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S.Ivanov Burst Forth in the "Race of Successors" of V.Putin

S.Ivanov Burst Forth in the "Race of Successors" of V.Putin
Kulikov Oleg 21.06.2007

Presidential Elections Are Coming

For last two weeks the political situation in the country remained very dynamical but thus on many positions it became clearer and certain. The alignment of forces on presidential elections 2008 which promise to become greater test for the Russian policy gradually clears up. Assembly of a core group of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation in Southern federal district which took place in Cherkessk at participation of representatives from 12 regions became one of the main events. At this assembly the reference to communists and congress of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation with an appeal to support G.Zjuganov's promotion on a post of the president of Russia was accepted. More than 700 participants of the assembly unanimously supported the reference. The initiative was picked up also by other regions of Russia. Similar decision is accepted on the native land of the leader of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation in Orel. The left forces continue to prepare for parliamentary and presidential elections feeling support of the society and not paying attention to the attempts of bourgeois press "to bury" the Communist Party of the Russian Federation.

The new intrigue is being played out in the meantime on a field of "the party in power". Actually, new soap bubble is being inflated there. S. Ivanov is on the first place in "a race of successors" of V.Putin if to compare activities in an information field. He was allowed to make program speech at Petersburg economic forum. The "successor" made a set of loud applications showing its claim for a presidential post. S.Ivanov in particular spoke that to 2020 Russia would enter five largest countries of the world by GDP, he promised innovational breakthrough.  It's already clear that in his presidential campaign S.Ivanov will present himself as the supporter of innovative development of the Russian economy. He does accent on development of the nuclear industry, aero- and shipbuilding, nano technologies, information technologies, an outer space exploration. S.Ivanov headed the governmental council on nano technologies. In political sphere S.Ivanov held a meeting with the proKremlin youth organizations, there appeared an information, that he, probably, will head pre-election list of "Edinaya Russia".

A report of former Putin's adviser and nowadays critic A.Illarionov which was named "Presentiment of a Catastrophe" was a kind of an answer to those load applications. In this report A.Illarionov showed impossibility of realization of all those iridescent plans. Not everything is clear in his presidential campaign as S.Ivanov suits far not everybody and is suitable first of all to V.Putin being obviously weak and "safe" figure. V.Putin himself supported prolongation of the term of presidential powers up to 5-7 years having agreed with similar idea of S.Mironov (at that V.Putin is against removal of restrictions as to the number of presidential terms).  

The Communist Party of the Russian Federation in these conditions declares its position strictly and clearly: it is necessary to change all decayed system. In its application the presidium of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation spoke against similar manipulations with the constitution in interests of a ruling mode. Communists are against the third term and prolongation of presidential powers up to 5-7 years. The Communist Party of the Russian Federation considers essentially important creation of more balanced political system with increase of a role and independence of parliament and the government.

Rigid anti-soviet, right as a matter of fact politics of the Russian authorities couldn't but create a protest. On June, 12th with a big pomp we celebrated a "holiday" - "Independence Day". This time authorities paid to this "holiday" special attention being eager to tear with the Soviet past. Replacement of banners directed on destruction of the Soviet symbolics has begun in military units. Instead of them there appear stylized "semi-antique" ones, reminding imperial Russia standards. G.Zjuganov acted against the practice having made corresponding application. Authories again started playing with known anti-Soviet writer A.Solzhenitsin claiming for the role of "spiritual father" of the modern Russia. A.Solzhenitsin reseived State Prize of Russia, V.Putin visited his residence having demonstrated thus his ideological views.

At the same time the Russian authorities systematically destroy bases for forward development of the society. It seems strange on a background of applications of S.Ivanov but there is no strangeness. Creation of the state corporation on nano technologies the law about which was accepted in the first reading can turn back grandiose financial swindle, leakage and plundering of huge public funds. Not without a reason "Rosnanotech" was made noncommercial organization that would allow to withdraw commercial actions into a shadow. Similar operation will take place in a state corporation on Housing and Utilities Infrastructures which will be supervised by D.Medvedev. The Russian authorities have no interest to original development of science instead of pseudo-scientific commerce. Communists acted with sharp criticism of policy of authorities in this sphere and for resignation of minister in the State Duma on "governmental hour" with minister of science and education A.Fursenko. Pressure upon the Russian academy of sciences in the meantime proceeds. The governmental structures compose negative responses on the project of the charter of the Russian Academy of Science proposed by the academy. They wish to put academy under their control and to transform the remains of it into next commercial enterprise.

Aggressive Policy of the West and Summit of G8

Rather intense situation has arisen also in foreign policy. The summit of G8 in Germany became an important event which took place on a background of growing disagreements of Russia and the West. The USA and their allies have an extremely aggressive military and world policy. The Americans declare about continuation of actions on accommodation of systems of antimissile defense in Poland and Czechia. They refused the Russian offer to share Gabalinskaya radar station in Azerbaijan. Scandal was also caused by a visit of George Bush to Albania where he was accepted almost as the hero-liberator. In his performance the American president actually supported independence of Kosovo provoking the Albanian nationalism, one of the most aggressive in the Europe. At the same time the International tribunal dealing with former Yugoslavia judged for some not clear reasons the former president of the Republic Serbian Kraina M.Martich who was imprisoned for 35 years. We shall remind that the Croatian generals have not incurred responsibility for military operations on destruction of Serbian Kraina as a result of which thousands of Serbians were compelled to leave their native land, many of them even died.

George Bush also showed the anticommunistic essence having supported profascist extremely right forces which became especially active last years in the West. In Washington he took part in opening ceremony of "a monument to victims of communism". In Russia only the Communist Party of the Russian Federation rebuffed those actions.

Big scandal in the West was caused by V.Putin's interview in which he has declared readiness of Russia to undertake reciprocal steps in connection with aggressive actions of the USA, in particular it concerned - aiming of the Russian rockets in the Europe. Nevertheless they don't have consecution in foreign policy in the Kremlin. At the same time the Russian companies strengthen attitudes with "Boeing". The price of applications of S.Ivanov about development of domestic avia-industry became clear: the largest state-owned airline "Aeroflot" decided to buy 22 planes "Boeing-787". The company "Civil Planes of Sukhoj" is also developing mutual projects with "Boeing".  

Governors and Senators: Everything Remains the Same

Important events occur in the governor's body and Council of Federation. The policy of appointment of the governors leaves negative impression. In some regions former ones remain for the next term, former corrupted ones who frequently haven't approved themselves. In others radical decisions are being made and "outsiders" not familiar with local specifics are being appointed. So, its was a dangerous step which could shake ethnopolitical stability, to appoint Tomsk vice-governor V.Nagovitsyn as the president of national Republic of Buryatia. National conflicts are being multiplied all round the country and the Kremlin can't cope with it. Difficult situation keeps in Stavropol area after a series of dangerous provocations where there were dead people of different nationalities.

A.Hloponin has been recently appointed in Krasnoyrsk region. Communists voted against his nominee having acted with criticism of his widely advertised but directed basically on interests of large business policy. The appointments of the governors of the Belgorod and Novosibirsk areas E.Savchenko and V.Tolokonsky are in the process of preparation by legislative assemblies. All these governors actively support the Kremlin and "Edinaya Russia". They are in a hurry to be reappointed for the new term while the president hasn't been replaced and new election campaign has not begun. J.Luzhkov has also actually received guarantees of appointment for a new term from V.Putin: the president and mayor visited together one of the new residential areas of the city. However, the president let know that J.Luzhkov wouldn't go to a federal level and would remain a mayor to solve city problems. In other words reassignment will be arranged by a set of conditions including change of the command and repartition of spheres of influence in business. However, all this will not change a policy in city essentially. Therefore the Communist Party of the Russian Federation starts new action - picket of the government of Moscow which will be held during a week. Communists will act against illegal actions of the city council in the sphere of city planning, dot construction and other infringements of the rights of the citizens.

Reform of Federation Council also does not change anything essentially. The law passed in the first reading which enters ten years residential qualification for senators is made so that to guarantee continuation of the career to present senators basically to muscovites and the ones from Petersburg. At the appointments which took place recently, the priority had S.Mironov's proteges, businessmen and so on. For example, S.Mironov pushes the chapter of his secretary V.Parfenov to the post of the senator of Samara County Duma. Large business F.Ahmedov, G.Naginsky and A.Lysjakov as well as well-known L.Narusova and admiral V.Popov remained in the Federation Council. A.Pochinok also dropped through into the upper chamber - radical "democrat" in the recent past. The next football player - protege of B.Gryzlov appeared in the upper chamber: D.Alenichev became a member of Federation Council from Omsk area. In the latter case, as well as in many others, only communists showed their adherence to principles and care about original regional interests having voted against. Federation Council remains a kind of "council of boyars" working in the interests of city business and near Kremlin powerful elites disgracing the Russian parlamentarism by fatuity of its existence.
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