that V.V.Putin all the same would remain moral leader of the nation and "Edinaya Russia". Thus, both parties declared that after 2008 would submit only to V.V.Putinu. Besides Sergey Mironov having thought over a little declared that he actually was not going to change the Constitution but simply suggested to discuss his offer. Such position is absolutely normal for our policy.  

When the main purpose is not practicing real policy but only playing games, attempt to represent for people performance under the name "Democracy. Developed Parliamentarism" becomes absolutely normal when the authority is engaged in empty conversations about things which never existed and will never be. It's very effective way to distract population from conversations on weakness of authority and unpopular reforms. Let people better think of the third term of so favourite president.

Even more precisely a role of a new party "Fair Russia" is characterized by its regional branches. They exist only in those areas and republics where March regional elections took place, in other regions only branches of three separate parties function or there are very weak incorporated branches which are torn apart by struggle for authority.

Thus, it's absolutely clear that there is no multi-party or two-party system in the country. Such system is possible only when both political forces possess sufficient support of the population and, that it the main thing, are absolutely independent. The Russian pro-president opposition parties only pretend, actually swearing only in connection with the theme who loves the president more. Their main task is - to distract the population from the main social problems and to deprive the left flank of the Russioan politics which is meanwhile supported in the society of voices.
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