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The Process of Disintegration of Russia Is Not Stopped but Will Be Continued with Speed, Unexpectedness, Unpredictability

The Process of Disintegration of Russia Is Not Stopped but Will Be Continued with Speed, Unexpectedness, Unpredictability

American political scientist Nikolay Zlobin, director of the Russian and Asian programs of the Washington Institute of world safety being interviewed on radio "Echo of Moscow" shared a number of rather interesting supervisions with listeners. In particular, about foreign policy of China.

In his opinion, "China is very interested in... access to power resources. The main vulnerable feature of the Chinese national economy is a shortage of power resources. Therefore they are obviously interested in Eurasia and here again is abundantly clear they use SCO for fastening their positions. I agree they treat mutual relations strategically, they do the rate on several generations. China is close-bodied within the borders of China, it is unconditional".

Unlike China, Nikolay Zlobin considers, present Russia does not have uniform state foreign policy. "The Russian foreign policy, in my opinion, is today in many respects monopolized by groups, privatized by groups of special interests", - the American political scientist noticed.

But the most curious ideas, and not for the first time, Nikolay Zlobin stated about the process of decomposition which are still passing on the territory of the former USSR.

"Who said that disintegration of the Soviet Union would occur alongside the borders of union republics and would end on it? - Zlobin asked a question Злобин and continued, - Borders were unnatural, many things were registered subjectively.... We have entered a period of review of political geography.... Borders will vary.... We have now begun this process. It's absurd to say that everything will be as it is today.... Processes flow with speed, unexpectedness, unpredictability".

Making comments on applications of the known American political scientist, a member of Editorial board of FORUM.msk, the chapter of the Ukrainian representation of the Center of Research of Conflicts of Institute of Problems of Globalization Vladimir Filin said by phone from Kiev:

"Nikolay Zlobin rather precisely reflects the moods existing in the American ruling circles. Decomposition of the postSoviet space in 1999-2001 was temporarily stopped by involving of the USA in conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq as well as abnormal prices on raw materials which let the Kremlin pay the debts and save reserves, so they had no time to spend on Russia.

Now Russia again, for the first time from the beginning of 1990th years appeared in an epicentre of attention of the world centers of force. Probably, the USA, preparing for rigid opposition with more and more amplifying China in 10-15 years, are going to reformat the Russian Federation thus that it was easier to carry out external management of its resources and territory. It's more convenient to operate, in this case, by small fragments. Therefore the question of territorial partition is again in the agenda".

-I quite expect a wave of indignation of hurrah-patriotically part of a public, - editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk Anatoly Baranov makes comments on a situation. - Ah, again "spiteful antiRussian experts dismember Russia". The old square managed to accustom public to the "political science" not able to speak anything new, only confirming errors and illusions of the population. Such "analytics" plays a role of a lotion for public opinion, but serious problems with health of the country can not be treated with the help of lotions. In this very context important role is being played not our attitude to the situation but that Mr. Zlobin, of course, states not his own position but treatment of the situation by influential forces of the USA. And, I hope, it is not necessary to explain a degree of influence of positions of "Washington regional committee" on processes in Russia. Especially it is important in a view of forthcoming radical change of the American foreign policy which inevitably will happen with arrival to the White house of democrats and nobody today doubts that it will be so. And those points which are being underlined by Mr. Zlobin are important without dependence no matter whether it is pleasant to us or not. And it seems to me that a problem is not that Washington sees the future of Russia not in the same way it seems to be for the Russian inhabitant. The problem is that the present Russian authority can not withstand anything to Washington policy. But, contrary to the USA, there would be no radical change of power in the Kremlin, which means continuation of impotent policy. We have already experienced the ruin of the country at Gorbachev  when in the Kremlin they continued to rule in the same way as if Brezhnev was alive.
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