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Plug Revanchists in the Eye!

Plug Revanchists in the Eye!
Moskovchenko nikolay 18.04.2007

The State Duma of the Russian Federation habitually-obediently operated by the Kremlin whores introduced the law about the Banner of the Victory having took away from it symbols of socialism - the Gold star, a sickle and a hammer. Now they in every key began to assure the public that they "were not understood correctly". Though they were understood in the way it really was: today the world congress of Hungarians declared shifting of a monument to the Soviet soldier-liberator in Budapest.

Everything has began recently, in front of our eyes, from conversations in Poland and Estonia. Today they transferred in Tallinn from words to actions - they already carry out works on the destruction of a monument to the fallen Soviet soldiers. They say it detains the work of a bus stop. Instead of shifting of these stops "marauders of memory" have decided to dig a tomb and to profane with their paws ashes of the fallen. Of those who didn't spare their lives for making them free from fascism. The neoestonians don't care indignant voices of peoples of an antihitlerite coalition. Our homebrew revanchists raised their heads in the centre of Russia and basically due to them - their foreing followers also raised their heads. They offended all us - both fallen and alive - as there is no family in Russia where they don't have its own hero...

Hungarians took into consideration sour experience of unlucky newly made neighbours on the European Union. Only yesterday being in one socialist camp these, in comparison with Russia dwarfish states, for many years regularly smacked and grunted at the Soviet feeding trough, tasting for their vegetables and sour-milk products gas, oil, the electric power, metal, etc. Now they requite with black ingratitude for years of feeding at the cost of peoples of Soviet Union, hastening and pushing each other in eager rivalry in burning aspiration to please their new oversea owners. At that the level of agility is directly proportional to the size of the country and its significance by contribution into the world history.

Hungarians now nimbly collect signatures to get consent to transfer a monument to the soldier-liberator. They wish not to dismantle the monument to the fallen but to shift it somewhere sideways, closer to the surburbs. Only bastards and the pitiest vermins struggle with the fallen soldiers, moreover more than 60 years after the war. What brutes entered the European Union.

Fans of shifting of monuments and defilement of tombs and symbols dear to our heart - are invited to Russia. Here we, queue jumping, transfer your attention from usual foreground - to the background, we'll do it in such a way that it will be much easier: when you sit, it will not be necessary to blink. In Russian it is called: to pull an eye on the priest. To both - yours and "ours" who dishonour sacred for us Banner of the Victory - shall absolutely free of charge conduct such eye operation.

Secret directors of such infamy should not stay aside of general view. Foreign revanchists dared to raise their empty heads only after they got convinced that the policy of present Russian tops allowed them to make it without being punished. They got convinced that they would get away with this villainy like water off a duck's back. That there would be no sanctions, break of trading or, Lord forbid, diplomatic relations would never follow from such Russia, besides, political vandalism will begin inside the country. Real socialism is like osseous. These favourites, this temporarily ruling class, dropped to authority using deceit are not in condition to change to the best the life of the majority of my fellow citizens. In powerless rage to change the past, they began to rewrite history and to struggle with our nice socialist past offending first of all memory the fallen soldiers.

There are serious fears that the Kremlin whores intentionally push obedient State Duma to self-discredit. So that on its fragments to offer a society grandiose soap performance of ostensibly basic change of relations between authority and society having got from naphthalene of words: a zemstvo, communality, cathedral, national self-management, Russian national idea. This cosmetic operation is entended "to change as a matter of fact changing nothing". It won't touch at all the main gain of the crept capitalism: relations of the property. On the contrary its purpose is: to give lustre and to fix dictatorship of the capital on behalf of newly appeared bourgeois thieves. Thus, they cherish dream to transform beyond recognition public institutes having given to them similarity to "national features" and to hide under such "dress" vicious relations of the property in the state of degradation capitalism. To fix finally dominating position the dictatorship of thick purses thus depriving the majority of my fellow citizens of future. For now, on a way to the next meanness, these mercenaries for dear life struggle with symbolics of Socialism. Their aim is to erase our nice socialist past from the memory and not to admit future restoration of Socialism. Here you are the theme they are buzzing over on their closed summits. Here you are the reason of these constant conversations on a priority of international legislation. Here you are the reason why revanchists appeared from all the holes. Their bitten fuhler applauses them from his grave. 

Having started from violation of the results of the National referendum of 1991 on preservation of the Union, cancellation of the Constitution, reduction of suffrages and freedom of citizens they hasten very much to dance today cowboy's dancing on the tombs of fallen and tomorrow - on ours. Lost labour.

All revanchists - "ours" and not ours - will have to be responsible of the things made with my country, my people, sacred for all for us tombs of Soviet soldier fallen for Freedom and independence, for disposal of all Mankind of horrors of fascist yoke. ..

Today we demand:

The State Duma - to dismiss!

The President - into retirement!

Mode - into the dumping ground!

Let's have - universal preschedule elections under the slogan: «Union and Socialism!»

Then we shall clear things with every separate foreign state brewing blasphemy with the remains of dear to our heart fallen in struggle against hitlerites Soviet soldiers. We shall make them see using simple and rather effective Russian way.

It's enough to suffer. We shall remind to those who forgot what our fathers, grandfathers and great-grandfathers sang: "We got over together half of the world and we shall repeat it - if it is necessary!"

Moskovichenko Nikolay, co-chairman of the movement «Russia - common sense»  

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