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Condolise Rice Allowed Vladimir Putin to Appoint the Successor. Now the Main Thing Is to Do So that She Won’t Change Her Mind

Condolise Rice Allowed Vladimir Putin to Appoint the Successor. Now the Main Thing Is to Do So that She Won’t Change Her Mind
The USA will not allow Russia to block plans of Washington on accommodation of elements of system of antimissile defense in the Europe. It was declared in Moscow by the state secretary of the USA Condolise Rice.

"The USA should make a step forward having taken advantage of technologies for protection of themselves and we are going to do it", - agency "Reuter" quotes the words of Rice which she said after a meeting with Vladimir Putin. As she said, "it's hardly probable that somebody expects that the USA will allow somebody to put a veto for the American interests in sphere of safety".

In the interview to the radio station "Echo of Moscow" Condolise Rice declared that the system of antimissile defense created by the USA ostensibly doesn't represent any threat for anybody. "The system itself threatens nobody, it should only intercept rockets which are directed to make harm to our population", - the state secretary said. At that she emphasized that "we should consider threats which exist today, which arise in Iran and Northern Korea".

Condolise Rice, obviously hinting to Russia, warned also against use of power resources as the political tool. Questions of ways of pipelines "should have under themselves only economic basis - that there will be deliveries of energy necessary for economic", - she noticed making comments on signing of the contract about construction of the Near-Caspian gas main with participation of Russia, Kazakhstan and Turkmenia.

According to the state secretary, there should be "a variety of deliveries of hydrocarbons, a variety of routes". "We need so many pipelines as it is required from the economic point of view. And nobody needs monopoly in this area, it is already impossible", - Rice told.

On the other hand, Condolise Rice declared that Washington is not going to influence forthcoming elections in Russia. "The USA don't care how the elections in Russia will pass. Russians should decide for themselves how to carry out elections", - the state secretary said in the interview to NTV. "As to the elections, they will be carried out in Russia by the Russians, in the interests of this people", - "Interfax" quotes her words.  

Aparts from it Condolise Rice informed that she is satisfied having received exhaustive explanations from the chapter of Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov in occasion of Vladimir Putin's statement on parade on May, 9th in which the president of Russia compared the present policy of the USA to a policy of nazi Germany.

Making comments by phone from Kiev on the visit to Russia of Condolise Rice, the chapter of the Ukrainian representation of the Center of research of conflicts of Institute of problems of globalization, member of editorial board of FORUM.msk, political scientist Vladimir Filin said:

«Visit of Condolise Rice for a time fixed the situation. The chapter of the American diplomacy openly showed that the USA is not going to take into consideration opinion of the Kremlin on key questions of internationsl policy of the USA.

In this case we are talking about expansion of Antimissile system in Czechia and Poland, about diversification of transportation routes of oil and gas on the world market and also about declaration of independence of Kosovo that should not at the same time become a precedent for Abkhazia, South Ossetia and transdniestria and also about expansion of NATO due to the Ukraine and Georgia.

Sure thing that Russia should limit support of Iran, that, by the way, already occurs for some time, constant squabbles around financing of construction of APS in Bushera become visible sign of it.

On all listed international problems as well as with situation in Estonia, Condolise Rice advised the Kremlin "to lower degree of polemic".

The first vice-premier Sergey Ivanov was the first who followed her advice, he declared that "conversations that the Russian-American relations ostensibly met difficulties and reached a level of cold war, mismatch the validity".

However, Ivanov was compelled to recognize that Russia and the USA have different points of view on many questions and on some themes the party even have "diametrically opposite positions". At the same time, - successor of Vladimir Putin hastened to correct himself, there are "many areas where we cooperate intensively enough".

It's a separate question what the Kremlin've got in exchange for "decrease in degree of polemic" on the international questions. And it've got almost everything what he wanted. The Kremlin wanted a little - the West led by the USA would not insist on carrying out of free and fair elections in Russia and would agree with appointment of mutually acceptable successor to Vladimir Putin. For example, Sergey Ivanov. Or Dmitry Medvedev who tried his best in January in Davos.

Condolise Rice to the pleasure of inhabitants of the Kremlin this time practically did not object to a principle of appointment of the successor. Moreover, to the meeting with selected by the American embassy in Moscow "representatives of public" Michael Kasyanov, Harry Kasparov and other leaders of "Other Russia" were not invited. It was, as a matter of fact, symbolical step of administration of the USA towards Vladimir Putin.

We could only guess, whether the Americans will change their minds about the Russian elections, there is still enough time for it. And if they will change, then what else the Kremlin will concede to them in the international affairs? In fact it looks like everything that is possible has been already handed over... ".
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