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Criticism of V.Putin's Policy Is Being Arisen not Only in the State Department of the USA but Also in Some Cabinets of the Kremlin

Criticism of V.Putin's Policy Is Being Arisen not Only in the State Department of the USA but Also in Some Cabinets of the Kremlin
Oleg Sultanov 14.06.2007

On the 12th of June we celebrate Independence Day in Russia. This holiday is officially, perhaps, the most important in our country but no matter what figures of present political Olympus of the Russian Federation we see on a background of formal celebrations, it is easy to notice, that they were formed during an epoch of Eltsin's chaos. Many "heroes" of our time occupying now important state and public posts, struggled for today of Russia following immoral - consumer ideas fanned by the spirit of "democratic revolution" on deposition of social mode. Today they persuade us that they are successfully trying to settle large-scale social-economic problems to better life of all layers of the society. Actually realization of such problems, may be, can let our country to achieve in the whole "before refoms" level of development of the Russian Federation.

I think, the official military doctrine of the Russian Federation is also based on this precondition. But no matter what super-power rockets and fighters we make boast of on international scene, the rate, as before, is basically is done on thickness of oil and gas pipes, survivability of opinion of capitalists of the western countries and our raw magnates that the hydrocarbonic latch is more effective than the starting button on the panel of any rocket complex.

Other tendencies (to more realistic estimation of a parity of forces in the world) can't be seen meanwhile in any Kremlin cabinet. State department of the USA on behalf of a skilled analyst of Sovietologist like ferments Condolise Rice understood it more quickly, than other political centers of the West. But anyway, our foreign "strategic partners" on construction of democracy perfectly understood that the leader of Russia and members of the power block of his political command missed former greatness of the USSR, the Soviet Empire liquidated with the help of the West.  

I suppose that this melancholy brings in a foreign policy of the president of V. Putin elements of certain moral duality; on the one hand the Kremlin would like to look the bearer of true democracy in opinion of the West very much. On the other hand, Vladimir Vladimirovich's desire to revive former economic and military power of our state on a world scene can be a little coordinated with real ideas of the West concerning Russia which they wish to see as a raw appendage wearing on democratic clothes which can provide well-being of the "golden billion". That is why all other countries of G8 are interested that the final fat parting line would be drawn between the law and justice, verge between norms of moral and crime would be cleaned in the Russian Federation.

In 90th years the management of Russia completely satisfied this interest of the leading capitalist states, having made legal practically all ways and methods of plunder of the country. Today, when the first president of Russia, probably, communicates in heavens with God or his eternal opponent, Vladimir Putin has resolutely refused to play the Russian history "Yeltsin's role" though he is his protégé. The strategic aim of the today's owner of the Kremlin, I hope, is constant - to construct strong democratic state. But the tactics changed, blocking of influence of the USA on the development of events in Russia became one of its most important parts.

V.Putin precisely designated that the management of the Russian Federation would not suffer any dictatorship and would never agree on that "partner" of Russia appropriated the right of full freedom of intervention in the European business, defined an alignment of forces in the Old World which even indirectly could do harm to our country. It is clear, that such change of tactics unpleasantly guarded both the American management and the West-European partners of the USA in NATO. "7" pulled up long faces when "+1" rigidly announced: "I was elected as the president of the Russian Federation not with the purpose of putting my country on verge of the catastrophe!".  

Here the West without thinking twice brings into play everything, we shall say, personnel miscalculations of the Kremlin. The former adviser of our president Andrey Illarionov - the oppositionist reared on state eats, earlier - the official in administration of V. Putin was instantly connected to the matter. Mister Illarionov predicts us economic catastrophe, probably, having forgotten partially that he himself was the adviser of the president on economic questions. Elena Tregubova - the former journalist of the Kremlin pool disturbingly moans in the western press, according to her own words she "is compelled to seek shelter in Great Britain because she, as independent journalist" criticized the Kremlin...". The scale antiRussian company is being developed during which they have interview with the girl who just recently with trembling with a notebook in a hand caught each word of the fine official from the press-service of the Kremlin. Thus they quite seriously ask: "What should be position of the West concerning accommodation of elements of antimissile defense system in the Central Europe?". I can assume that they have in the West full obstruction with the antiRussian staff if they consider there the competitor on reception of the status of the refugee as the political strategist ...

I, an observer of the newspaper "Moscow Pravda" and many my colleagues - journalists who also cooperate with "FORUM.msk" often criticize the president, members of the government, heads of special services. I consider that this criticism has objective character. Thus we don't stand in queue to receive English gingerbread though we understand that it is, probably, much more comfortable to criticize lacks and defects of Russin living abroad and laying with the above-stated gingerbread on a sofa...

... Misfortune of V. Putin and his commands that they create, may be because of their inexperience, a maneuverable field for a different sort of scoundrels from policy who harmoniously speak about various aspects of world-wide-historical development, but seeing more sweet carrot easily become avocates of any ideas of the holder of this carrot. May be it's not modest, but I again shall draw an analogy with the newspaper and forum; we, their journalists openly promulgate the negative phenomena which inevitably arise because of present Russian social-econimic, cultural and financial policies. Let's promulgate, so that these phenomena come to zero. Meanwhile "sofa-gingerbread" voices of the ones from the Kremlin from abroad which ones were admitted to "illustris hand" broadcast about these negative phenomena of the Russian life absolutely with other purposes, aspiring to please new owners who needs avid "marker" of not wishing to fall to knees Russia. The Russian independence to these owners - as a bone in a throat. "Markers" just forget that it's possible to choke eating even a carrot. Even very sweet ...

Compliments to everyone!


From editorial staff: It's a very ungrateful target - to try to correct, appeal to the conscience of authority which since the very first day (you can count from June, 12th, 1991 when Yeltsin became the president of RSFSR) has opposed itself to the interests of the majority of people. It is such old mistake of the Russian intelligence - to see the savior of Fatherland in every twerp wearing general uniform.

It's too early nevertheless to consider Independence Day in Russia the most important holiday even if they cancelled November, 7th. All the same still a lot of from those who remembers how it was are alive. As well as that nothing significant happened that day on June, 12th - in one of 15 union republics, according to fashionable by the time trends, "president" was chosen, in essence - something like the governor of the state in the USA.

And all the rest happens later. Such happened also earlier - the great state fell and on its fragments "great sovereigns" from among former satraps and deputies appeared.

I think, in 20-30 years generation of those who remembers something, will disappear and then it will be possible to mould any beautiful legend. But now it's too early...

It is very difficult to believe in sincerity of the second president Putin which for many years was the second person in the mayoralty of Petersburg at Sobchak and was responsible for the foreign economic relations. Such a post in such a time doesn't dispose to unselfish service to Fatherland. Statesman Putin was formed precisely at the times of Sobchak in the mayoralty of Saint-Petersburg and not in KGB where he used to serve long time ago.

And not without reason Stabfund of the Russian Federation appeared to be exported to the territory of "the probable opponent". And Russia for the first time afforded territorial concessions at Putin - even Yeltsin did not give the earth. The country did not know for all history such leakage of the capital as at Putin. In fact people can't become oligarches by themselves, they are "appointed" from the Kremlin. And then they for some reason unanimously settle in London. Probably, by virtue of some special love to the Russian independence.

You want to trust in his sincerity, don't you? I understand you. But I can't share your hopes with you. I have been living in this side of the grave for a long time. Just wait - there will not be such fellows as me in the near future and it will be easier.  

Well, tell me, how it is possible to believe that "hindrance to influence of the USA on the development of events in Russia became one of the most important parts" if after all loud applications Putin suggested Bush to provide him a station of tracking in Gabala. It practically means to give in charge of the USA the control over an early warning system of a rocket attack - of a rocket attack of the USA, I shall stress, as there are no other sources of nuclear threat for Russia on this direction.

Okey. If you want to consider the 12th of June holiday - no one can forbid you to do it. Consider...

Anatoly Baranov, editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk

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